Crazy thoughts people have about those working from home

Crazy thoughts people have about those working from home

I have been working from home for roughly 4 years now and next year it will be my 5th year. I manage a very successful wedding planning business and wedding blog that helps other wedding planners become successful!  Most of my friends envy me and wish they could start working from home too! And I typically ask them why they wish this, mostly out of curiosity and I see that so many people just have a misconception about those working from home! 

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Crazy thoughts people have about working from home

So what are those crazy thoughts that people think we do when we stay at home working? Don’t get me wrong, working from home has it’s major perks, like not answering to anyone but yourself and setting your own business goals and views. Working from home can generally be a great thing for some people. 

I give props to those that work from home as you need to be extremely disciplined especially if you want to succeed. Your end of month target needs to be on point otherwise, you won’t be able to eat or pay your mortgage. And if you have kids or a partner, you need to learn how to manage your time. (We all know how you think you can work 24 hours a day in your business. After all, you are running everything on your own: Marketing, creating, overseeing, accounting, approving and much more). So yes, I applaud you!  

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Crazy thoughts people have about those working from home

So what do my friends and other people think of those that work from home? 


While this is true for the most part, we still need to be disciplined. A lot of my friends feel like I can choose to work fewer hours on certain days, or start later or even choose to skip work if I want. This is not true, not if I want to be successful. I can’t just decide that if it’s a beautiful day today, let me skip promoting my business for the day and enjoy it (well technically you can)! But try not to do that. I set my schedule the same as my partner’s schedule. So if he is working from 8:30 am to 5 pm, I choose to set my time to 9 am to about 3 pm. A lot of my work is automated so I am no longer spending so much time on it. On weekends, I try to spend 1 or 2 hours on the business unless I am at a wedding, which is a totally different story. 

Also because of the wedding business, certain days are way longer which involves planning, creating, meeting and promoting. 


Another laughable fact is that people feel like you are not actually working. Remember when people use to feel like a stay at home mom was actually not working if they were home? Well, people think the same for those that “claim” to be working from home. I have friends that call me throughout the day to chat and I think to myself “I am working, what’s up?”. This can be rude but they just don’t get it. I mean, it’s not like I can call them when I feel like if they are working. 

working from home


I will give them this. There are times when I just start working and I forget to shower or change until later that evening (if I am not leaving the house). But there are days when I get up with my partner, go shower and dress for work. And then I step into my home office. Working from home is not all that bad. It’s all about discipline. Yes I can wear my Lululemon all day and stick my hair in a bun, but I am working ain’t I?

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Some of my friends and other random people think I sleep all day. They know nothing about blogging. Most bloggers think, live, eat and dream blog. So as soon as they can get up, they are in work mode (put your hands up if you agree). I have a blog planner that I use to document and plan my blogs, and when new ideas keep popping in my head. I quickly write it down. I am always eager to get up and start my day! The sooner I can get up, the faster I can process my mind! Grab your FREE Blog Planner below: 

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I mainly use social media to promote and connect with other bloggers. Social media can suck the time away from your if you are not careful that’s why I am constantly trying to find plugins and tools that will help me streamline my business. I have a strict time cap on how long I can spend on Social Media and on emails as they can take most of your day. As we mentioned, working from home takes a lot of disciplining on your part. If I spent all day on social media, then that means I was not very productive. I need to spend actual hours on growing the business or working with clients which equal more income.

What crazy things have you heard people say to those working from home? We would love you hear your fun stories. Tell us in the comments below. 

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  1. So true! I think my mom is just beginning to understand how hard I work, and she’s seen me working firsthand so much, but now I’m sharing more with her about my wins and things I’m doing and she is starting to understand how hard it is. She even told me I needed to take some time off lol. However, like you said, we eat, sleep, and breathe blogging and/or business and that is so much the case for me. I really had to force myself not to work most of Christmas Day. I kept feeling the itch to do something!

  2. Haha. As someone who works from home I really appreciate this. It’s hilarious how often people ask me how I stay organized/focused/disciplined. Given, working from home isn’t for everyone, but people who do it obviously know how to. It’s not rocket science. Though I will admit, not getting out much can be a detriment sometimes.

  3. All so true! It take lots of discipline and and mom with never believe that I am actually working, she’s one of the people that thinks I am in my PJs all day and on Facebook for 8 hours.

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