5 ways to use Pinterest to increase your income online.

5 Ways to make money using Pinterest the easy way

Did you know you could make money using social media? And the best social media marketing platform to start monetize would be to use Pinterest.  We are going to focus on showing you a few different ways you can make money using Pinterest and totally automate the process. This process will become known as your Passive Income strategy. 

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From zero to 200 thousand pageviews.

Before we beginning, you need to ensure your Pinterest account is up to standard by following our steps by step guide outlined on this blog post: The Strategy you need to Grow your blog with Pinterest. It is crucial that you set up your Pinterest account for success. As soon as this is done then you will be ready to make money using Pinterest.

After getting yourself set up, ensure you have a system in place to get your work in front of more eyes. You can use an automating system such as Tailwind to help you with this. In fact, you can try it for FREE and see how it works. Tailwind also has a free Tribe feature that you can use to boost your account. You do not need to be part of Tailwind to use the tribe feature on Tailwind. Join our Tribe group right here. Read our blog on How to use Pinterest- Tailwind Tribes to boost your blog Traffic.

Ensure you create multiple images for your products, services or affiliate links that you will use to share on Pinterest to capture your audience’s attention. Play with fonts and colors and see which image get the most traffic. Not sure where to get gorgeous stock photos for your blog that will stand out? Boss Latina has amazing stock photos you can use. Sign up here for access!

Feminine stock photos for boss ladies

Need an example of a Pinterest image that stands out and grabs attention? Here is a strong image from House of Brazen e-Book Pinterest image. 

How to make your first affiliate marketing sale in 24 hours using Pinterest. Use our Pinterest strategy to make sales for your blog.

Ensure all your Pinterest images have strong keyword descriptions which will allow your audiences and clients to easily find you. This should also include the fact that you are disclosing any affiliate links you post directly to Pinterest (to be discussed further). If you are not sure how to create descriptions or where to put them for the best outcome (on both your blog and Pinterest), then read this amazing post! Your keywords is the key to ensuring you are able to make money using Pinterest.

From zero to 200 thousand pageviews.


If you want more information on affiliate marketing, check out my interview with my friend Michelle who makes over $50,000 a MONTH by using affiliates links on her blog. 

Now that we have all of that out of the way, how can you really make money using Pinterest? 

A few different ways to make money using Pinterest the easy way


5 Ways to make money using Pinterest the easy way.
  1. You can make money using Pinterest by posting affiliate links directly to your Pinterest boards. If you are doing this, please make sure you are disclosing that it is an affiliate link. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing and the rules, consider taking a course. Other than that, you can post a link directly to your affiliate product and when someone clicks on it, they are taken to a shop, or another site to complete the sale. For example, if you are a fashion blogger, you can link your favorite purse with a link that takes them directly to a checkout section or the store front. If you are mom blogger, you can link your amazon affiliate products to kids clothing or books etc. This is the best way of making money online especially with Pinterest. You might also like: How to make money in affiliate marketing in 24 hours using Pinterest. 
  2. You can sell your products directly on Pinterest even if they are physical or digital products. If you have an eBook or have a creation on courses, stock photos, clothing, jewelry, or anything you might have made, you are able to sell it on Pinterest. Ikea and few other companies do this! Just make sure the URL that you add on Pinterest is directed to your store front or check out area. Honestly, this book will show you exactly how to do it:  How to make money in affiliate marketing in 24 hours using Pinterest 
    Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
  3. You can promote your online business services directly on Pinterest. The best way of doing this is linking your images to a form that clients can fill out for your services. For example, if you are a wedding planner, you can create a form that offers 20% of your wedding services, just fill out this forms. This way you are collecting their information and then following up with the client later. This is an easy and effortless way of how to make money using Pinterest. 
  4. You can make money using Pinterest by offering Pinterest VA services. Are you good at Pinning? Do you know how to use the Pinterest scheduling system such as Tailwind? Why not offer your services to busy blog? Some people charge up to $25.00 per hour for this service. Make sure you are familiar with tools such as Canva used for creating Pinterest graphics. 
  5. Build your email list using Pinterest. Having an engaged email list is the major component to what every blogger needs to make money online. If its one thing you must do, it is to create a direct downloadable opt-in FREEBIE that you can share on Pinterest. This way people are getting added to your email list on auto pilot. You are then able to use this list to sell your services at a later stage. You might also like this: How to Grow Your Email List with Pinterest and Make money.

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Are you currently using any techniques to make money using Pinterest? Tell us in the comments below! Don’t forget to join our growing FACEBOOK group. 

From zero to 200 thousand pageviews.


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  2. This is a great post. I am definitely going to start monetizing my Pinterest accounts more in the next few months, especially the one where I have 5,000 followers so that I can start making some side income. My goal is to increase the number of affiliate linked pins I have dramatically.

  3. I’m in the middle of creating freebies for my blog, so I love the idea of putting them on Pinterest to build my email list. I also want to create an ebook later in the year, so it is good that I can advertise through Pinterest as well. Thanks for these great tips!

  4. Thanks for this information! I’ve heard of people using Pinterest for affiliate sales and to boost revenue but wasn’t sure how. We just use it to drive traffic. This is great!!

  5. This post has tons of great information and resources in it. I’m trying to grow my Pinterest right now, and I’ve been wondering about Tailwind. Thanks for the info.

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