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Mediavine Traffic Requirements

What are the new Mediavine requirements and how can you apply with them in 2021 so you can finally start making extra passive income with your blog

Ads will allow you to make extra money with your blog on auto-pilot with little to no stress. 

You will only need to worry about driving quality blog traffic in order to make more each month. 

You can go ahead and read all about the approach I took to get traffic to a new blog when I first started. 

Getting traffic these days is hard. 

I am not going to sugarcoat it, but also with a lot of hard work, you can meet the new Mediavine requirement.

Personally, I enjoy working with Mediavine. 

The ads are not tacky, it doesn’t slow down my site and the customer service is the best I have seen. 

When I have issues with low traffic, I can simply email them and they can reoptimize my site if need be. 

Working with Mediavine has definitely been a blessing, and I know so many other bloggers that working hard to get into Mediavine as well. 

Lucky for me, I have been able to get several blogs into Mediavine using my simple blog traffic strategies

And with that in mind, I will be going through a few things in this post including what the Mediavine traffic requirements are and how to qualify and apply for Mediavine.

I will also quickly review some Mediavine alternatives, and a few revenue alternatives you can use while you wait!

I will also be answering a lot of questions I personally get about using Mediavine such as:

  • What Is Mediavine?

  • What Are The Requirements To Join Mediavine?

  • What To Do If You Don’t Meet Mediavine Requirements?

  • Why Choose Mediavine?

  • How To Apply Even With New Mediavine Requirements

  • How Many Pageviews I Need For Mediavine

  • How Much Money Can I Make With Money Mediavine

  • Do Mediavine Accepts Other Ad Networks

  • Is Mediavine Better Than AdSense

  • What Are The Best Mediavine Alternatives

These are all amazing questions and honestly, if you want to fast-track your success and get into Mediavine quickly, you need to know exactly what is required. 

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Here is everything you need to know about the new Mediavine requirements and how to qualify.

The Mediavine new requirements for bloggers! Mediavine Tips for bloggers. How many pageviews do I need for Mediavine? Click here to get the mediavine requirements and how you can get approved.

What Is Mediavine?

In the simplest words possible, Mediavine is one of the biggest advertising ad management firms on the internet. 

Mediavine was started back on January 1st of 2004, and since then, the company has been growing and increasing users experience every single year.

Today Mediavine has reached more than 125 million unique monthly visitors. Content creators started this hugely successful company for content creators.

The goal of Mediavine is to provide the best possible experience to the audience and maximize publishers’ earnings.

Since content creators themselves created it, the company fully understands the needs of its users.

Such as the things which make this agency stand out compared to others are to help set the balance between reader experience and income with high-class customization, keeping the site running fast with ad teach, and optional plugins that give preference to website speed and SEO.

The good thing is that Mediavine is perfect for any blogger out there.

Whether you run a fun travel blog, a successful mom blog, food blog, DIY blog, lifestyle blog, or just a finance blog, it got you all covered as long as you meet their requirements.

What Are The Requirements To Join Mediavine 2021

After knowing the qualities of Mediavine, let’s discuss what qualifies any blog/website to join Mediavine in 2021.

How do I qualify for Mediavine, What the new Mediavine requirements are and what you need to know about making money with a premium ad agency.

These are only a few and are in the bulleted list.

I will explain these in detail to increase your chances of becoming a part of this agency.

Mediavine Minimum Traffic Requirement:

Qualifying for Mediavine was simple back then.

Well, not that simple but easier in comparison to what it is these days.

The minimum traffic requirement your site required to join Mediavine was 25,000 sessions per month in earlier years.

That’s how I got most of my websites into Mediavine. 

But in June 2020, Mediavine changed its policy, and now to become a part of Mediavine today, your site needs to have a minimum of 50,000 sessions every month (per Google Analytics).

In page views, 50,000 sessions mean anywhere around 60,000 page views per month.

Although this change did not affect old publishers working with the company, it did break lots of bloggers’ hearts who were planning to apply.

Yes, compared to other management services, Mediavine prefers sessions.

Anyway, after knowing the traffic requirement, you can easily tell that this ad management agency is not for new sites.

To meet the demands, you need to increase the growth and build traffic on the site.

Personally, I feel like the increase in the traffic requirement is great as Mediavine earnings have become so much better over the last few months. 

I want to get into more detail to help you better understand what these new Mediavine requirements mean. 

So what can you do to qualify for Mediavine this year?

1. Traffic Location Requirement

To become a publisher with Mediavine, it is not only about traffic requirement. It also matters from what location your site is receiving traffic.

Although Mediavine doesn’t mention much about it, Mediavine prioritizes sites getting traffic from countries like the USA, UK, and Canada.

It’s not only Mediavine; lots of other ad management companies prefer sites receiving traffic from the west.

The reason is that according to advertising companies, not all traffic is the same and some regions don’t fit well with their advertising programs.

Also, receiving traffic from Asian countries won’t help a site owner earn much.

Please don’t get discouraged and give up; keep working, create more detailed and epic blog posts, and promote them on social media platforms to start attracting more blog traffic.

2. High-Quality Content Requirement

The phrase “Content is the King” speaks for itself.

To apply for Mediavine original content is a primary requirement.

Mediavine doesn’t accept sites with duplicated content or a website full of round-up posts linking to other sites.

The effort should be made from your side.

And it is not only about publishing original content.

The articles must be in-depth and engaging because, according to Mediavine, long-form content works well with SEO and monetizes well with ads.

To get your application accepted on Mediavine, you need to start focusing more on publishing high-quality content.

High-quality content includes On-page SEO, reader’s satisfaction, and a post focusing on one topic.

Here is a post that might help you write quality content Step by Step Guide On How To Write A Great Blog Post.

3. Good Standing With Google

When applying for Mediavine, make sure your site is in good stand with Google. This means that your website or blog must not be banned from AdSense or any other Google product.

If this is the case, then the possibility of getting your application approve is less.

The reason behind this requirement is because Mediavine is a Google Certified Publish Partner and Google Ad Exchange is one of the top players in the industry.

I have seen bloggers have issues with this. 

In fact, one blogger I know had good standing with Google, got approved by Mediavine and something went wrong. 

Mediavine immediately removed them with no warning. 

This is how serious it is. 

4. Site Design

Mediavine checks that if its publisher site design adjusts with their ad placement.

Mediavine uses four standard placement for their ads that, according to research, seem to give excellent performance and viewability.

Four Standard Ad Placements:

  • Two sidebar ads
  • In-Content ads on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Adhesion ads on a tablet, desktop, and mobile
  • Recipe card ads (works well if the site has recipe contents)

Before applying, make sure the site design works with ad placements requirements.

5. Updating Old Posts

Apart from publishing original long-form engaging content, Mediavine also pays attention if the publisher updates the old content on the site from time to time.

I am a huge believer in updating and improving old blog posts. 

But there is a whole process to updating. 

I personally follow the steps I learned right here to improve all my old blog posts to help skyrocket traffic in no time. 

The steps are designed specifically to help you improve the rankings and conversions of your existing articles leveraging Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is my favourite tool for researching keywords, finding new post ideas and identifying posts that I can improve.

This Mediavine requirement might not seem like a big deal, but it is a part of the process of getting your application accepted.

What If You Don’t Meet Mediavine Requirements

Mediavine is only for best quality sites, and there is no need to give up if you don’t meet Mediavine joining requirements.

It is only a matter of time.

You can apply the following tips to qualify for the company.

1. Grow Traffic:

Blogging is simple but getting unique visitors daily on a site is a big challenge. To get your application approved for Mediavine, your first goal should be to increase blog traffic.

But it would be best if you kept in mind building and growing a site takes time.

It’s not something that happens overnight, especially if your target is 50,000 sessions per month!

To reach this amount, you will need to work harder, write more on-page SEO content, create a promoting strategy, use Pinterest to drive traffic, and stay on your niche.

2. On-Page SEO Content

As I mentioned above, the high-quality post includes on-page SEO content.

Without paying attention to search engine optimization, it won’t matter how detailed an article is; it won’t get ranked on Google.

And if the article doesn’t get ranked by Google, it won’t receive any organic traffic.

No traffic means rejected application.

You can also sign up for this free SEO Course here! 

3. What exactly is on-page SEO?

In a nutshell, On-page SEO is a method used for every single article/web page to rank higher and receive organic/direct traffic from Google.

A good on-page SEO includes no keyword stuffing, internal links, external links, short slug, SEO title, etc.

It is best to use a plug-in to assist you with these tasks. I use the Yoast plug-in, and it is free and worth giving a shot.

4. Social Media Platforms:

There are many benefits to using the social media platform for your blog or website. 

But I use social media for two main reasons.

The first one is for getting traffic from around the world, and the second one is bringing brand awareness.

Some bloggers have used social media platforms as a tool to reach their traffic goals.

This all depends on your overall strategy and how well you implement those strategies. 

Many content creators prefer Pinterest over any other platform because it works for them well.

But here is the thing: every blogger has a different platform that works out for them so find one that works for you.

It could be that Twitter works the best for you but not Instagram, and that is okay.

Just focus on one or two platforms at a time for your blog growth.

Here is exactly how to promote your blog on Social Media for good results. 

5. Email List Building:

Building an email list is an essential part of blog growth.

Creating an email list means even if your blog doesn’t receive unique visitors every week, it will get views from the existing subscribers.

There are other benefits in building an email, such as selling products quickly, building a relationship with your audience, communicating easily, etc.

Creating an email list is a huge task. 

But if you do it the right way, you can make so more money and you can also drive quality traffic to your blog posts. 

It’s all about how much effort you put into it. 

You can my post where I discuss the importance of email marketing for bloggers and you can use it to drive traffic right back to your blog. 

6. Publish More Quality Blog Posts:

Mediavine has made it clear that this company is for high-quality websites only, and what makes a quality website is lots of informative and quality content.

As a blogger, publishing posts every two or three times a week shouldn’t be a problem because it’s a basic requirement to run a blog.

Publishing long-form engaging content on the site is the stairs you need to use to achieve your 50,000 session goal.

Also, having many on-page SEO articles on the site means getting rank well on Google and increasing your DA (domain authority).

Both of these points will become the reason for organic/direct traffic from Google.

I use either writers to help create content or the Jarvis AI tool to write really quickly. 

And there you have it, everything you need to know about the new Mediavine requirements for bloggers. 

I would also add that you should ensure your blog posts are interesting by including photos, videos, or links to articles that relate to the post. 

The new Mediavine Requirements for bloggers and what you should to quality QUICKLY! Learn all about the new Mediavine requirements for bloggers and publishers, and grow your traffic fast with my proven strategies today.

Mediavine Alternative Solutions:

I have given you powerful strategies and steps you can apply to get approved by Mediavine quickly including more steps that can be found in the Blog Traffic Strategies Simplified guide

But what if you feel that achieving 50,000 sessions is just too much and hard to achieve? 

In this case, I would recommend looking into some Mediavine alternatives. 

Definitely stay away from ad companies that are spam-looking or are bulky as they can slow down your websites. 

This usually happens due to all the codes that are needed to run your ads. 

If you do decide to push and work on your site to get approved for a premium ad, it could take a couple of months with hard work or a year if done correctly. 

In the meantime, it is a great idea to apply for alternatives to Mediavine and earn a little money while you work on your goal.

If you have at least 10, 000 pages, I would recommend Ezoic, Monumetric,!

If you have 0 pageviews or less than 10, 000, I don’t recommend ads. 

In that case, I would suggest you focus on great Affiliate Marketing strategies like this one to make even more than ad income.

You would probably make much more as ad income heavily relies on traffic. 

Check out these affiliate marketing strategies for bloggers that want to make more than just pennies.

Why Choose Mediavine

There are many reasons to choose Mediavine over other ad management companies.

I have two of my top blog posts with Mediavine and the money and the experience are totally worth it. 

Here are a few reasons Mediavine stands out compared to the rest of the companies:

  • Ad Management Service: As mentioned above, “Mediavine is created by content creators themselves so it fully understands the needs of content creators” such as with Mediavine full-service ad management, the company manages your ad server, uses header bidding, optimize ads placement, and works directly with an advertiser on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about these things and can focus more on creating amazing content.
  • Quality: The company only works with premium ad partners, and every unit comes with a reporting button for quality control.
  • Data-Driven Dashboard: Mediavine’s user-friendly dashboard makes ad controls and earns data at its publisher’s fingertips. Publisher can easily see top posts, check RPM, and more.
  • Site Speed: The best thing about Mediavine is its lightweight ad technology; the ads won’t slow your site down.
  • No Hidden Fees: Unlike other ad management companies, Mediavine doesn’t have any hidden fees or costs.
  • Best Rates: Mediavine is also known in the industry for its best RPM, which is roughly around 10-15$ revenue per 1000 pageviews (and even as high as $30 to $40) as some of my blogs with Mediavine makes.

Now that, that is out of the way, let’s look into the steps required to apply for Mediavine. 

How To Apply For Mediavine

Qualifying for Mediavine is the difficult part but applying for it isn’t.

Steps To Apply For Mediavine:

  • Go to
  • Click on the apply now button, and it will lead to the application page
  • Fill in the application and submit it
  • Wait for the approval

How long does the Mediavine application review process take?

Usually, It only takes 2-3 weeks for a site to make it through the entire Mediavine application review process.

Mediavine Tips for bloggers. How many pageviews do I need for Mediavine? Click here to get the mediavine requirements and how you can get approved.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Qualify for Mediavine:

Q1: How many page views do I need for Mediavine?

Mediavine uses sessions as a metric of its choice instead of pageviews. To get approved for Mediavine, your site needs to have 50k sessions monthly, according to Google Analytics.

In page views, 50,000 sessions mean roughly around 60,000 pageviews.

Q2: How much does Mediavine pay per 1000 views?

Mediavine has the highest rates in the industry.

Unlike other companies, Mediavine pays around 10-15$ in revenue per 1000 page views depending on your niche and quality of traffic.

Some bloggers even make upward of $30 to $40. 

It really depends on your blog, don’t hesitate to contact them directly to ask for help in optimizing your ads. 

Q3: What qualifies a site for Mediavine?

Four are the basics requirements of getting qualified for Mediavine:

  • 50k sessions monthly according to Google Analytics
  • Good standing with Google products
  • Original Long engaging articles on the site
  • Site design adjusts with Mediavine four standard ads placement

Tips for getting 50, 000 page views on a new blog. Learn exactly how to drive quality blog traffic in order to qualify for Mediavine.

Q4: Do Mediavine accept other ads networks?

No, you can not have both Mediavine and another network on your site.

Once you sign up, you will exclusively work with them.

Mediavine requires full access to both your desktop and mobile ad inventory to arrange the best rates for ads space.

Q5: Is Mediavine better than AdSense?


I know bloggers that do well with AdSense but personally, I wouldn’t recommend them to new bloggers.

However, in the end, it depends on the niche, ad placement, and the traffic source of the site.

For example, for sites like lifestyle, DIY, or recipes, Mediavine works and it pays well.

Q6: What are the best Mediavine alternatives?

We already mentioned a few earlier.

Even though this is a Mediavine review, I wanted to give it wouldn’t be a fair Mediavine review if I didn’t compare Mediavine to some of the other ad networks I’ve partnered with.

Mediavine has many alternatives, but I have about 3 I recommend:

Ezoic: Ezoic is one of the best alternatives to Mediavine. The company was started back in 2010 and had since been helping publishers generate income.

This Google award-winning agency is for all types of sites from home & garden to education, geography, and more.

I have one blog with them. 

Monumetric: Just like Mediavine, Monumetric is also created by publishers. Monumetric is a complete ad management service founded in 2012.

This agency aims to give its publisher the best user experience for the site while making a profit.

They recently updated their pageview requirements.

She Media: SHE Media is the best alternative for Mediavine for female bloggers or websites with a predominantly female audience like ours! It’s an ad agency that was created by women for women.

Keep in mind that they primarily serve as the coordinator between advertisers and bloggers to maximize revenue and serve ads they are content with on their sites.

SHE Media was established in 1999.

And you can also look into!, Taboola, and Revenue Hits. 

Many bloggers have fulfilled their dreams of joining the MediaVine program by completing the target of 50,000 sessions. 

I definitely outlined all the efforts I took to achieve this quickly in Blog Traffic Strategies Simplified!

Give it a try if you wish to work with Mediavine soon than later. 

Conclusion of my Mediavine Review

These new Mediavine requirements have definitely discouraged a lot of bloggers especially those that were hoping to make money sooner.

I have seen the discouragement in Facebook groups.

I love Mediavine and if you can get into it, then that would be great. 

I definitely encourage you to check out my Blog Traffic Strategies Simplified guide that walks you through the steps of quickly growing your traffic the right way. 

It has a lot of actionable steps you can follow along with that will help you grow that traffic quickly. 

But while you are waiting for the traffic, they are other things you can do to make money blogging.

In my opinion, blogging is still very profitable even to this day. 

As a creative, you need to find different ways to monetize your content even if you have little traffic to go by. 

If you have 10, 000 unique visitors each month, and a solid strategy, you can be making money using very money-making strategies.

I have a small digital product you can absolutely grab if you want up-to-date blogging strategies that truly work. 

In there, I share over 65 ways to make money blogging

This is a guest post By Shama Shafiq, and you can find them right here.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. 

Will you be working towards meeting the new Mediavine requirements?

Tell us in the comments below. 

We would love to hear your thoughts and support you during your journey. 


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Mediavine Review + New Mediavine Requirements 2021