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Let’s focus on some creative ways bloggers can make money every month using their blogs and other elements of running an online business. We are happy to share that making money from a blog is totally possible as long as you treat it as a business. They are so many things you can do in order to increase your blog income every month. 

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If you are a blogger and you are ready to start making money from a blog or your online business, be sure to follow the steps outlined below boost your blog income. Add these strategies to your online business and start generating consistent income from your blog each month. 

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Make Money Blogging by offering Online Courses// 1

Creating and offering your own online courses is one of the best ways bloggers can make money every month on a very consistent basis. This is particularly true if your online course is evergreen and your audience can purchase it throughout the year.

An example of an evergreen content I offer is From Hobby to Biz, which is open all year round.

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It’s a 7-step strategy for launching your own profitable online course.  You will learn the easiest way to create your own online school and set up your first course using Teachable. 

Online courses work for any niche and can be very profitable. Check out these amazing bloggers that all have online schools: 

Website Flippers University 

Fearless Fashion Design

As you can see, these are all creative ways bloggers can make money every month and if you are a blogger, then you should jump on the bandwagon! Just find a way to put a twist on your school using your blog niche.

You do not need to offer evergreen courses, some ways bloggers can make money with online courses is offering courses that are open just for a limited time every year. This strategy is also very popular. 

Make Money from a Blog by Starting an Online Store// 2

If for some reason, starting an online course is just not your thing why not start an online store (keeping in mind, you can have both the school and the online store to boost income.) So many amazing bloggers are making great money running an online store along with their blog. 

This is another amazing and one of the most creative ways bloggers can make money monthly. 

You can sell digital products like Printables, or DIY Digital products or you can drop ship with Shopify. 

Having an online store can really boost your monthly income and make you more profitable overall. 

Bloggers with online Stores:

The EveryGirl 


Sarah Titus

We came up with a few ways bloggers can make money online. We have amazing tips to teach bloggers how to make money online. Find out how to monetize your blog and make money full-time. How to become a full-time blogger and earn a full-time income online. Make money online using your blog #bloggingtips #makemoneyonline

Monetize your blog by writing for other Publications// 3

Did you know that you can get paid to blog? You can find writing jobs on Contena, they send you daily writing gigs that cater to almost every niche. Contena is my favorite place to get writing gigs which is one of the best ways bloggers can make money on a consistent basis. 

Other places you can find writing gigs is on Linqia and Fiverr

In order to make money consistently, bloggers may pick up side jobs in order to meet their blog income goals. This evens out things a little and allows you to build a full-time income as a blogger


5 Sites that will pay Bloggers to write for them

Other ways bloggers can make money is to offer services// 4

They are so many services you can offer as a blogger in order to earn extra money each month. For example, I offer coaching services which I charge $50 and I do a blog audit to help you see where you can improve. Sometimes you just need another eye. 

You can also offer VA services or Pinterest Virtual Assistant services. Some bloggers offer social media management services to busy business owners that need the help. 

If you are really good at something, do not be afraid to create packages and services in order to make extra money each month with your blog. 

Offering services are definitely one of the best ways bloggers can make money as you have the flexibility to book more or fewer clients depending on your blogging schedule. 

Use Affiliate Marketing to make consistent Income with your Blog// 5

I make most of my blog income by using Affiliate Marketing. Below is an example from one of my Affiliate income. I thank Michelle’s course on Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing for helping me earn money every month using the strategies she outlines. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways bloggers can make money regularly. Below I share one of my income sources for this month as you can see, I made some money. But I use multiple affiliate marketing platforms that generate and increase my blog income every month. Some of my favorite Affiliate programs include: 

One of my affiliate source: 

Awin (Top)






Amazon and other small companies.


How to make money with Affiliate Marketing in the next 24 hours

Working with Brands as a Blogger to Earn Extra Money// 6

I am now making consistent income with my wedding blog using Sponsored blog post work. It is amazing as I get to work with brands that I totally love and make a decent income from it every month. Most of these brands all relate to the wedding niche and I reach out to them personally for partnerships.

Working with brands is one of the most creative ways bloggers can make money. It truly is an amazing way to earn money as a blogger especially if you have to create DIY projects to go along with the post. Or even travel to capture the brand’s vision. 

Sign up with Webfluential, Blog Dash and other sponsorship networks to get jobs. 


3 Networks Bloggers should apply to get paid sponsored post opportunities

Make Money Blogging by offering Digital Products// 7

Creating and selling your own digital product is a profitable way of making passive income with your blog. You can set and forget this if done properly. Selling digital products is one of the many ways bloggers make money as most of the profit is yours to keep. It’s a low-cost way of making money online. 

You can promote your products on your email list, add it to your blog posts if relevant, pay for paid ads on Facebook or Pinterest. Either way, they are so many ways to promote and make sales with digital products. 

You can create an eBook which is very easy to do and it is a very popular digital product that most bloggers offer and sell. Lena Gott from What Mommy Does has an amazing tutorial on how to create a profitable eBook in order to make more money online.

I have created one digital product myself:

Other bloggers with eBooks: 

Love and Paper Flowers has an eBook – Blogcabulary Plus 

Seaside Sundays – Affiliate Action Plan 

Reroute Lifestyle – Blogging Career in the making

Digital products that are not related to blogging

Avocadu Health Blog: The Yoga Fat Loss Bible 

Penny Pinching Mom – Has Amazing Financial Planners that she sells 

Hodge Podge Hippie – Campfire eBook

The Wheel Life Blog – The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide

As you can see, they are so many ways bloggers can make money and this is true for any niche. 

Monetize your Blog using Ad Networks//8

This is your own personal choice, something you need to think about and see if they work for you. But if you have the blog traffic and the right ad network, you can make great money with Ads.

I choose to use Ads on my site, provided it goes with my niche. I do turn them off on sponsored posts or posts that I feel will make me more money with Affiliate links. 

Chasing Foxes makes over $7, 595.89 in Ads alone. That is crazy. They also get so much blog traffic it makes sense for them to monetize their blog this way. 

As you can see, depending on what you want to do, ads is one of the best ways bloggers can make money online with little effort except for having blog traffic. 

If you want to increase your blog traffic, you might want to read this and this

Instead of using Google Adsense as a new blogger, I would suggest Media.Net instead. 

Offer and Create Membership Sites//9

This is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to make money as a blogger each month. It is really consistent and you can get reoccurring income/revenue as long as a user is subscribed to your site.

My membership site caters to new bloggers and it is called Blogging for Profit! You can check it out here! You can see all my other courses available here. 

A membership is like an online course, that is either updated monthly, weekly or daily. But you give incentive for people to stay on every single month and in return, they are part of a membership club and they pay monthly to learn more or know more. 

We came up with a few ways bloggers can make money online. We have amazing tips to teach bloggers how to make money online. Find out how to monetize your blog and make money full-time. How to become a full-time blogger and earn a full-time income online. Make money online using your blog #bloggingtips #makemoneyonline

Become a consultant or a coach in your Niche//10

If you are good at something you can market yourself as a consultant or become a coach where you offer one on one services or even group coaching. I know coaches that charge anywhere between $50 -$10 000 for coaching services per hour. 

Just find a creative angle to market yourself in your niche and create a sales page! 

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We came up with a few ways bloggers can make money online. We have amazing tips to teach bloggers how to make money online. Find out how to monetize your blog and make money full-time. How to become a full-time blogger and earn a full-time income online. Make money online using your blog #bloggingtips #makemoneyonline

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