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Easy to Make Printables Makes This Blogger $2 Million Dollars a Year

Make Money with Printables

Looking to make money with Printables? I just love learning from amazing bloggers in the industry. And lucky enough for me, I had the pleasure of connecting with Sarah from Sarah Titus to learn more about how to make money with Printables! Her story is amazing and truly inspiring. 

I have always wanted to start my own online store as I have seen plenty of blogger online stores on the internet! 

With everything I do in my business, I always take the time to first do some major research before making any hasty decisions! And I really wanted to learn more about how to make passive income with Printables! 

I am all about passive income and if you are too, then be sure to check out the list of multiple passive income ideas you can do to earn money from home.

“What exactly did I find out about how to make passive income with Printables? “

This is where Sarah comes in. I knew I wanted to know more about how to monetize these easy to make Printables. But I mostly wanted to know how she achieved such success as I knew others would also want to know.

In this interview we will cover: 

  • Why Sarah decided to start an online store
  • What other products she sells to get amazing profit
  • How she markets and promotes her business and online store
  • And how she was able to make 2 Million Dollars with an online store selling printables

And much more. If you are second guessing starting an online store with Shopify, this is your chance to learn more about making the jump. 

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Learn how to launch a successful shopify store. Sarah shows exactly how she manages and runs a shopify that has makes over 2 Million a year. Learn how to open a shopify store today that makes money. how to start an online store, how to find customers for shopify store. #shopifystore #onlinestoreFrom homeless to $2.2 million/year, this single mom has a passion for showing women they don’t have to work outside the home if they don’t want to. Sarah has been blogging for just over five years on her site,, has over 20+ years experience in ecommerce and loves showing others that having your own online shop is the next big thing

She is passionate about showing other moms that blogging is not just some hobby, but a viable way of making a fantastic full-time income.

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Tell me your story. Why did you start an online business?

My ex-husband of 14 years of marriage, abandoned our family suddenly and my kids and I ended up in a homeless shelter. DETERMINED to STAY a stay at home mom, I began working from home to make ends meet.

Not long after, friends were asking a lot of questions about how I was living such a wealthy lifestyle on only $18k/year.

It became too time-consuming to answer all those questions separately, so I started up a private blog (not open to the world) with a password and answered their questions so all my friends could see it and it would save me time.

They apparently started sharing the password a LOT and I started getting some good traffic, about 100/day at that time.

I decided to open my blog to the world on December 23, 2013, to share my story and show others what I was doing.

Within my first year of blogging, I was making $10k/month and in my second year of blogging, I began making $23k/year.


Shopify online store income report. Learn how this blogger is able to make money with Printables. Are you interested in knowing how to make money selling printables? Check out this post today #onlinestore #shopifyonlinestore

(This is Sarah’s Shopify Income Report)

I was doing a lot of affiliate marketing at the time and getting super annoyed that companies were changing links all the time, closing programs, etc. and not notifying me.

It felt like it was a constant thing.

My income would all the sudden drop and I’d have to go and hunt down the culprit.

Frustrated with affiliate marketing, I decided to make my OWN products in my fourth year of blogging, where I could control my OWN links! Thus started my ecommerce business in which, to this day, I make $2 million/year in revenue.

After learning this, I was amazed and needed to know more about how she was able to make money with Printables.

I knew it was easy to make printables and you can even hire people to design them for you, but I was baffled on how on earth to monetize such an amazing side hustle? Learn how to launch a successful shopify store. Sarah shows exactly how she manages and runs a shopify that has makes over 2 Million a year. Learn how to open a shopify store today that makes money. how to start an online store, how to find customers for shopify store. #shopifystore #onlinestore

When did you start your Online Store and Why did you decide to start one?

I had a product to sell, a Blogging Binder, that I had created.

I tried selling it on another platform and it didn’t work.

It didn’t get as many sales as I knew it should, so I did some research and decided upon a Shopify store. I figured go big or go home, right?! Turns out that it was the exact thing I needed.

My audience started purchasing the binder by the hoards.

I opened up the store on June 1, 2017. On day 13, I had 578 visits and made $1,454 in sales (without any promoting to any social media platform or buying any ads at all).

That’s when I knew I was onto something big. My first month, I ended up selling $52,060 in revenue.

I was completely and utterly shocked. I had no idea of the power of my selling $52,060 in revenue.

How did you decide on products to sell? Tell us more about what you sell.

Honestly, it was super easy and a combination of two things.

One of the biggest affiliates on my blog at the time, something that I COULD replicate (not like blog hosting or something), was a small blogging planner.

At the same time, I was really getting obsessed with a binder, my Household Binder (get $40 off when you use discount code: ORGANIZEMYHOUSEHOLD).

My audience seemed to really love the binder as much as I did.

I asked in my private Facebook group at the time, if they would like to see more binders and they were all for it!

I used those two ideas to come up with my own Blogging Binder.

I simply created my own version of the blogging planner, and made my version a lot better, something that appealed to more people.

That was my first for-sale product in my shop. This is how I started to make money with Printables!Learn how to launch a successful shopify store. Sarah shows exactly how she manages and runs a shopify that has makes over 2 Million a year. Learn how to open a shopify store today that makes money. how to start an online store, how to find customers for shopify store. #shopifystore #onlinestore

You made 1.7 Million in your first year, how did you do this? 

I saw a hole in between what was already available on the market and what wasn’t.

At the time I started creating binders, there were only 3 other binders online and they were smaller ones.

Since I knew my audience was all for more binders, I started with the Blogging Binder and began creating other binders with lots of different topics.

Medical, cleaning, graduation, fitness, Scripture, essential oils, you name it, I created it (and still create them to this day).

The idea took off and I really didn’t have to promote at all, other than just giving the binders away for free to my current blog audience.

I’ve not paid for sales, traffic, ads, or anything like that. It’s all just an extension of what I already do on my blog, give stuff away, whether it be information in a blog post or a binder.

They’ve done the rest.

It attracts a lot of people from various sources (Google traffic, Facebook word-of-mouth, my current audience, etc.) and those people go to the store, see other things and purchase.

Because I’ve built my name on having QUALITY products, all my stuff sells and easily.

I’ve also run sales in my store, discount codes, etc. That’s been my marketing strategy and it’s worked for me since day one. 🙂

Learn how to launch a successful shopify store. Sarah shows exactly how she manages and runs a shopify that has makes over 2 Million a year. Learn how to open a shopify store today that makes money. how to start an online store, how to find customers for shopify store. #shopifystore #onlinestore

How do you Market and Promote your Store for the Success you get?

Yes, you can make money with printables by giving them away for FREE!

I believe in giving away the farm, so to speak. A lot of people ask me WHY?

WHY do I give so much away and how can I possibly even make money when I’m giving so much free stuff away. It’s such a common question that I created an Instagram post on it that goes into a lot more detail.

Do you encourage other people to start an online store and why?Learn exactly how to make money selling printables online on your online store. You can now make money online by selling easy to make printables. This blogger earned over $2 million with this side hustle while working from home. Here is how to create printables in canva to sell and make money from home #makemoneyonline #makemoneyfromhome

Starting your own online store isn’t for everyone.

It takes a leader, someone who can think outside the box and not just follows a set of rules and regulations.

If someone wants to follow rules and regulations, don’t own your own store, sell on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy, places that have pre-set rules and guidelines.

But if you want to be a thought-leader, if you want to provide the world with something DIFFERENT and UNIQUE, if you want to have something that is all your OWN, that no one can take away from you, an empire that YOU create and build yourself and are not afraid of the hard work that it’ll take to get you there, then, absolutely, start your own store and it’ll be worth it if you have the motivation to not let it fail.

For the right person, having your own store can literally change your entire world.

I started making $52,060 my first month. My first year, I had made $1.7 million dollars in revenue (not profits) and now I’m well over $2 million/year and have TWO shops, my printables shop, and my new stock photography shop.

My newest shop, stock photography, made over $26k it’s first month started.

I chose a topic that my current audience was NOT interested in, but it’s something that I enjoy doing (passion/hobby).

All the sales in that shop so far, I’ve had to go out and get OUTSIDE of my audience.

One day my current audience will warm up to the idea of stock photography (I believe), but in the very beginning, they are mostly all about printables and that’s okay too. 🙂

I feel like adding the second store only adds to my platform and attracts more and different types of people to me.

While my printables usually attracts stay at home moms, my stock photography store attracts bloggers.

Lastly, what is your very best tip (or two) that you have for someone who wants to reach the same success as you?

You need to think outside the box and be different. You can’t copy/paste your way anywhere in the blogging world and expect to get somewhere.

You have to put your own spin on things and cater to your own unique audience and their needs.

Maybe your audience doesn’t like printables, that’s okay. Sell something else.

Use the principles I teach yes, absolutely, but don’t copy/paste. People see right through that and run for the hills. Nobody follows a follower. We follow leaders. Be a leader.

How to Create Printables in Canva

I saw an amazing video from Suzy from Start a Mom Blog and she gives you amazing tips on how to create Printables in Canva! No more excuses! You can now make money with printables, no joke. 

We hope this post encouraged you to start your own online store. 

You can try Shopify for 14 days and see if its something you would like to pursue.

I know I am ready to start my store this week and I will be meeting with my Business Coach to discuss further!

Are you ready to make money with Printables?

Learn how to launch a successful shopify store selling easy to make Printables. Sarah shows exactly how she manages and runs a shopify that has makes over 2 Million a year. Learn how to open a shopify store today that makes money. how to start an online store, how to find customers for shopify store. #shopifystore #onlinestore

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Make Money with Printables today!

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  1. It just really depends. If you want to declutter the noise of everything on your blog or site to ensure the buyer is only focusing on your products, this can increase conversion better. Otherwise, they may get distracted.

  2. This interview is absolutely amazing. I have just started my own blog and want to end up monetizing it one day, with a lot of patience and hard work of course. I think selling your own unique products is a great way to get out there and I hope to accomplish this one day. Thank you for the inspiration!! I would love it if you could check out my blog and give me some feedback and tips 🙂

    1. I am glad this motivated you. This goes to show that you can absolutely make money with Printables with the right strategies!

  3. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing. One little thing though. The title” When did you start your Online Store and Why did you decide to stat one?” I believe stat should be start. Not a criticism, just an FYI in case you want to correct it.

    1. Thank you Nicole. That makes me want to cry. ? I have really tried so hard to make a life for my kids. It’s not been an easy path, but it’s been one I’ve been very blessed to take. ?

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