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Magic Ears Review

Did you know that you could make extra money online teaching with Magic Ears? 

Online teaching provides entrepreneurs and those looking to work from home with a great opportunity to create a work schedule that is flexible while earning good money. 

You can teach students right from the comfort of your own home and make great money. 

Honestly, the best part about teaching English online is the flexibility it comes with. 

Obviously, the extra money definitely doesn’t hurt!

The demand for online English teachers is only growing every single year, so why not explore this venture more?

If you ever thought about teaching English to kids in China, then this could be the opportunity you need to get started. 

You will find plenty of amazing opportunities for teaching English online but we wanted to share some of the best places you can land these jobs. 

If that has you curious and sparked your interest, stay tuned as we will interviewing someone that has great experience teaching with Magic Ears and is making a comfortable income working from home. 

Do you want to make extra money working from home? Looking for a way to teach, but need more flexible hours than a traditional job? Teaching English online is one of the fastest growing job opportunities

Today I want to focus more on:

  • How to make money teaching with Magic Ears

  • How to apply with Magic Ears

  • The Magic Ears application process

I will also do a quick interview with a teacher that is currently enjoying working with Magic Ears as well as what to expect. 

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Looking for legit online teaching jobs

As I mentioned, you will find a lot of amazing job opportunities for online English teachers on the internet. 

But before you decide on which company you should join, you must first make a list of all the things that absolutely matter to you. 

For example, you might want something that offers: 

  1. A flexible online teaching schedule (without set hours) 
  2. The freedom to work anywhere in the world
  3. Good pay!

Lucky for you, Magic Ears offers all of this. 

Due to the flexibility of teaching with Magic Ears, I teach however my schedule allows for that week. – Ariana

Teaching English Online With Magic Ears! Looking for a way to teach, but need more flexible hours than a traditional job? Teaching English online is one of the fastest growing job opportunities! Check out this Magic Ears Review today!

Who Are Magic Ears?

Magic Ears is an innovative online English learning platform for students ages 4-12.

They have the goal of bringing a global classroom experience to every child while providing the best online career opportunity for teachers.

As a teacher of Magic Ears, you are provided with amazing assistance, a preset curriculum, and personal training.

You never have to plan your lessons as you get all of this. 

At the end of the day, Magic Ears wants you to succeed so you can offer students the best experiences they can get. 

Magic Ears is a fairly new business (started in 2017) but has moved up fairly quickly as it is one of the most trusted platforms for teaching online. 

What are the requirements?

Before you can apply to work with Magic Ears, ensure that you meet all the requirements. 

The Magic Ears requirements are pretty standard in my opinion. 

Just go through the list and make sure you qualify to apply. 

In order to teach English with Magic Ears, you must:

  • Have a big smile, a passion for teaching & love for kids (obviously)
  • Speak English at an idiomatic level
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in any subject, or be a student actively pursuing a bachelor’s degree (must provide official transcript)
  • Hold a 120-hour ESL Certification – Get that here very easily!
  • Plus, ESL/teaching experience preferred

So do you need a degree to teach for Magic Ears?


This was a question I got asked a lot and you do need to hold a bachelor’s degree or be an active student pursuing one. 

Equipment Needed To Teach With Magic Ears:

  • Computer (desktop, laptop)
  • Camera (HD external camera or HD integrated camera in your computer)
  • Headset with a microphone built-in

And that’s everything you need to know about the Magic Ears teacher requirements!

If you have more questions about applying for Magic Ears, watch the quick video below:

Magic Ears teacher reviews

We were extremely excited to hear back from Ariana who is a teacher with Magic Ears. 

We have read a few amazing Magic Ears reviews but we really wanted the opportunity to interview someone that worked with the company directly. 

It was important that we get a real sense of something before we recommend it to our readers. 

Ariana was gracious enough to answer a few questions we had about teaching with Magic Ears. We hope these answers inspire you to take action today. 

Here is the quick interview with Magic Ears Teacher – Ariana: 

Teaching English Online with Magic Ears. Here is why you want to join the team.

1. How did you get started teaching English online?

I knew that I loved teaching, so I began looking for teaching work online.

My research led me to this amazing opportunity where I could work from home.

Magic Ears offered the comfortability of being able to set my own hours, interact with students, no lesson prep, and all with wearing pajama pants.

That’s when I knew I had to apply with Magic Ears. 

2. What’s your favourite thing about teaching with Magic Ears?

My favourite thing about teaching with Magic Ears is the platform and the support.

Magic Ears has one of the most interactive and graphically vibrant classrooms that I’ve ever seen.

It is almost impossible to not have fun in the classroom, and both the students and teachers are able to enjoy the lesson.

I also love the support Magic Ears gives their teachers.

We each are assigned a coaching team.

My coach is always there to offer endless support to continue to help me improve, as well as answer any questions. 

3. Do you get to set your own hours? How do you find a good balance between work and family?

Yes, I am able to set my own hours, and because of this, I’m able to have a great balance of time between work and family.

Our students live in China so we work with Beijing hours.

This means that I am done with work by the time my family is waking up.

I have the entire day to take care of my family, run errands, make appointments, or do whatever I need to do.

It’s a dream job. 

4. How has working-from-home impacted you during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I am blessed to have not been impacted.

I was already working from home with Magic Ears when COVID-19 hit, so I did not need to make any transitional changes.

There is always a demand for student learning so I have had great stability during this time. 

Want tips on teaching English online with Magic Ears? See how this single-mom of 2 earns $26 per hour for Magic Ears. This Magic Ears Review is just what you'll need to give you the confidence to give it a shot. #Workfromhomeideas #StayAtHomeMom

5. How many hours a week do you teach English & what are your hours like (e.g. nights, mornings, evenings?)

Magic Ears offer bookings during 5-8:30 pm Beijing time (BJT) for most of the year.

The weekends are also 5-8:30 pm BJT and include an additional timeframe of 9-11:00 am BJT.

There are peak times available throughout these times where some slots are more popular based on student demand.

Due to the flexibility of teaching with Magic Ears, I teach however my schedule allows for that week. 

6. Do you mind sharing how much you make with Magic Ears in a week or a month?

I’m not able to answer because it varies widely month to month based on my availability.

There is such flexibility of when to teach which is what works great for me and my family.

For example, there is unlimited vacation.

Last month I was able to take off two weeks to travel and meet my new twin baby nephews. We also had a loss in our family and Magic Ears was more than accommodating for time away.

This coming month I plan to work as much as my schedule allows.

There are no minimum hours, unlimited vacation, and more sick time than you know what to do with.

It’s a blessing to have such flexibility. 

You can expect to make between $18 – $26 per hour teaching with Magic Ears! Sign up here for more details.

Magic Ears provides lucrative perks and bonuses for those that teach with them.

If you arrive at least 3 minutes earlier than your class schedule you get a dollar bonus and can get another dollar for opening 60 teaching slots for the entire month.

Magic Ears also gets performance bonuses based on the company’s discretion.

I would like to thank Ariana for answering our questions in regards to teaching with Magic Ears. 

If you too are interested in working for Magic Ears and meet their requirements you can apply right here.

Want tips on teaching English online with Magic Ears? See how this single-mom of 2 earns $26 per hour for Magic Ears. This Magic Ears Review is just what you'll need to give you the confidence to give it a shot. #Workfromhomeideas #StayAtHomeMom

Why you should consider teaching with Magic Ears:

Now that we are at the end of the post, I would like to say that I truly recommend Magic Ears to individuals looking to make money from home teaching English. 

As stated by Ariana, working with Magic Ears has given her the flexibility she needed to make extra money from and still balance her work and family life. 

This is definitely a dream job. 

With Magic Ears you get:

  • Flexible hours
  • Free training resources
  • Good pay (Up to $26 an hour)
  • A good community 
  • An interactive platform 

And so much more. 

Magic Ears are definitively looking for more individuals like you to join their team – so go ahead and sign up today

Magic Ears is a great online English Tutoring platform, I would definitely recommend them to those wishing to increase their income and make more money this year.  

How do you apply Magic Ears?

The one negative thing that most people had about Magic Ears was the application process and how long it took. 

On average, most teachers were reporting that it took approximately 3 weeks from the start of the application to when you heard back from them. 

I think just having patience is the key especially if they are receiving plenty of applications which they do get. 

Here is a basic look at how the process for applying to Magic Ears should look like:

Looking for Magic Ears teacher reviews from an actual Magic Ears teacher? Check out this post and read more about how to get paid teaching English online!

So if you are ready to go through the application process with Magic Ears, apply right here

And there you have it, everything you need to know about teaching with magic ears!

Will you be applying for this amazing opportunity? 

Do you have any more questions? Be sure to leave them below. 

And you can sign up here if you are looking for more ways to make extra money from home today.

We would like to thank Magic Ears for sponsoring this piece today. 

*All opinions are ours! 

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Make Money Online Teaching With Magic Ears – A Solid Review