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Blogging tips and tricks for beginners

There are only two questions that new blog owners need to ask themselves before they set up their own website. What do I need and how much will it cost? We can answer both these questions easily and make sure you have everything you need for your blog to be a success and ensure that you make a lot of money online. Now, right away, you might be thinking about setting up a blog for free. You may have even read a few articles online telling you how easy this is. So, let’s look at that possibility first and move forward from there.

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Two Questions Newbie Blog Owners Need To Ask Themselves

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So You Want To Blog For Free?

How to work from home and make some extra money. Here are a few blogging tips for new bloggers to grow their online business.

Okay, well first, you need to use something like WordPress. Here you’ll find some of the basic building blocks for building blogs, and you can get a fairly sweet looking page here, even choosing a style that almost fits the tone and feel that you want your blog to have. Now, you can start adding content and producing articles for your blog. However, you do have a few issues here. First, there’s the domain and hosting. You don’t own the site, you’re essentially renting the space online for free which means that you’ll have on the end of your site. This makes it a lot more difficult to rank online and gain the attention you need.

You also won’t have an SEO service, and instead, you’ll be sorting the SEO yourself. While this is possible, without professional help, you’re probably not going to find much interest for your blog online, no matter how fantastic your site is. Our FREE 7-day course is available should you need. 

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As well as this, there’s a slight issue with how it looks. You see, WordPress does offer cool templates, but they are the ones everyone can access. So, no matter what you do, your site is still going to look like thousands of others online. It won’t stand out, it won’t have the wow factor you need to be a success. That means you won’t be able to attract advertisers and companies to use your space and this is how you make a lot of money blogging.

So, now we’ve covered the issues with blogging without paying any money, let’s look at the type of things you can invest in to make sure that your new site does stand out online.

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It’s All In A Name

Do you like the name Well, you might be surprised to learn that domains like this aren’t free. In fact, they can be quite expensive, and it all depends on how attractive the name is, who owns it and how much they’re willing to sell it for. At one point, buying up domains seems to be a smart investment move, so you’ll usually find that someone has the domain you want. It just depends on how much you’re willing to pay. Something like is probably going to be quite expensive whereas will be cheaper. Actually, if you research these sites you’ll find one is being used, and the other isn’t. Why is this? It’s simply a matter of the fact that Clothes For Cash is actually quite a catchy name. We’d be willing to bet the owners paid a lot of money for it too.

So, what type of cost are we talking about here? Speaking to a domain name broker, you can find a seller is looking for upwards of five grand. You may also discover a rather neat domain name for less than fifty. It’s really just the luck of the draw on who owns the domain and how much they are willing to sell for. You might find a really fantastic domain, but unfortunately, discover that it’s just too expensive for you right now. Should you buy it now, or wait for your website to be a success and then switch to it later? If you go to this site, you can borrow money to buy now and then pay the cash back in three months. The best part? With the right tools, three months is all you need to make a blog profitable. Moving on to hosting…

Be The Host Of The Party

Hosting online is a little like hosting a party. Hosting a party is a lot better if you own the property. If you don’t own the property, then you’ll have limitations on what you can do and this is also going to be the case if you don’t host your site. By piggybacking, you will find there are limitations on how much you can upload without the site reduced to a sluggish pace. That, of course, is going to limit interest from customers and Google may even take it into account when determining your ranking.

Of course, there’s no real harm in hosting your site anyway because this is one of the smaller costs that you’ll need to handle. You can cover that with just fifty a month if that. Just make sure you are choosing a great hosting service that won’t limit the power or speed of your site.

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Web Hosting

How About Security?

You don’t need to worry about security that much as a blogger because you probably won’t be asking for personal details from your users and readers. Unless of course, your blog has a shopping area and it’s possible it does. If that’s the case, you need to spend between three and five hundred on security software for your site. That’s a one time cost, you won’t be paying that each month like hosting, so it’s not exactly going to break the bank. Though, it’s certainly not chump change either. At the very least, make sure your blog is https. There are various sites online that still have not switched to this, and it sends a clear message to Google that they are not secure. That can once again limit your search ranking. Speaking of which…

Do I Need SEO?

It depends on how much money you want to make. For a side hustle, you might make a little cash without actually bothering to investing in SEO. On the other hand, if you’re looking to turn this hobby into your main source of income, you definitely need to get things on the right track with a professional service.

A professional SEO company can handle everything from link building to social media marketing. Be aware that link building doesn’t mean adding links to your site. While this can be included in the campaign, it’s not essential. Instead, link building can simply refer to connecting your site to other sites and businesses online. This can include a wide variety of tactics that you might not be familiar with yourself and this is why you need a professional.

So, how much will SEO services cost? SEO is a service you’re going to need constantly for your blog, and you could be looking at anything between fifty to five hundred each month. When you’re first starting out, you should be able to see positive results by spending a hundred each month on SEO, which isn’t too bad. However, as your site grows and continues to gain a fresh audience, you might be looking at something closer to three hundred. Again, it depends on how far up the rankings you want to be.


The design isn’t that expensive, and an original design for your site can be created for under five hundred. It’s worth pointing out that many blog owners choose to spend on a design once their blog has already reached a certain level of success. Some also upgrade their design and update it regularly to keep their site looking fresh. This isn’t necessarily essential, but it can be useful to keep the spotlight positioned firmly over your brand. Remember, when you start a blog, that’s exactly what you’re building, a brand. A source of information that users trust and love.

Optional Extras

We’ve run through the main costs of setting up a blog and some of the regular monthly costs you’ll need to pay. Now, let’s look at some of the extras. First, there’s content production. You might find that you get tired of writing content for your blog and instead invest in content production. Depending on where you buy from you’ll be able to get articles that are five hundred words for around ten dollars each. For this price, you can ensure you are dealing with a quality service, and it’s worth thinking about. Particularly, when you consider content is one of the most beneficial forms of SEO.

How to start a blog

Then, there’s analytics. You can pay to find out how your site is doing online and what steps you can take to improve the situation. Arguably though, this is a step you should be taking after your site is a success.

Your Budget

Everything included you’re probably looking at spending just under a thousand for the setup of the site. While that seems expensive, this will ensure you have everything already in place except the content to ensure you’re a success.

After that expect to pay between one and three hundred each month for the upkeep and maintenance of your blog. We hope you find this budget-helpful and find tremendous success online with your own site.

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