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The Best Blogging Courses

If you are a blogger that is trying to make some money off your blog, we highly suggest taking some blogging courses for beginners to help lead you in the right direction.

This will save you so much money and time in the long run.

You basically do not want to reinvent the wheel but instead, tweak it to match your blog niche and audience.

Today we will be focusing on some of the best blogging courses we believe will really help you get ahead.

Plus they are pretty affordable!

Taking a blogging course is the perfect way for you advance your blog and ensure you start making great money right away. 

I can tell you over the course of my blogging journey, I have invested over $10, 000. 

And that’s because I know that I will move up quicker than anyone else.

If I was going to pay monthly subscription to blogging tools such as Tailwind or for my domain, I knew I need to ensure money was coming in.

And I am not talking $10 here and there, I am talking about making a full-time income. Depending on what blogging classes you take, you might just get the best outcome. 

That is why we mention only the best courses on blogging that can ultimately fast track your blog income. 

“So what are some of the best blogging courses for beginners to help you make money?”

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We also wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that we use Affiliate links on some of our blog posts. This means that we could make a commission if you click on an affiliate link and purchase something. Please check out our full disclaimer and policy page here.

If you do not already have a blog, I highly suggest starting one today! 

I earn a steady income on my blog every month and you can read more about this in my monthly online income reports.

You can learn everything you need about starting your own blog here with my easy-to-use tutorial.

Start your blog today for as low as $3.95 per month plus you get a free domain if you sign-up through my tutorial.

I also have a detailed free “How To Start A Blog” 7 Day Email Course that I recommend signing up for. 

"<script“>It’s a free blogging course that walks you through step-by-step of starting a blog that makes you money. 

From here, you can courses on blogging that will help you further your blogging career even more. 

That is the best way to increase your blogging income.

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Investing in the Best Blogging Courses

The only reason I highly suggest you invest in blogging courses is to speed up your rate of success and also for you to do things the right way right from the very beginning.

If I didn’t take the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course with Michelle, I would have never have known about the no-follow links, why you need them and how to do it.

I also didn’t know anything about Affiliate disclosures which is highly important and especially how she used one blog post to make over $400, 000 to date. 

This and other amazing blogging courses saved me so much time and money, and I am happy to say that my one-year-old blog is making serious money today. 

So what are the best online blogging classes?

If you are looking to become a successful blogger, I recommend taking these blogging courses today. Here is a list of the best blogging courses bloggers should consider taking if they want to blog for money! Click here to see a list of blogging courses I highly recommend #bloggingcourses #bloggingtips #coursesforbloggers


Should I take a blog course?

If you have any of the questions below when it comes to your blog, then I highly suggest taking a blog course or two to clear up any of your worries: 

  • How do beginner blogs make money?

  • How do bloggers get paid?

  • Does blogging really pay?

  • How long does it take to make money blogging?

  • Are blogging classes really worth taking?

I have already mentioned this, but investing in yourself is the only way to see proper growth.

When I started my thirds blog a couple of months ago, I was already geared with so many amazing information that seeing traffic faster than normal was expected.

I didn’t doubt that the new blog would be successful because I already had the perfect tools to see easy growth. 

Some of the best blogging courses will cover topics such as SEO, monetization, email marketing and much more. They will also give you a clear strategy to follow in order to become just as successful as them. 

Is there any course for blogging?

I can assure you that they are plenty of courses about blogging available online and it can be done from the comfort of your own home. 

Just with anything else you do invest in, I suggest that you go through the courses you already have and implement them as much as possible. 

A course won’t work for you if you do not do it fully, or you only implement half the suggestions. 

We also do not suggest purchasing too many courses if you plan not to fully implement. 

A list of blogging course for beginners

I am also going to share them according to importance. But they are all equally valuable. We are going to share some of our best blogging course suggestions out there. 

1. Stupid Simple SEO (SSS)

Okay, if there is one course you definitely need to invest in, it is Stupid Simple SEO. 

If you have to stop drinking coffee for a year or if you have to put $6 aside for a whole year to get this course, you better do it.

First, I wish this course was available when I first started blogging as I could have literally saved myself from all the embarrassing mistakes I made with my blog.

And second, I kick myself for not purchasing it when Mike first launched it. 

It’s one of the best blogging course I have ever taken, seriously. 

Now, this is my bible and go to course before I sit to write my blog. 

Before I go any further, you need to sign up for 5 The SEO Starter Pack (Free video Training) to get your blog in shape. 

Next, we want you to read how you can a blog from $0 to making over $95,000 in Amazon affiliate sales using SEO!

What really got me whipping out my credit to purchase SSS was a review post I read from one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers.

They started the blog around the same time as I did and due to Stupid Simple SEO she was able to go from $3,000 to $10,000 a month using SEO.

And I am so glad I did!

Keyword research and writing epic content that people are actually looking for is amazing!

If you heavily rely on Pinterest as I did, it’s time to properly implement SEO especially when Pinterest traffic dips (which happens often lately)!

You can read my full review of Stupid Simple SEO and find out why I took it. 

Stupid simple SEO for bloggers. A course on how to use SEO to build a successful and profitable blog. He is how to use SEO to build a blog. Join Stupid Simple SEO today #stupidsimpleseo #seotips #bloggingtips

2. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing 

The first-ever blogging course I ever invested in for my blog business was the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

I knew that once I started monetizing my blog, Affiliate Marketing was one way I wanted to do it.

And in order to be successful with blogging, I understood the need to invest in a few blogging courses that would teach me how to properly use Affiliate marketing, not only legally but how to also improve my chances of making money with my blog.

Michelle the creator of this blogging course is making up to $50, 000 per month in Affiliate sales

I have been able to make a decent income with Affiliate marketing.

If you would like my honest review on this amazing course, you can read it here: A Review of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. 

3.  Adventures in SEO (Pinterest and Google SEO training)

This is an amazing course that is offered by one of my favorite blogger friend, Lena!

If you want to win at both Google SEO and Pinterest, then this course is perfect for you. In fact, it is perfect for every blogger. 

In Adventures in SEO, Lena talks about crafting an ultimate keyword strategy that gets page views to your blog without a lot of daily active participation on your part.

You’ll learn some solid SEO principles that you can implement IMMEDIATELY on your next blog post!

If you are ready to start getting huge blog traffic, be sure to enroll in this course today! (It’s FREE)

And if you are ready to qualify for Mediavine, then try out this free 5-day blog traffic challenge as well. 

4.  From Hobby to Biz 

From Hobby to Biz is a blogging course created by us to help you make money from your own blog in less than 60 days.

These are the exact strategies we use to help us make money each month.

We focus on increasing Affiliate sales through simple writing techniques, we focus on areas that will help you make money right now by tweaking what you already have.

We also show you exactly where we get paying gigs, what works and what you should not bother with at the beginning of your blogging career. 

If you are ready to take your blog to the next level and you are tired of making less than a penny from your blog, then its time to up your game with this amazing blogging course.

Check out what else is included in the Hobby to Biz course. 

This and a few of the blogging courses mentioned in this post will really boost your blog income. 

5.  Pinteresting Strategies

This eBook now turned online course focuses on strategies designed to increase your blog traffic using Pinterest.

If you are not familiar with Pinteresting strategies, I did a full review here but this is a very popular course among bloggers. 

I use many of Carly’s strategies even now and I bought the book now course over 1 and a half years ago! 

Carly’s pinning-without-a-scheduler method had fast-tracked her to a full-time blog income.

I would suggest grabbing Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies today for fast growth.

And there you have it, a list of some of the best blogging courses available that will help you make some serious money this year with your blog.

Which one are you thinking of these blogging courses will you be getting? Tell us below. 

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6. Making Sense of Sponsored Posts

If you are ready to make money working with brands, then you will love this course about how to make money using sponsored posts. 

A sponsored blog post is an article published on your site that is promoting a product or a brand that you ideally like. 

Brands can pay thousands of marketing dollars or even more just to get their name out there in front of the right audience. 

And if you happen to have the right client for them, I suggest contacting brands for sponsored blog post opportunities right away!

If you are not sure how to find great paid working relationships with brands, I highly suggest looking into making sense of sponsored posts

7. The Six Figure Blogger

So I took the plunge and invested in the Six Figure Blogger an epic blogging course offered by Create and Go.

It is one of the best course on blogging for those that want to start earning a six figure blogging income.

This is the exact blogging class you need if you are looking for a formula for earning six figures from your blog with digital products and services – without being scammy or needing to be an “expert”!

If you just want to start making passive income from your blog, get this.

Get the recipe steps for going from $1,000 blogging to making over $20,000 per month from your blogs… in just 3 months!

Learn more about what is involved right here! 

8. Easy Printables

If you are want to make money selling Printables on your blog but you have no idea where to start, consider taking Easy Printables!

The best way to get people onto your list and make money is by offering printables.

If you are not sure how to create Printables, Easy Printables walks you through the process from idea to implementation. 

All the blogging courses mentioned here will help you get a head start on your blogging career. 

Free blog planner for blogs. best planner for bloggers!

How do you Know what the best course on blogging are?

Some of the best blogging courses I have personally taken are from bloggers that I have gotten to know over the years. 

I followed them, signed up for their mailing list and I have interacted with them in one way or the other. And this ensures I can really trust them. 

Reading reviews is also a good way to know if a course is great. 

Don’t purchase courses just because everyone is purchasing them. Rather decide where you are in your blogging journey as see if it makes sense. 

I also suggest not being too greedy and totally avoid purchasing courses. The more you invest, the more people will invest right back on you.

There you go, a list of online blogging courses you should consider taking. 

Free blog planner for blogs. best planner for bloggers!

How do bloggers get paid?

After taking the online blogging course we recommended above, you will have a pretty great idea on how to make money as a blogger.

For further reading, we have a great post where we outline ways in which bloggers get paid.

If you are wondering what steps I take every month to ensure I am on track to make money with a blog, you can read all about it here

Surprisingly, this is how much I made my very first month as a blogger thanks to taking amazing courses such as this one.

You can also read this amazing post where I share how 9 bloggers that make amazing money using ads

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If you are looking to become a successful blogger, I recommend taking these blogging courses today. Here is a list of the best blogging courses bloggers should consider taking if they want to blog for money! Click here to see a list of blogging courses I highly recommend #bloggingcourses #bloggingtips #coursesforbloggers

Boost your blog income using these amazing online courses guaranteed to skyrocket your monthly income. These blogging courses are designed for bloggers who want to build a profitable blogging business. Blogging tools you need to start a successful blog. Blogging courses that every blogger must take in order to make money online. How to start a blog that makes money. Creative ways to make money. Make money to save money. Make money blogging. Make money online. #bloggingtips #makemoneyonline

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The Best Blogging courses worth taking that will make your blog money

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