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It’s hard to believe that November is over and we are almost coming to the end of the year. Time flies when you are having blogging fun. When I started this blog back at the beginning of November, my goal was to show other female entrepreneurs that it was possible to make money online. I decided right there and then to create a new blog to document my journey on how to achieve this (Want to start your own blog? You can get started for as low as $3.95. Check out the full tutorial here to start a blog).

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The real goal of this blog is to eventually start making a minimum of $5000.00 per month. Today we will be taking a look back at my blog journey to date and I will show you the breakdown of my November Blog Income Report to determine if I succeeded (or failed). 

Steps I took to make $83.14 in my 1st Month Blogging 

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Blog Income Report- how i made money on my first month

In my opinion, I did extremely well. Blogging is not as easy as it looks. You need to put in a lot of work and effort to get the results that you want. I look at so many other blog income reports and think to myself, if they can do it, I can do it too. And if I can do it, you can do it too. Before we jump into the report, I wanted to briefly outline what my original goals for November were so you can see how far I have come and we can compare it. 


5 Blogging courses worth taking that will make your blog money

From Hobby to Biz: Getting your online Business to make money


  • Start a new blog to document my journey  – Done (Win)
  • Create 25 Blog Posts  – I managed to only get 19 posts created (FAIL) – I needed to do a lot of work in the background such as setting up the blog itself, creating an SEO strategy plan, editing my theme and just a lot of backend work that took up a lot of my time. Remember, you only want to produce great quality work. If you can’t get it done, don’t do it. 

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The Strategy you need to Grow your blog on Pinterest

  • Get 25 email list subscribers – I managed to get 44 Email subscribers (WIN). Alright, one of the 44 is me and none of them include my family members or friends. I only wanted targeted and engaged subscribers on my email list. 
  • Launch 1 e-course  – WIN – My new course “Blog Traffic: Traffic Building Bootcamp for Bloggers” These are the exact strategies I am using to get so much traffic to my blog for the first month. NO LONGER OFFERED. Get this as an alternative.
  • Launch 1 e-guide – My new e-guide – “How to get 1000 email subscribers in just 30 days” – WIN
  • Aim at making a $100.00 – I was almost there. I made $83.14 (FAIL). My first month of blogging, so I am not too discouraged. It will only get better from here out with your amazing support.
  • Aim at getting 5000 pageviews for the month of November. – Most bloggers can barely get 10 page views a day on their blog. I was happy with my 4000 page views this month. (FAIL)


Google Page views

Overall, I think I am really pleased with my results. As you can see, my goals are not huge goals, especially for a new blog. I have experience running other blogs and I am implementing a lot of the same strategies here. You need to create goals that are realistic so you can easily reach and manage them.

Now let’s look at the second part of my blog income report which is my stats on Social Media. Keep in mind I had to create brand new accounts for this new blog. Everything here started at zero! 


Instagram 0 followers – 114 (I am not really working hard on this one yet). 

Pinterest 0 followers- 281 (I am pushing Pinterest, so be sure to follow me- I have amazing group boards you can join). 

Twitter 0 followers- 137 (I am pushing this account, be sure to give me a follow) 

Facebook Page – Did not create one. Not sure yet I will have one. Updated – created one

Facebook Group (0 followers) – 17 amazing members – be sure to join us so we can promote our work.

What do you think? Fail or win for my first-month blogging? You can be honest. We are all here to help each other. Now for my Blog Income report, let’s talk dollars. 




  • Board boaster – $0.00 (I am still part of the free trial, it is helping me grow). 
  • Blue Host – $0.00 (Promo for the year, I already own other sites and I guess I got a bonus FREEBIE) 

Total Expenses – $0.00

Total Blog Income = $$83.14

What do you think of my first-month blog income report


I will now tell you what I plan for this Month in terms of goals. I definitely want to grow bigger, but given that it is December, I feel like things might slow down again. But this is no reason to take it easy. I will keep pushing and hoping to see how I can grow 

  • Blog post goals – 25 (All my posts are longer than 1000 words.) 
  • Email subscribers – 250 (it will be a slow month for pushing promos) 
  • E-Course sales for – Blog Traffic: Traffic Building Bootcamp for Bloggers – 20 sales 
  • E-guide sales for – How to get 1000 email subscribers in just 30 days” – 5 sales 
  • Sales – The above numbers are what I am hoping for – But I am aiming to make at least – $300.00 in sales 
  • Blog Pageviews- 10,000
  • Instagram 150 followers – (As I mentioned, I am not pushing this one yet). 
  • Pinterest 500 followers
  • Twitter – 200 followers 
  • Facebook Page – Not sure if I will create one, maybe in January – Created one
  • Facebook Group –25 members (a group created to encourage each other to promote our work- to join us).

I am looking forward to the month of December. Hoping each one of you succeeds with your goals. What goals have you set for the month of December? We are doing monthly blog income report more to keep us in check and accountable. Tell us in the comments below. 


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Thank you for your continuous support! Let’s rock December

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