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Free Feminine Stock Photos

Are you in need of feminine stock photos for your blog?

Your blog is often the first thing new readers, new prospects, and new clients get to see of you and your online business and as always the first impression always counts.

This means that you do need a well-designed and beautifully laid-out blog, great content, and pictures that draw your readers in and enhance your content.

In other words, yes, your blog posts do need images.

Ideally really gorgeous photos. 

That’s why I was so excited to write this post. 

We have plenty of awesome ideas for you to grab some free feminine stock images!

This post came about because I frequently received emails with questions like these: 

  • Where can I get stock photos for free?

  • Can I use stock photos on my blog?

  • Where are the best places to find stylish stock photos?

  • Or how can I legally use my photos on my blog?

These are all amazing questions and it shows me that you know how important images are for your blog.

If you want to keep encouraging your readers to come back and read more of your posts definitely ensure the aesthetics of your blogs are top-notch.

Before that can happen, you need to catch their attention and draw them back in.

Trust me, it takes quite a while to build a loyal following of readers who will devour anything you write.

And I can tell you that images will help draw them in again and again.

Formatting your blog posts properly is the key to attracting repeat readers. 

Download my free blog post checklist below to ensure you have all the steps covered when it comes to writing the perfect blog post. 

Grab this blog post checklist to help organize your post.

Where can you find beautiful stock photos for bloggers?

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Why Should You Use Quality Photos for Your Blog?

We live in a very social and internet-based world.

And people just love great photos and are probably judging you based on that alone.

As a blogger, it can be real tough to take your own photos every day and it is definitely time-consuming to do.

That’s why find beautiful free photos is usually the way to go.

At some point though, upgrading and just paying for a subscription is much easier than constantly relying on free photos.

I found that once I upgraded my photos to one specialist, my work felt more on brand.

Another way to broaden your reach and grow blog traffic is through social media.

And guess what captures attention on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter?

That’s right, it’s epic images.

The images are the ones that make people click through to read your blog post.

Here are a few more tips for using quality stock photos for female entrepreneurs:

Here are the best Girly Stock Photos for your blog!

This one is from Social Squares. Find more details below!

Why Stock Photos:

You have two options when it comes to getting images for your blog post. You can either use your own photos which I touched on earlier, or you can buy photos to use.

Using “free styled stock photography” can really elevate your brand and make you look professional especially if you do not know how to take good photos. 

And you can find plenty of cute stock images these days. 

Your best option for purchasing images is using premier sites such as Ivory Mix, Haute Stock, and Pixistock to name a few.

Most of these sites have both free and paid stock photos which allow you the option to see if they will work well with your branding.

You are in luck today as we will help you find amazing free styled stock photos that are pretty, feminine, and girly enough for your blog so you can continue working hard on your site.

So keep reading. 

Formatting Your Feminine Stock Photos

How you format and size your pictures will depend on a few different things.

But please note that you can not miss this step.

The first step to step to take before formatting your stock photos is to know where and how you are displaying them in your blog post.

Next, keep the different social media sites where you are active in mind.

Different sites prefer or convert better with different images of sizes.

Do a little research and come up with an image for each of your most important social media sites.

Don’t use large images on your site as this will slow down your site. 

After I resize my photos, I also use ShortPixel an image optimization and compression API that significantly reduces the size of photos without compromising quality.  

Get it, your blog speed will thank you. 

Your website speed is crucial to your SEO health.

For every additional 0.5 seconds, it takes to load your site increases the percentage of visitors that will leave.

Images and SEO

Last but not least, let’s not forget about SEO.

Guys, if you are not familiar with how to do proper SEO, sign up for this free SEO course.

SEO is more than just installing the Yoast plugin and doing everything you can to get that green light.

The Yoast plugin is a guide that helps, but you need to do all the work. 

So how do you ensure that your images are properly optimized for SEO?

The file name and the alt tag are both used to determine what the page (or post) the image is found on is about.

You have got to use this to your advantage by including the necessary keywords you are trying to rank for as well as describing the image.

It’s art!

Getting this combo in is what will help ensure your post ranks well on Google. 

There you have it.

Start using your feminine stock photos in your posts regularly and you will see an improvement in user experience.

Play around with style and things like adding text and titles to your images until you find a winning combination for you, your blog, and your audience.

Ready to learn more about where to find quality free stock photos for bloggers?

Grab a pen & paper and keep reading. 

Need beautiful feminine stock photos for your blog or biz? Check out this list of THE 17 best websites to download styled stock pics- for free! Are you looking for gorgeous pictures for your blog, social media or digital business? In this post I listed my 17 favorite stock photo websites where you can find high quality, elegant, styled stock photos paid and for free! You can find stock photos for every budget, but they're all equally beautiful, I promise. ;) #photography #styledstockphoto #bloggingtipsforbusinessGrab Your Girly Stock Photos Below:

1.  Styled Stock Society

I love everything about the photos on this site. 

She offers a lot of amazing free cute photos that you can use on your blog.

Styled Stock Society is a stylish stock photography membership, to empower women like you to market your brands with gorgeous images – that doesn’t break the bank!

Elle Drouin is an NYC-based product stylist and photographer. 

She truly enjoys taking beautifully styled photos and helping entrepreneurs just like you grow your business with that wow factor!

So if you are looking for quality stock photos for bloggers to use on a day to day basis, look no further than Elle Drouin’s collection. 

You can sign up right here to get over 20 free feminine stock photos that you can use on your blog, branding material, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

New photos are added to the Styled Stock Society library every single week, so you can trust you will get top-notch feminine stock photos if you do choose to upgrade to a subscription.

Honestly, Elle really does have beautiful stock photography!

Styled Stock Society is one of the best feminine stock photos for bloggers. Check them out today!

2. Styled Stock

If you want more pretty girly pictures for your blog, you can check out this site.

I definitely enjoy the look and style from the Styled Stock collection. 

They do an amazing job with their feminine stock photography, and if your brand attracts women as readers, you might just enjoy what they have to offer. 

You can sort the collection into the type of photos you want. I especially love the lifestyle collection, fashion, and business section. 

Sign up here to get a set of free stock photos for your blog. 

They have done an amazing job capturing all the feminine stock photos you will need for your blog, so go ahead and check out what they can do for your brand. 

3. SC Stockshop

If you are looking for extremely high-quality feminine stock photos, then this is for you. 

You will find plenty of free stock photos for blogs on this site that you can use to create multiple graphics for your brand. 

Start by signing up here to get over 20 free stock images sent to your email. 

Shay is a commercial photographer and product stylist so you can trust that your photos will be top-notch for the most part. 

She is also known for kick-starting the “styled stock” industry with the creation of the SC Stockshop in 2013 which supplied beautiful stock imagery tailored specifically to female business owners. 

If you are a female entrepreneur looking for amazing feminine stock photos, look no further than this.

You can also check out Social Squares right here designed by the same people. 

4. Feminine Photos From Pixistock

Make your content irresistible by using girly stock photos provided by Pixistock.

Having a strong brand presence on social media is a must, but it can also be a challenge for some bloggers.

At Pixistock, they shoot and design follow-worthy content FOR you, so you can focus on running your business and make an impact.

Alicia is the creative director behind Pixistock and she started it with the goal to help women eliminate overwhelm and have more time doing the things they truly love in their business. 

You are going to love her photos, I use them frequently especially on Instagram.

So go ahead and grab twenty free feminine stock photos for your brand right here. 

5. Ivory Mix Stock Photos

A majority of the stock photos I use are from Ivory Mix.

I enjoy the feminine photos she has in her collection as they go well with my feminine blog. 

Kayla is the amazing female entrepreneur behind Ivory Mix and she does an amazing job sharing great photos every month with other entrepreneurs. 

She started Ivory Mix as a hobby, turned it into a multi-six-figure business, and quit her 15-year career as an Interior Designer to help other Creative Experts start and grow their businesses.

If you looking for not only free blog photos but pretty girly photos, then Ivory Mix is what you need in your blogging life. 

I would suggest going here to instantly getting access to over 550 amazing free stock photos that you can use on your site right away. 

You read that right. 

That is over 550 stock photos for bloggers that you can take advantage of right now. 

6. Haute Stock

If you want more feminine photos especially for your lifestyle blog, then Haute Stock is for you.

Haute Stock wants you to feel confident about the way you show up online and that’s why they captured modern stock photos and strategic design assets that you can use daily.

Their styled stock platform has helped thousands of members across various industries curate a professional visual content strategy to elevate and market their brands.

Over the years, they have done a fantastic job growing their library to thousands of high-quality, carefully curated images that are perfect for modern brands.

You will find stock photos for bloggers in categories such as:

  • Architecture & Interiors
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Motherhood
  • Workspaces
  • Tech & Product Mockupsand more!

In addition to the 21 free feminine stock photos you will get as soon as you sign up, you will continue to receive free stock photos monthly, their best visual branding tips, and exclusive Haute Stock updates.

You can go ahead and sign up for the Haute Stock right here

7. CreateHER Stock

As a woman of colour, I knew that this year was a great year to start supporting other women of colour. 

We are so misrepresented and I knew something needed to be done. 

If you are looking for free stock photos for bloggers that represent people of colour then CreateHER is for you.

They are a destination for authentic stock images featuring melanated women. 

Support this creative by downloading her epic feminine stock photos today. 

They are a grassroots resource and digital “pantry” for stock imagery that can be used for lifestyle, business, and everyday content creation for bloggers, creatives, and growing influencers. 

You can grab over 185+ girly stock photos when you sign up here

8. She Bold Stock

Here is another black creative that I support wholeheartedly. 

You will find a few of these creatives on this post because I love it like that. 

Jasmine created something I believe would help so many service-based business women out there that don’t quite know how to make themselves stand out. 

If you are looking for the best stylish stock photos for female entrepreneurs, this one could be for you. 

She Bold Stock” is all about helping passionate girl bosses feel confident in their brand and they are the perfect place to find girly stock photos for your blog.

You will definitely receive premium styled stock photos that will help you stand out when you sign up.  

Sign up here to receive a FREE GIFT OF 20 stock photos and weekly tips and tutorials to maximize your online business!

9. Color Joy Stock

Ready to take your content strategy to the next level?

Then look no further than this, another stock photo library subscription for women of colour. 

If you would like to promote diversity then you need these in your life right now.

They offer a lot of free stock images for blogs!

Whether you are in the lifestyle niche, work, and blogging niche, these feminine stock photos will work wonderfully for you.

Try out their stock imagery for women of all skin tones in the working, fitness, collaboration, self-care, and mock-ups categories!

When you sign up today, you will get 10 girly stock photos for free.

Free stock photos for bloggers! These feminine and styled images are perfect for Instagram and your website. Click to download gorgeous photos from over 17 different sites plus discover ideas for how to use these images to grow your business with examples. #stockphotos #freestockphotos #bloggingtips #blog #blogphotography

10. Katie Harp Creative

For those on the hunt for amazing stock photos for female entrepreneurs, Katie is your girl. 

Grab over 50+ free feminine styled stock photos to make your online business prettier from Katie Harp Creative.

These can be used on your website, social media, ebooks, and more to give you that professional style-look that you need to elevate your business.  

Katie is known for helping bloggers and online entrepreneurs with their awesome blogs and businesses, particularly with Pinterest marketing and social media.

I love her stock images which are perfect for bloggers looking to brand more. 

Go ahead and sign up right here

11. Her Creative Studio

Each collection from Her Creative Studio includes options with negative white space, tech mock-ups, texture-rich backgrounds, and different orientations (portrait, landscape, and square).

When you upgrade your options, you will get over 2400+ images at your fingertips to help you design what you need to take your blog to the next level. 

She offers amazing visual content that you can easily add your own personal touches to and truly make it your own.

You can go ahead and sign up for and received 12 styled feminine stock images first, then get excited to receive a new one every month!

Go to the bottom of this page to get your freebies

12. Kate Max Stock

Kate Max Stock has the perfect image membership site that will help you grow, save you loads of time, and help your business look as fabulous as it really is! 

With thousands of styled images, KateMaxStock has the largest styled stock library of its kind and holds the secret for gorgeous branding. 

If you want to save time but still grow your brand, look no further than this!

They stock thousands of modern, feminine styled stock images for bloggers that crave that look. 

Go ahead and sign up to receive your monthly FREEBIES & all the fab updates!

Sign up form is at the bottom of the page.

13. Stock by Jewels

Stock by Jewels is a dedicated stock photography membership for REAL female entrepreneurs in their 40’s and beyond that gives you easy access to all the chic, designer stock images you need that represent you and help you up-level your brand. 

Yes, I love this. 

Stock by Jewels features real, authentic women just like you so you can have access to carefully curated photos that capture the emotion of your brand.  

These stylish and relatable stock photos are here to help you beautify your business and achieve a level of success that goes above and beyond!

Get all your freebies right here. 

14. Girl Boss Stock

Great photos will help your blog get noticed on Google and social media.

And they will also help you get remembered and that’s exactly what these amazing stock photos from Girl Boss Stock will do for you. 

When done right, your brand can look more professional, more successful, and more appealing.

Want 10 free stock images and more free images sent right to your inbox each month?

Get on the list for a chance to grab these feminine stock images and exclusive bonuses – like mini-scene creators, Insta editing tutorials + more.

Free stock photos for bloggers! These feminine and styled images are perfect for Instagram and your website. Click to download gorgeous photos from over 17 different sites plus discover ideas for how to use these images to grow your business with examples. #stockphotos #freestockphotos #bloggingtips #blog #blogphotography15. Feminine Photos From Moms Make Cents

Images can make or break your blog.

That’s why I really only use quality images on my blog. 

Moms Make Cents wants you to get started on the right foot so she took these twenty-five free styled stock photos for you to try out!

You can use these to make beautiful Pinterest graphics, share them on Instagram, or use them on your blog posts.

Go ahead and grab them right here

16. Aminta Demadura 

Want to get in on these gorgeous styled stock photos?

Every month, Aminta sends out a free pack of stock photos to VIP List members.

You can use them for just about anything, including social media. These images are perfect for posting to Instagram, adding to your blog posts, creating templates for Pinterest, and more.

Feel free to crop them, place overlays, add text, and add your own product photos. 

Be sure to sign up right here

17. Canva Pro

Ever since I upgraded to the Canva Pro account, I am completely obsessed. 

I use Canva every single day to create all my epic feminine Canva templates that you can have a look at here.

So it only made sense that I use their stock photos as well. 

They have a great collection of feminine stock photos you can use. 

Canva Pro also unlocks a ton of extra fonts so for only $9.95 per month, this is not a bad deal at all.

This one is not free as you actually do need to pay for the rights, but I enjoy using them

Sign up for Canva Pro right here.

Other places to find free styled stock photos for bloggers:

Don’t forget to read about all the attribution required if any and rules to follow for using the photos. 

Some sites don’t require attribution or for you to credit, but definitely do your due diligence and read up. 

These free girly stock photos will brighten up your blog and give it some life. 

Girly photos from Unsplash

From Unsplash

I hope you enjoyed this list of amazing places to find unique feminine stock photos!

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Free stock photos for bloggers! These feminine and styled images are perfect for Instagram and your website. Click to download gorgeous photos from over 17 different sites plus discover ideas for how to use these images to grow your business with examples. #stockphotos #freestockphotos #bloggingtips #blog #blogphotography

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17+ Awesome Places to Find Free Feminine Stock Photos For Your Blog