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Best Pinterest Courses

If you do not have an amazing pinning strategy to help with your blog traffic, you might want to grab one of these amazing Pinterest Courses for bloggers to help.

A good Pinterest strategy for bloggers is definitely needed if you want to succeed on that platform. 

But do not be afraid to experiment. 

One person’s success does not at all mean that you will succeed too.

The Pinterest course creators are simply giving you a foundation of what works and you have to take that and tweak it according to your own content. 

For example, my wedding blog simply requires me to create epic pins, pin more wedding photos, schedule them on Tailwind and I am good. 

It’s completely automated and I get a whopping 120, 000 pages views with it from Pinterest with absolutely zero effort (except for the scheduling part). 

With my lifestyle blog, I use these Canva templates to create fresh content to schedule on Pinterest daily and that drives about 150, 000 page views per month. 

For this blog and another of my Mommy blog, I need a crazy Pinterest strategy to actually make it work. 

For this, I rely on some of the best Pinterest courses for bloggers to help set a base that will help me succeed. 

Today we will be focusing on the following: 

  • Outlining the best Pinterest Marketing Course 

  • Why you should take a Pinterest Course or Two 

  • What look out for when choosing a Pinterest Course

If your goal is to drive a crazy amount of blog traffic from Pinterest to your blog, then opting to get a bit of training might be a great idea.

With the constant change of the Pinterest Algorithm, you will want a course that changes and keeps up with the platform so that you are always up to date. 

Personally, although I love Pinterest, I do not have time to keep up with all the changes.

That’s why I rely on those that study Pinterest to provide me with the best up-to-date information as possible. 

So with this in mind, what is the best Pinterest course for bloggers?

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Do You Really Need A Pinterest Marketing Course? 

As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is always changing.

If you have the time to keep up with all the changes happening with Pinterest, and if you have an in with someone at Pinterest and you know what you need to change to make Pinterest work for you, then no!

But if you are like me and you just want a Pinterest course that gives you a base on what to do and is frequently updated to reflect the changes that are constantly going on, then yes, you are going to need the best Pinterest course for bloggers! 

I strongly believe in purchasing online courses created by bloggers who know what they are talking about.

If you want to get more traffic from Pinterest investing in a Pinterest course is the ideal way to go.

What makes a Pinterest course the best?

Remember not every Pinterest course will work with every niche especially if the owner is only focusing on certain niche blogs.

You will want a course that is able to teach on multiple niches in order to really get the benefit. This goes to show that the instructor is well-rounded and can help you regardless of the niche. 

Other things to consider before picking out a Pinterest course: 

  • How frequently the course is updated is important 
  • The level of the Pinterest course (for example, I am not a beginner blogger, so showing me how to set up a Pinterest account and how to create boards is not helpful to me.) 
  • Not that important but look at bonuses offered and what other extras they provide if you purchase the course
  • The teaching style – Pinterest is a visual platform so a video course might work better for a good Pinterest Course

We are hoping to share only the best of the best Pinterest courses for bloggers in this article so you can make an informed decision.

And please do not think you need to go out there and buy them all.

Get one that closely meets your blogging level for the best results and implement the strategies recommended.

It takes a while to see if a Pinterest strategy is working, so I would give it at least 3-6 months’ worth of effort. 

From here, if things are not working, you might want to tweak, pivot and try again. 

Go through the suggestions below and find something you feel would work for your level. 

You might find that you need a Pinterest course for beginners that covers everything you need to know or you might need a course that is so in-depth it shows you how to use Pinterest for marketing!

Here is a list of Pinterest courses we highly recommend:

If you are ready to start getting massive Pinterest traffic, gear up as these Pinterest Courses will help meet your goals.

I am sure there are plenty of amazing Pinterest courses out there. 

But if you are looking for a solid Pinterest strategy for bloggers that will save your time, increase your traffic and sales, then pay attention to any of the courses below. 

They were designed to get you results. 

Be sure to click over to see what the course can do for you as an individual. 

Are you looking for the best Pinterest courses for Bloggers? Click to get the best value for your money and the best results! The Best Pinterest Courses for Bloggers of 2020 (Beginner-Advanced). #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #bloggingcourse #blogging #bloggingtips #pintereststrategy

1. Pinteresting Strategy 

If I am not mistaken, this is one of the first Pinterest courses I ever purchased. 

I still use it as of today and it is constantly updated by the course creator Carly! 

I first bought it back in 2017 I believe. 

This epic Pinterest eBook is now an online course and it includes a unique strategy for increasing Pinterest traffic to your blog without the use of a scheduling tool (Tailwind).

I personally manage multiple blogs so I do both manual pinning as well as I use Tailwind. 

In addition to providing amazing information for manual pinning, I must add that it is extremely budget-friendly and it is one of the best Pinterest courses for bloggers! 

Carly does such a great job at keeping up to date with the many changes that Pinterest makes, and updates this course accordingly. 

I highly recommend Pinteresting Strategies to anyone wanting to begin or improve their Pinterest game.

I did a full review of Pinteresting Strategies here that you can read up on. 

If you are ready to increase your traffic, grab the Pinteresting Strategies Course today so you are not wasting any more time.

Taking Pinteresting Strategies with Carly was one of the best decisions I made for my blog!

You can find the Pinteresting strategies review on Ladies Make Money Online. Learn about the proven manual pinning strategy bloggers are raving about! How this affordable Pinterest marketing course for bloggers worked for me & my blog traffic. Wondering if Pinteresting Strategies for bloggers is worth the money for you business? Read my Pinteresting Strategies Review here! #pinterest #pinterestingstrategies #pinteresttips #blog #blogging #bloggingeducation

2. Pin to Profit

Do you want to know why I think this one is the best Pinterest course for bloggers? 

Because McKinzie, a good blogger friend of mine, does a fantastic job of not only teaching you how to drive traffic from Pinterest but also shows you how to harness that power to turn viewers into buyers.

I am all about saving time and doing the most with the little time that I have and this Pinterest course does it for me. 

If you could Skyrocket your blog traffic in just one hour a week and with each day you gain new viewers who love what you have to say, would you want to know how?

And how about if you could turn those followers into loyal fans, would you go for that option?

I hope you answered yes to both! 

If so, then you, my friend, need Pin to Profit in your life!

Make a steady stream of income from your business each month by leveraging your traffic to build an online business.

Pin to Profits is a step-by-step guide to using Pinterest strategically to grow your blog or business efficiently.

Pinterest is such a huge topic and other courses sometimes miss out on important pieces that make everything work well.

When you buy Pin to Profits you get five complete Pinterest courses that dive deep on topics crucial to your success on the platform.

Want to see what is included in each of the courses?

Just go over here!

If you are a beginner blogger, this free Pinterest Course (Pinterest Primer) by the same instructor might be beneficial. 

Pin to Profits is one of the best Pinterest course out there for those looking to increase blog traffic and blog income.

3. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

If you are looking to generate THOUSANDS of new unique views for FREE using Pinterest this Pinterest course is your go-to.

Learn the exact secrets, methods, and insider tips that took these blogger’s sites from unknown to a Pinterest Powerhouse, which eventually led to them being able to quit their jobs and working online full-time!
If you want the same results, you might want to connect with Alex and Lauren the creators of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche! 
This course is CONSTANTLY updated as the Pinterest algorithms are constantly changing!
As mentioned earlier, you definitely want a Pinterest course that changes when the platform makes an update. 
Pinterest Traffic Avalanche has some of the best Pinterest strategies for bloggers looking to skyrocket their traffic quickly.
It is the ultimate solution for beginner bloggers looking to drive 10,000 – 100,000+ FREE monthly visitors to your blog each month – on Autopilot!
Signing up for Pinterest Traffic Avalanche will not only give you access to all 8 modules, but you also get these amazing bonuses absolutely FREE:
  • Worksheets and Checklists to Track Success ($47 Value)
  • Get the Ninja Secrets Pinterest Bonus Lessons ($497 Value)
  • Get Updates as the Pinterest Algorithm Changes
  • Private Support Group Access ($47/m Value)

I have also taken other courses from the Create and Go creators such as the Six Figure Blogger and I can tell you that their stuff is always epic. 

You can also watch the video below on how one student went from 121 views to 86, 000 views in just 5 months! 

If you are looking for the best Pinterest course for bloggers that offer great results then Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is something you need. 

You will be happy to know that they share their EXACT Pinterest strategy, including their pinning schedule, which scheduling tool they use, and how they design awesome Pinterest images that go viral.

If you are looking for a solid Pinterest Traffic Avalanche review, watch the video below. 

4. Pinterest Marketing 101 Course

If you are wondering how to use Pinterest for marketing, then this Pinterest Course is one that you need to take. 

Pinterest Marketing 101 is the best Pinterest marketing course. 

Chelsea is an amazing teacher and I feel that she really goes deep into everything that is involved with earning money on Pinterest and how you properly market your business on the platform. 

It’s about time you develop a professional Pinterest strategy that gives good results. 

I urge you to unlock the power of Pinterest as a marketing tool to send limitless FREE traffic to your business and this can be done using the tips that Chelsea teaches in her Pinterest Marketing 101 course

Get the exact Pinterest strategies that she uses including what free online tools she uses to send thousands of daily visitors to her blog, sales pages, and affiliate offers – on auto-pilot!

Here is what is included in this Pinterest course: 

  • 📌How To Develop A Professional Pinterest Strategy
  • 📌 Pinterest SEO & How To Do Pin Keyword Research
  • 📌How To Create Viral Pins
  • 📌How To Rank In Pinterest’s Topic Feeds
  • 📌Tailwind Training
  • 📌How To Run A Promoted Pins Campaign … & More!

When you enroll today you will get a bonus bundle of 20 done-for-you Pinterest pin templates from Chelsea!

Check out what else you get in the Pinterest Marketing 101 course right here. 

If you are looking for the an awesome Pinterest marketing strategy for small businesses, this is it! Whether you're a business or blogger you should revisit your Pinterest marketing strategy each year. Check out these smart techniques you can use right now to double your blog traffic with Pinterest within weeks!

5. Pinterest Ninja Course 

This course is especially perfect for beginner bloggers. 

Pinterest Ninja was created by this awesome lady, Megan from LoveFamilyHealth after she used Pinterest to turn her blog into a six-figure business in just 18 months. 

I bought this course a little later in the game and it’s totally amazing and it is definitely better for beginner bloggers.

Pinterest Ninja has an option for you to purchase it as an eBook or the upgraded version which is the full course.

The full course definitely comes with a lot more than what is offered in the eBook and it is visual which I prefer especially when it comes to Pinterest courses. 

90% of bloggers are using Pinterest incorrectly! 

So if your goal is to try to get over 100,000 page views A MONTH from the platform, consider given Pinterest Ninja a try! 

It also has an amazing section where it focuses on how to use Pinterest Analytics strategically, how to sell Etsy products on Pinterest, and strategies for both manual and scheduled pinning which is a big win in my books.

I already mentioned that I use both Manual Pinning and a Tailwind Schedule, so this guide will help you get a great strategy in place to do just that. 

Pinterest ninja course - One of the best Pinterest courses out there!

6. Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks for Bloggers

Finally, this golden guide that every blogger must own regardless of what Pinterest course they already have. 

It doesn’t matter if you manually pin, use tailwind or use the native scheduler, these title traffic hacks can help no matter what your “pinning strategy” is.

Trust me when I say you need this guide

This is 20 pages of quick wins you will need to implement every time you are crafting your Pinterest graphics and the best part is they DON’T take 3 weeks and 2 hours per day to implement!

You can see results almost instantly if properly implemented. 

If you are not sure how to come up with Pinterest titles that attract clicks, then you need to grab this Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks for Bloggers today!

Pinterest Title hacks for bloggers

Other Pinterest Courses and eBooks to Consider:

And there you have it, an epic list of some of the best Pinterest Courses for bloggers to consider. 

If you are going to go for any of these, be sure to let us know in the comments below. 

And if you are a blogger or a business that has used one or any of these Pinterest courses, share your experiences below.

We want to hear them (good or bad)! 

These in my opinion are some of the best Pinterest courses for bloggers in 2020!

And before you go, we know just how busy you are. 

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Are you looking for the best Pinterest courses for Bloggers? Click to get the best value for your money and the best results! The Best Pinterest Courses for Bloggers of 2020 (Beginner-Advanced). #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #bloggingcourse #blogging #bloggingtips #pintereststrategy

Are you looking for the best Pinterest courses for Bloggers? Click to get the best value for your money and the best results! The Best Pinterest Courses for Bloggers of 2020 (Beginner-Advanced). #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #bloggingcourse #blogging #bloggingtips #pintereststrategy

Are you looking for the best Pinterest courses for Bloggers? Click to get the best value for your money and the best results! The Best Pinterest Courses for Bloggers of 2020 (Beginner-Advanced). #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #bloggingcourse #blogging #bloggingtips #pintereststrategyIf you enjoyed our blog we would like to have you join our email list and receive weekly money-making tips, you can join now! Don’t forget to join our Private Facebook pageThe page is created to share your work, pitch your services, and learn from other experienced bloggers!

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The Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers To Help Boost Traffic & Income