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Over 32 ways to make money

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of ways to make money at home, look no further!

We have compiled a list of over 32 legitimate ways to make money at home this year!

And you can start today.

Making money online doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful.

You just need the right tools and the right direction to get you to that place.

That’s why my monthly income task list is handy for those looking to make extra money from home.

The monthly income task list is totally free and you can grab it today! 

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Are you ready for our list of 32 ways to make money at home?

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32 ways to make money

For those that are having a hard time paying bills, our getting rid of bills or even end meet, finding a way to make extra money from home is crucial! 

That is why we came up with the ultimate list of over 32 legitimate ways to make money at home.

With plenty of amazing opportunities available to you to make extra money, there is no reason why you shouldn’t even try one!

With that in mind, we came up with an epic list of legit ways to make money online fast.

We weeded out everything that didn’t make sense and hence this post. 

Here is a list of 32 ways to make money from home:

If you are looking for legitimate ways to make money from home, here are 32 legitimate ways to make money at home that you can start today! If you are looking for ways to make extra cash from home, you will need to click here - Make Extra Money From Home-Make Money From Home Tips #workathome #makingmoneyfromhome

1// Get paid at home blogging

If you are interested in learning more about ways to make money from home legitimately, you could start a profitable blog as we did.

If you do not already have a blog, consider starting one today for as low as $3.95 per month Siteground.

We are happy to be earning a great amount of income from our blog each month doing what we love and you can do the same.

A detailed tutorial on how to get started building a blog can be found here

In the very first year of starting my blog, I was able to earn over $3,000 per month in extra money on top of my day job as a beginner who started with little to NO experience.

If you enjoy writing and you have something to share, you can totally monetize your blog with little effort. 

You can also read my post where I detail exactly 10 great ways bloggers can make money blogging about what they love!

Honestly, blogging is one of the best ways to make money at home. 

Feel free to join this FREE 7-day e-mail course here where I share my personal experience and teach beginners how to start a profitable blog all from scratch.

2// Get paid to write articles from home

If blogging is not for you, and you are still looking for legitimate ways to make money with little effort, you should consider ghostwriting.

They are so many fantastic ways on how to get paid to blog and write articles from home.

Many professional freelancers are making a full-time income writing articles from home.

If you are thinking of writing for money, I can tell you that you can absolutely do it.

Not sure how to start?

I suggest you take a look at these freelance writing jobs.

I also recommend checking out “30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success an amazing resource for those wanting to make a full-time income writing articles from home.

3// Find job opportunities on Fiverr

FIVERR is a great place to register your name if you are looking to get paid for doing easy jobs from home.

Do you have products or services you want to sell?

Use FIVERR  to do just that.

If you have creative skills,  I bet you can get paid to use those awesome skills easily.

Find writing gigs, design work and much more on FIVERR!

You won’t get rich overnight, but you can find jobs and clients that can turn into big payouts down the line.

The more unique your qualifications are, the more jobs you will end up getting. 

4// Start $2500 Side Job Flipping Blogs

We promised you 32 legitimate ways to make money at home and blog flipping should be on your list! 

So what is blog flipping and how can you use it to make money from home?

Similar to house flipping, flipping a blog works the very same way. 

Blog flipping is when you purchase or start a new blog and after a while, you sell it or (flip it) for a profit.

How much can you make with flipping blogs?

This will totally depend on how much value your new blog has.

Just to put everything in perspective, someone wanted to purchase my blog for $65, 000 last year!

If you believe blog flipping is for you, you can get all the information you need about it right here. 

5// Make Money Transcribing Documents 

Are you interested in more about legitimate ways to make money at home transcribing?

Let’s take it back a few seconds. 

What exactly does it mean to transcribe? 

Have you ever heard of people who are hired to listen to audio files such as podcasts and then they type out/ or write out what they hear?

This is typically known as transcribing an audio file!

You will get a lot of jobs like these from YouTubers, Podcasters or people that work with audio files!

If you are not sure if this is something you want to get into, I highly suggest that you sign up for this free transcribe training

Can you make money transcribing?

The pay can be anywhere between $15 and $25 per hour if you land great transcribing jobs. 

6// Become a Part-Time Bookkeeper

Did you know that you could become a virtual bookkeeper? 

I know plenty of amazing ladies that work as bookkeepers for small businesses during their spare time.

If you want more information on how to own your Virtual Bookkeeping Business, check out this FREE Webinar!

It will show you exactly how to become a bookkeeper with no experience especially if you have never done it below.

If you have never done booking before, we recommend you sign up for the free webinar to learn more about how to become an online bookkeeper

7// Become an Online Virtual Assistant

If you are a very organized person and you enjoy administrative tasks, then becoming an online virtual assistant might just be the job for you. 

A virtual assistant is also known as a VA typically helps other businesses stay organized. Some services you might expect a VA to do include:

  • Helping businesses with their websites by doing basic updates
  • Managing their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Managing their email marketing
  • Dealing with customer service
  • And other small admin work that the client might need

Be sure to read this amazing post where I detail how to start a virtual assistant job working from home!

If you are ready to become a VA click here!

8// Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Working at Home

Do you love Pinterest?

If you spend hours on Pinterest then you can get paid to pin by becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant today. 

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant is the most legitimate ways to make money at home! 

Pinterest VAs are responsible for managing Pinterest accounts for small and large businesses in order to market their products on Pinterest.

As a Pinterest Manager, here are a few jobs you are expected to do:

  • You will need to design outstanding Pinterest images and graphics 
  • You might be expected to clean up a client’s Pinterest account for better results 
  • You will need to conduct Pinterest Keyword Research 
  • Organize and Optimize Pinterest Boards
  • Schedule pins or manually pin clients work

Be sure to sign up here to become a Pinterest VA!

9// Become a Proofreader Working at Home Part-time

If you are looking for great ideas to make money from home, you might want to look into starting a side business as a proofreader!

If it truly bugs you to see grammar and silly spelling mistakes, then proofreading might just be the job for you. 

Everyone makes mistakes, that is why your job is to pitch to businesses about how you can help them proofread their content before it goes up. 

As a blogger, I have used proofreading services for myself and I know many small businesses and bloggers who are also in need of this service.

How much money can you make as a proofreader? 

Caitlin Pyle who I love was able to make over $43, 000 in her first year as a proofreader part-time!

If you are looking for legitimate ways to make money at home, I encourage you to learn all the skills you need to start your freelance proofreading hustle here.

Read my review here, where I share exactly how to make over $40, 000 a year as a proofreader!

10// Make Money at Home Selling Your Things

Did you know that you can make reasonable money selling things from your home? 

If you are things you no longer need, why not sell them and make some extra cash? 

Here are a few examples of things you can sell to make extra cash at home: 

  • Clothes, shoes and Jewelry that are in good condition
  • Purses, handbags, luggage and backpacks 
  • Working appliances and electronics
  • Furniture like sofas, bed frames and cabinets 
  • Children’s toys and clothing

I use great apps like Decluttr or Letgo!

11// Make Money at Home using Airbnb

Do you have an extra room in your house that you could use to rent out to people?

This is a fantastic way to make money from home.

Just like being a landlord for residential homes, you could bring in a great amount of money and earn up to $100 a day and sometimes more when you rent out your extra space on Airbnb.

This is a great opportunity for those looking for legitimate ways to make money at home.

Hotel rooms can be extremely expensive and that’s why more and more people are turning to rent rooms and homes on Airbnb.

So why not rent out a spare room?  

12// Make Money Renting Your Car

Did you know that you could turn your car into a second paycheck with no driving necessary?

Yes, you can potentially get paid monthly with little effort required from you.

Start earning with Getaround and let your car pay for itself. 

Getaround is like the Airbnb of car rentals and you could make a reasonable amount of extra money each month.

It’s one of the best ways to make money at home as it does not require you to leave the house. 

Earn $1, 000 per year actively sharing your parked car.

If you want to learn more about liability or damage, you can read more about Getaround’s policy on insurance coverage via their website.

rent your car out on Getaround to make extra cash from home

13// Make Money at Home as a Babysitter

One of the best ways to make money at home is to babysit. 

Those that have experience with babysitting at home or caring for an elderly, can search for possible jobs within your community via provides you with an online forum for families and caregivers such as babysitting services to connect with each other, arrange care, and share caregiver advice.

One of my good friend’s mom was successful enough to start a side business looking after kids at her home.

She is making a very decent income babysitting. 

14// Start Baby Equipment Rental Business

They are so many legitimate ways to make money at home and starting a baby equipment rental business might just be something for you to consider.

If you are a mom with a baby at home and you are looking for ways to make extra money from home, I suggest looking into this side business today

To get started, you can look into the business model on BabyQuip!

BabyQuip provides you with the necessary information and platform you will need to build a successful baby equipment rental business.

Think of BabyQuip like running an Airbnb! 

15// Legitimate Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards

In my opinion, gift cards are considered cash and you can use them to purchase items. 

So how can you earn free gift cards that you can use to purchase things?

I highly recommend using the MyPoints app!

They are a cash-back site that will let you earn rewards by shopping online and using coupons

Go ahead sign up for MyPoints here using your email (it’s free).

Tips for getting free gift cards!

16// Earn Money by Referring Friends 

You can legitimately make money at home by referring friends to links of products that you love. 

Companies and brands will pay you real money to refer your friends and family to use their products.

A great example is if you love and use Airbnb, you can then proceed to send your friend or family a referral link and the business will reward you for your amazing efforts if your friend books using your link. 

If you refer a friend who takes their first trip, spending $95 or more, you’ll get an easy $25 towards your next vacation.

You can grab my full list of ways to earn money by inviting friends, our top post should get you making money today. 

17// Save your emails

How the heck are you supposed to make extra money from home by saving your emails?

Well, I recently found out that deleting my emails was costing me some serious money. 


By using a tool like Paribus, you will be able to earn cashback from all the shopping you do online. 

The Paribus app will get you cash backs on items that you purchase online.

If the price of the product drops, this amazing app will get you the difference.

18// Consider an investment in Acorns as a way to earn money online

Acorn is an investing app that lets people like you automatically invest their spare change by rounding up the purchases they make.

Did you know that you could get $5 when you sign up for Acorns?

It is a very popular app with the millennial generation and we really do recommend it for those that are just starting out with investment.

Be smart and invest your money.

19// Make Money at Home Selling Printables

We already talked about making money selling things around the house for extra cash.

But did you know you could also make money at home selling digital products?

Selling digital products like printables is extremely profitable and it has become extremely popular over the years.

Just take a look at how these easy to make printables made this blogger over $2 million dollars a year!

If you want to learn how to make money easy Printables, Tracie has a simple tutorial you could use. 

Here is how to make easy Printables!

Here is another great video on how Nancy made money selling printables on Etsy! 

In fact, she made over $86K selling Printables on Etsy! 

Make money selling printables on Etsy:

20// Start a Profitable Online Store with Shopify

The most legitimate way to make money at home is to start your own small business. 

And if you want to know more about small business ideas for women to consider, read this!

The best business is owning your own online store on a platform like Shopify.

Online stores have become extremely popular over the last couple of years and they seem to keep growing in popularity. 

I was fortunate enough to start my own wedding store this year and it has been nothing but profitable for me. 

Not sure what to sell?

Here are a few amazing ideas: 

  • Try selling physical products, for example, art or DIY items 
  • You could try drop-shipping with Shopify which is a very popular route for a lot of successful women entrepreneurs – This is when you use other people’s products to sell on your own store! Shopify has a great tool to help you with this in case this is an option for you!
  • You could sell digital products which will be a big part of my store (Printables are huge sellers)

You can also find the top 13 things to sell in Shopify that make the most money!

Shopify is the platform I use and highly recommend.

They have extremely professional templates and I have done tonnes of research on them that’s why I chose them. 

Plus they offer a 14- day free trial!

21// Create and Sell Online Courses From Home

Are you a teacher at heart?

Why not create courses online that you can sell to an audience. 

Teachable helps you create as well as to help you sell your online courses.

With their easy-to-use online course creation platform, you can create courses without ever having to worry about tech, hosting, design, or marketing integrations.

It’s so easy to create online courses that over 68,000 people have made over $338 Million in course sales by using Teachable.

Examples of the profitable online course by entrepreneurs: 

If you are ready to launch your own successful online course, be sure to use Teachable. 

22// Teach English Online at Home

The most profitable of making money at home is by teaching English online.

Teaching English online from home is one of the best ways to make money fast working from home. The pay is really good and you can be making money as early as this weekend.

To get started teaching English online, you will want to apply for multiple positions that are available on sites such as on VIPKid and Magic Ears!

To find more related information about making money by teaching others, read these posts:

How one stay at home mom makes $2000 Teaching English

How to make a full-time income even while working a full-time job

23// Legitimate Way to Get Paid to Walk 

Yes, you can now get paid to walk!

We are so excited to share with you that they are over 10 legit apps that pay you to walk. 

If you are trying to get your steps in, or your plan is to get fit walking, well now you can get paid to walk.

A few amazing apps that pay you to walk are:

If you are looking for more legitimate ways to make money at home for walking read this post

24// Get Paid to Walk Dogs

They are so many fun ways to make money at home and one of them is walking dogs! 

Just like babysitting, you can now make extra money by providing care for pets. 

You can sign up for a service like Rover for you to become a dog sitter and you’ll be connected with pet owners in your local area who are looking to pay someone to pet sit or walk their dogs.

You can expect to provide care services to dogs and cats overnight at home. 

If you do overnight care, you get paid more. 

If you prefer to only walk dogs, you can also do just that. 

25// Get Paid to Shop Online From Home

What if I told you could potentially earn cashback for your purchases? 

I love to use the Rakuten cashback site every day to ensure I make money back on my online purchases.

You can literally earn thousands of dollars in FREE money with little effort just by using them. 

I love the fact that it is FREE to use and if you love FREE like as I do, you might want to jump on this opportunity to get free money too. 

You can earn up to 3-6% cashback on the things you buy online by using the Rakuten cashback Site.

When you shop during special occasions such as the holidays, you can earn as high as 15-20% cashback on your purchases. 

You can go ahead and CREATE A FREE Rakuten account today and get up to $10 bonus after you spend at least $25 on your first online purchase.

26// Make Money Online Using Paid Surveys

Make money online by participating in simple paid surveys. 

You obviously won’t make you $1000 overnight but I have been able to make $500 a month with this one online survey and it took a month or so do.

Surveys can take a while to see major results, but the more you do them, the more money you are able to make. 

My favourite online surveys are:

Pro Tip: Open a separate email account solely for surveys. You’ll start to get inundated with emails and it will be easier to manage in a different account.”

27// Make Money at Home by Referring Friends 

Did you know that you can actually make money at home by referring friends?

Companies and brands are ready to pay you real money to refer your friends and family to use their products. 

A great example is that I typically refer friends to Airbnb, and the business will reward me for my amazing efforts. 

If you refer a friend who takes their first trip, spending $95 or more, you’ll get an easy $25 towards your next vacation.

If you want a full list of ways to earn money by inviting friends, our top post should get you making money today.

28// Become a Tasker

Earn money by helping people with their everyday to-dos! 

You can become a tasker and start earning good money today. A few jobs you can expect to do as a tasker:

  • Cleaning
  • Handyman odd jobs
  • Personal Assisting
  • Moving 
  • Delivery

If you are looking for legitimate ideas to make money home, I definitely recommend you become a tasker today! 

29// Get Paid for Your Opinion

Did you know that you can get paid for sharing your opinion?

Yes, you can!

They are brands and businesses who care about your opinion or what you have to say and they are willing to pay you for this opinion!

One of my favourite apps for sharing my opinion is MyPoints! 

Sign up for MyPoints here!

You can also use Swagbucks – you can find out how I was able to make over $500 with them easily right here!

My Favourite App for Getting Paid for My Opinion is MyPoints here! Instantly get Paid $5.00 For Using Them! 

30// Add this Chrome Extension to Save

If you enjoy shopping as most of do, I would encourage you to use the BeFrugal App to save money! 

Every time you browse the internet to shop, you can click BeFrugal to get more info about the items you want to buy and you can save money. is an online coupon and cashback website.

You can get $10 for free when you sign up and use the app for the first time. 

31// Make Money at Home To Lose Weight

I like to work with HealthyWage as they will literally pay you for losing weight.

Not only are you getting much healthier, but you are also getting paid to make money. How’s that for moral motivation?

Here’s exactly how it works:

  1. Go here Sign up for HealthyWage.
  2. Define a goal weight and the amount of time you’ll give yourself to achieve it.
  3. Place a bet on yourself ranging from $20 to $500 a month whatever you more comfortable with.

Depending on how much you have to lose, how long you give yourself to do it and how much money you put on the table, you could win up to $10,000 which is pretty amazing!

Not sure if this could really work?

Use this calculator to find out exactly how much you could make at home to lose weight!

You can find out more about how to get paid to lose weight right here

Get paid to lose weight today

32// Work at Home as an Online Tutor

Did you know that you could work from home as an online tutor?

Using a platform like Course Hero is the best way to go about it. 

Course Hero is a website that helps high school and college students with course-specific questions.

It was founded back in 2007 and is an online learning website where students can access study resources.

Students can search by their specific school to find study guides, videos, practice problems, class notes, and step-by-step explanations.

Using the platform, students connect with Course Hero tutors on a wide range of subjects and classes, which makes this a great online work from home jobs for people with different educational backgrounds and experience.

There you have it, a list of 32 Legitimate Ways To Make Money at Home. 

Making money online, How to make money online, How to make money blogging

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We love listening to our readers and appreciate you taking the time to read this post.

Any other suggestions you have personally used to make more money, we will gladly read. 

If the list is a bit overwhelming, I know we gave you  a huge list of 32 legitimate ways to make money at home, we recommend you start with at least these:

We hope these legitimate ideas to make money from home truly help you get started on your journey.

Don’t forget to document your progress here with this free income tracker! 

So which of the 32 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home will You Try First?

If you are looking for legitimate ways to make money from home, here are 32 legitimate ways to make money at home that you can start today! If you are looking for ways to make extra cash from home, you will need to click here - Make Extra Money From Home-Make Money From Home Tips #workathome #makingmoneyfromhomeRead this next: 

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32 Legitimate Ways To Make Money at Home This Year

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