10 Easy Way to Make money from Home doing odd jobs

Are you a stay at home mom or someone that is just looking to make some extra cash on the side? Start your own business today and find ways to monetize it. Don’t stick to one option. You want to be able to get money from different areas especially if you want to make this your full-time gig! They are so many amazing ways you can make money from home and today we will be focusing on the little things you can do to bringing in at least an extra $1000.00 per month! What can you do with an extra $1000.00? Pay off some debts? Maybe go on vacation or just add it to your savings. Since we are a money-making blog, we wanted to offer you some neat ideas on how you can make money from home! 



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10 Easy Way to Make money from Home doing odd jobs 

10 easy ways to make money from home and earn a full income

  1. Become a Stella and Dot Stylist if you are into fashion and makeup, this is a great program that will help you make money from home! You will do great. You can easily promote the items on your blog and every time some clicks on it, you get a commission. Very easy! 
  2. Why don’t you invest some of your money and get a return on it? If this option works for you, then we highly recommend Motif Investment which works in Canada, Australia, the USA and other places. You can purchase a portfolio for up to 30 stocks, bonds. ETFs for only $9.95. This is amazing. Use this link and get started with $150.00 for FREE when you sign up! How cool is that! Let’s make some money.
  3. Want to earn points when you shop at your favorite retailers such as Amazon and Walmart? Then Swagbucks is for YOU, my friend!  Members earn points when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals. Redeem points for gift cards to your favorite retailers or get cash back from PayPal. Swagbucks is the leading online rewards site that gives free gift cards to its members for their online activities. Sign up today for FREE and earn up to $5 sign on bonus for using my link!  This program rewards users across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia.
  4. When I traveled to Paris last year, I spend so little on accommodation because I rented people’s home for almost nothing. Why don’t you rent your home or room to travelers using a safe site called Airbnb! I am a big traveler and so are so many other people. You can easily make lots of money from this, especially in the summer! 
  5. Take surveys online! Use sites such as Inbox dollars, Angus Reid and few others! I created a whole blog about making money with surveys! Have a read and start making extra income! 
  6. Become a photographer! Are you good at taking photos? In Canada alone, photographers charge anywhere between $2500 to $10,000 a shoot with wedding photography. You can do any type of photography if you are real good at it! You can become a Realtor photographer, newborn babies photographer, engagement shoots and so much! Start by creating a portfolio of sample works and promoting these on Facebook wedding groups! 
  7. Become a wedding planner, since we are talking photos! You can also take up this course on how you can easily make $50,000 a year in Wedding Planning sales and more! This is a great way to make money from home as you typically only work on weekends.
  8. Become a VA! This is virtual assistant position! You can help businesses manage their social media accounts, write up blogs for them or offer tech services right from the comfort of your own home! Some VAs charge up to $100 for 4 hours a week workload. 
  9. You can start your own blog like we did to start making money from home. We started this blog for as low as $3.95! That is a great price. Start your blog today and follow this tutorial on setting up the perfect money-making blog. You might want to read our last blog on how we plan on making money from our blog! Here are 10 amazing female entrepreneurs making money from their blog. If want to make money from home, we really suggest having a blog!
  10. Affiliate Marketing- Promote other people’s services and products and make a commission. Start with Amazon! Promote affiliate links on Social Media such as Facebook and Pinterest. If you have a blog, attach links on your blogs. See how this lady makes over $1000 per month in amazon affiliate sales! For example, if you are into Makeup and fashion brands can pay to promote their products! It’s really easy! This is really easy to make money from home. Watch this YouTube video! 

If you look at her link section, she added links which are probably affiliates and she gets a commission. If she applied for ads to run before her video she would also make money from this! A fun way to make money from home! 


These jobs can easily earn you an extra $1000.00 a month if you really put your heart and soul into it! 

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  • Walking dogs – I see people run full businesses with this
  • Babysitting is a great way to make money from home
  • Mow lawing. This is more of a man’s job! Find jobs on Kijiji
  • Sell some of your things – Garage sale, anyone? (Books, CDs, old TVs, electronics, and clothes)
  • You can also sell your items on Ebay, Kijiji, and Amazon. See how this lady makes $1000.00 in monthly sales from Amazon


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  1. I already do surveys and get a good income from there. I have opened my blog and would get affiliate marketing soon too. I will surely try a few more you mentioned. Very helpful!!

  2. Some great ideas listed here! I’ve tried the survey thing sooo many times though and just found it to not be worth the effort, earning just a few cents for so much of your time.

  3. I’m always trying to make a little extra at home, and swagbucks has been a favourite of mine for years. I earn up enough points to get Amazon giftcards and its such a great way to save a little extra money

  4. I’m just starting to think about some side hustles in addition to my 9-5 so this is the perfect post for me! I’ve heard of some of these suggestions but definitely not all so I’ll be keeping track of this post!

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