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Creative Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Whether you are a single mom or a busy mom, these work at home jobs for moms are perfect for those that are looking for extra money quickly. 

I get it, as a mother myself, I found myself dreading to go back in the workforce as soon as I had my little one. 

I was constantly looking for ways to stay at home with my daughter but still be able to provide for my family. I mean, we still had bills to pay and with our lifestyle, definitely, two incomes were needed. 

If only I could find the perfect work at home jobs for moms that actually paid well!

At the time, I didn’t really care about what job I got, I just wanted a job that allowed me to stay at home as well as one that paid well so I could look after my little one.

With this in mind, I searched high and low for the perfect work at home job.

Guess what?

Find the perfect stay at home job for moms today! Work at home with these amazing side jobs #workathomemom #stayathomemom

I wasn’t the only one searching.

I found other people also asking the exact same questions I had when I was looking for the perfect work at home job for a stay at mom like myself: 

  • How can I make money as a stay at home mom?

  • What jobs can moms do from home?

  • What are the best jobs for stay at home moms?

  • What are the best jobs for mothers?

  • Is there such a thing as working from home jobs for moms

  • Where can you find work from home mom jobs?

And the questions went on and on…

Just knowing that so many of you were also in the same shoes as I, I knew this post would be beneficial to you. 

The best side jobs for stay at home moms are really not easy to find. 

We really wanted to dig in and find the ultimate work at home jobs for moms that would really help either increase your income or at least supplement your current household income! 

Working at home jobs for moms can be really tricky to find just because of the many responsibilities you may have. 

For example, as a mom, finding the time to even take a shower was almost next to impossible to do on some days.

By keeping this in mind, we also wanted to ensure we listed easy work from home jobs for moms that can easily be implemented with any mom schedule!

Honestly, work from home moms are amazing and they should be really applauded for taking on extra jobs while looking after their families.

Where can you find legit work from home jobs for moms?

here are 25 Stay at home mom jobs for extra money! We have listed a great collection of legitimate work at home jobs that you can stay right away if you want to get paid #stayathome #workfromhome #momjobs #workformoms

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Work from home jobs for moms

It’s hard to believe that a lot of other mothers like me were also looking for opportunities that allowed them to stay at home to work while still looking after their children.

If you are in the same boat as me and all the other mothers out there, we hope this list of the best jobs for stay at moms will help you get started. 

This is your opportunity to financially help your family in any way possible. 

But how do you go about finding the perfect work at home job if you have no experience working from home?

The question really should be:

“Where do you find the best stay at home jobs for moms?”

And can you really find the best side jobs for stay at home moms?

You don’t want just any job, you want one that will make you good money especially with the little time you may have!

You hear a lot about moms working from home but no additional information on how they are doing it and where they are finding these amazing jobs!

What about the moms that have little no experience? 

They need jobs too and they also need the money. 

We didn’t forget you. 

This post also includes the best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience!

Sometimes balancing these jobs can cause stress with lack of time. I hear it a lot especially in Facebook groups designed for moms.

Today, however, we are excited to share with you, work from home jobs for moms that can easily be done with little stress! 

Please be sure to download this free income tracker to help you make the best of your stay at home jobs!

Grab your free side hustle income tracker

Are you ready to find the perfect stay at home jobs for moms today? 

Well, Moms, keep reading! 

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Best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience

First, we wanted to share that we share a lot of amazing ideas on how to make extra money from home on this blog.

You will never run out of ideas! 

For example, this list is packed with over 17 amazing small business ideas for women you can try today or even this post where we share our top 6 creative small business ideas with minimal or no investment needed for making money. 

Whether you have the experience or not, these jobs are designed to help you get started on making extra money.

If you are unsure of how to do something, do not be afraid to use the internet to see how it is done. 

YouTube is great for teaching you how to do certain things, definitely take advantage of this. 

The more you do something, the more skills and experience you will get.

The perfect work from home jobs for Mom

What would you consider the perfect job for you as a mom? 

Everyone has an opinion on what the best work from home jobs for moms are. 

But I personally do not believe that all jobs are created perfectly or even equally. Working with a baby and working with a toddler are two completely separate situations.

So you might want to look up work at home jobs for moms with babies. 

But then again, every child is different. So flexible mom jobs are something that we should really be looking for!

For example, between the ages of 0-8 months old, my daughter never wanted to take a nap without me, meaning she would wake up every 10 minutes if I wasn’t holding her or simply laying beside her. 

And when she was 9+ months she went down to one nap a day for 45 minutes. This meant I simply couldn’t get any work done as she constantly wanted my attention. 

So you might be lucky and get a child that loves to nap peacefully so this means typing jobs for stay at home moms might work better for your situation.

Either way, you won’t know until you are in the position. 

With this in mind, your perfect work at the home job could be a part-time job, an easy side job or if are really lucky, a full-time work from home job.

We are going to share some of our favorite and best jobs for moms with no experience, those that have some experience and jobs you can do when you are tight on time.

We are also going to highlight some of the best jobs for new moms that can be done easily!

Remember, just like babies, new moms and experienced moms can handle different situations. 

We hope you enjoy what we have in store for you because we really took the time to highlight some of the best jobs for moms that pay well!

Here is a list of flexible mom jobs!

Here are over 25 work at home jobs for stay at home moms that pay extremely well. If you are a stay at home mom looking to make some extra money from home, take a look at this list. Work from home today as a stay at home mom #workfromhome #workingmom

Work At Home Jobs For Moms Who Love Social Media 

If you are a mom that loves social media and enjoys it, then these online jobs are just perfect for you. They are so many well paid social media jobs now available!

Enjoy our list of real work from home jobs for moms that  you can start right away with little effort!

They are literally some of the best online jobs for moms:

1// Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant 

If you love Pinterest and you can tie it to marketing, you can definitely become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant today. 

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant is responsible for managing Pinterest accounts for small and large businesses in order to market their products on Pinterest.

You can offer your Pinterest managing services to clients and you can even multiple clients in order to make more money as a stay at home mom.

As a Pinterest Manager, here are a few jobs you are expected to take care of: 

  • You will need to design outstanding Pinterest images and graphics 
  • You might be expected to clean up a client’s Pinterest account for better results 
  • You will need to conduct Pinterest Keyword Research 
  • Organize and Optimize Pinterest Boards
  • Schedule pins or manually pin clients work

Sign up to become a Pinterest VA here!

Virtual Assistant work is some of best paying jobs for moms and they are increasingly popular!

2// Become An Instagram Influencer 

Instagram is huge these days and if you have a big following, you can easily become an influencer and promote brands you love. 

You will definitely need to pick a niche, create an epic bio promoting yourself and start posting frequently.

The more unique photos you post, the more people are going to be attracted to your account and they will start to follow you.

Once you are well over a certain number of Instagram followers, you can start accepting sponsorships and collaboration relationships working with brands

I mean, check out how these bloggers are making over $10, 000 a month in sponsorship collaborations. 

3// Start a Graphic Design Side Job

Are you good with design? 

If you are a creative person and you love to design, the graphic design is for you. You can create almost anything for small businesses as a graphic designer.

Think beautiful ads, posters, social media posts, and flyers. 

These are mainly used for the promotion of a company’s products and services and to give a brand a unique identity.

In our modern world where individuals are easily influenced by visual content, many companies need skilled graphic designers to create visual content for their social media accounts.

A graphic designer would be expected to create images and contents such as social media posts and cover photos for different social media platforms. 

Legit Work At Home Jobs For Moms Who Love To Write

If you are a mom that enjoyed writing at some point, you do not need to stop now. 

They are amazing jobs that you can do from home that involves writing.

And what we mean is the internet is full of typing jobs for stay at home moms that extremely well. You just need to know where to find them!

Here are the ones we enjoy:

Legit Work At Home Jobs For Moms Who Love To Write! If you are a mom that is looking for a successful work from home job, look no further than this list! #workathome

4// Get Paid to Blog and Write Articles from Home

As a work from home mom, you can now make money writing articles from home.

If you are looking for simple jobs that moms can do from home while the baby is napping, then you should consider writing articles and getting paid for it. 

Can you really write articles online for money?

Absolutely, as a blogger and a mom myself, I am always looking for people that can write articles for so I can put up on the 3 blogs that I have!

Blogging can be time-consuming and the fastest way I know to provide content is to pay someone to write them for me.

So it’s about time you get into this business and get paid for it. 

What an extremely fun job to have as a mom in my opinion!

Once you learn the exact steps on how to make money writing from home, you will soon wish someone had told you about this amazing side job sooner.

You can find great writing gigs on Upwork or even better, register your name or business on Fiverr

5// Become a Freelance Writer 

The perfect jobs for moms at home, are jobs that are flexible to do, and I truly believe that writing is a flexible job!

You can start your own Freelance business or you can choose to just find odd jobs online and write for companies.

For moms that just love to write, this is the perfect work at home job for you. 

Are you ready to kick start your freelance writing career? 

Then you might want to take a course or start a website to promote your services.

If you want to work with companies, places like Contena, or Fiverr and even Upwork well for finding freelance writing jobs.

You can also check out write job boards for more paid writing opportunities.

And if you are really interested in getting paid to write blog posts, this will help you out! 

6// Start A Money-Making Mom Blog 

The perfect job for moms at home is blogging! 

As a mom who enjoys writing, I have been having a lot of fun with my three blogs. 

If you are a stay at home mom that feels that blogging is the right path for you, then I would seriously consider starting a blog that actually makes money.

They are many people that are currently making a full-time blogging income blogging and this could be you in no time.

Mom blogs are extremely popular, and I love that you can write about your unique experience as a mom


How to start a blog and make money with Siteground

10 Creative Ways Bloggers can Make Money consistently 

8 Reasons your blog is not making money

7// Start a Work At Home Mom Job Flipping Blogs

So what is blog flipping and why should stay at home moms consider this easy side job?

If you have heard of flipping a house, the idea of blog flipping is the same.

Blog flipping is when you purchase or start a new blog and after a while, you sell it or (flip it) for a profit.

Just like flipping a home, you would purchase a property below value or at a great deal, then make improvements and sell it for a profit.

Blog flipping works the exact same way. We want to share with you exactly how to flip a website for a profit!

How much can you make with flipping blogs? This will depend on how much value your new blog has to offer.

The better the blog, the more money you can sell it for.

Just to put everything in perspective, someone wanted to purchase my blog for $65, 000 last year!

That is an insane amount of money especially for those struggling and living paycheck to paycheck.

We are sharing work at home jobs for moms that are easy to do on the side, so if you believe blog flipping is for you, you can get all the information you need about it right here. 

8// Become a Proofreader 

If you love editing, correcting and ensuring what you read is good and top quality, then you will love proofreading.  

Again as a blogger, I have used proofreading services for myself and I know many small businesses and bloggers who are also in need of this service.

Did you know that proofreaders are able to make at least $43, 000 per year? 

Caitlin Pyle who I love was able to make over $43, 000 in her first year as a proofreader part-time!

If as a stay at home you are eager to start a successful career as a proofreader, I encourage you to learn all the skills you need to start your freelance proofreading hustle here.

Read my review here, where I share exactly how to make over $40, 000 a year as a proofreader! 

9// Become a Virtual Assistant 

Did you know that you can become a virtual assistant for other businesses and get paid for it?

This can be done right from the comfort of your home. 

This is a popular side hustle job that many have managed to turn into full-time jobs. And as a stay at home mom, you can turn this into a successful business!

Check out our post where I detail how to start a virtual assistant job from home today!

You can sign up to become a VA here

10// Get Paid To Transcribe

What exactly does it mean to transcribe? 

Typically people are hired to listen to audio files such as podcasts and then they type out/ or write out what they hear.

You will get a lot of jobs like these even from YouTubers!

If you are not sure if this is something you want to get into, I highly suggest that you sign up for the free transcribe training

Can you make money transcribing?

The pay can be anywhere between $15 and $25 per hour if you land great transcribing jobs. 

Work At Home Jobs For Moms Who Love To Sell

If you love selling and you are great at it, these jobs below may entice you to start your own side businesses.

Selling requires you to be able to convince people to buy from you and hopefully become repeat customers. 

A few work at home jobs for moms that involves selling are: 

11// Start an Online Store With Shopify

The most creative jobs moms can do from home is one that they can build up for themselves.

For example, owning your own online store on a platform like Shopify!

It is no lie that online stores have become extremely popular over the last couple of years and they seem to keep growing. 

This is the ideal time to start your online profitable online store in order to make extra cash. 

I was fortunate enough to start my own wedding store this year and it has been nothing but profitable for me. 

Not sure what to sell? Here are a few amazing ideas: 

  • Try selling physical products, for example, art or DIY items 
  • You could try drop-shipping with Shopify which is a very popular route for a lot of successful women entrepreneurs – This is when you use other people’s products to sell on your own store! Shopify has a great tool to help you with this in case this is an option for you!
  • You could sell digital products which will be a big part of my store (Printables are huge sellers)

Shopify is the platform I use and highly recommend.

They have extremely professional templates and I have done tonnes of research on them that’s why I chose them. 

Plus they offer a 14- day free trial!

12// Make money selling printables online with Shopify

Selling digital products like printables is extremely profitable and it has become extremely popular.

We encourage you to look into selling printables online. 

Just take a look at how these easy to make printables made this blogger over $2 million dollars a year

She is my go-to person for learning everything I need to know about making money selling printables online. 

13// Create and Sell Online Courses

Teachable helps you create as well as to help you sell your online courses.

With our easy-to-use online course creation platform, you can create courses without ever having to worry about tech, hosting, design, or marketing integrations.

It’s so easy that over 68,000 instructors have made over $338 Million in course sales by using Teachable.

Examples of the profitable online course by entrepreneurs: 

If you are ready to launch your own successful online course, be sure to use Teachable. 

14// Learn how to take photos and sell online

Taking cute photos of your kids is not necessarily groundbreaking.

But with a little practice, you can learn how to take amazing photos which you can then sell for a profit.

If you are a mom that is already creative and can take amazing photos, then consider selling them for a profit.

I recommend a site like Zazzle, to sell your creatives.

Zazzle is a free marketplace that enables thousands of artists to sell their artwork to new audiences.

All you must do is upload your designs on any of their products and they do everything else from printing to shipping to handling customer service.

15// Be a stylist for Stella and Dot

If you love jewelry and you love selling, you should consider becoming a stylist for Stella and Dot.

How much does a Stella and Dot Stylist make?

As a stylist for Stella and Dot, you can make 25 to 35 percent of your jewelry sales and you can make even more if you have other stylists working under you.

You can also sell online, which means you can really promote your work to the mass if you can drive traffic to your website.

As a Stella and Dot Stylist, you are eligible to get an e-boutique which means you can easily sell your stuff online and earn a commission.

This is perfect for those with a huge Instagram following

Make more money online as a stay at home mom by promoting products from Stella & Dots and earning commissions from them.

You can find out exactly how I made over $400 in two days using one of these extremely popular work from home side business idea perfect for women! 

Work At Home Jobs For Moms Who Love To Share Opinions

Did you know that you can get paid to share your opinion? Why do businesses care about your opinion or what you have to say?

They are a number of reasons why they care about what you have to say: 

  • They want to create the right products for their customers and the information they gather through these surveys helps.
  • It is done for market research so that companies can design what clients may be interested in. 
  • Market research companies and survey site companies work together to collect this valuable information. 

To ensure they are collecting accurate data, they will pay for your opinion. 

Here are a few companies that will pay you for your opinion so you can make money as a stay at home mom: 

16//Participate in Paid Online Surveys 

Work at home jobs for moms that require little work is completing paid online surveys.

Make yourself some fast money by participating and using online surveys that pay cash.

Again this won’t make you $1000 overnight but I have been able to make $500 a month with this one online survey and it took a month or so do.

Surveys can take a while to see major results, but the more you do them, the more money you are able to make. 

My favorite online surveys are:

Pro Tip: Open a separate email account solely for surveys. You’ll start to get inundated with emails and it will be easier to manage in a different account.

17// Become a mystery shopper

How much do mystery shoppers get paid? What exactly is a mystery shopper? 

Mystery shoppers are typically hired as independent contractors by stores, retail establishments, sometimes restaurants or any company that require information about the competition. 

Some information they might collect is price information, the experience they had purchasing or getting services from other establishments, and their overall opinion about the companies.  

So how much can you make as a mystery shopper? 

This will depend on the project you get assigned to. Most projects are paid by the job and not necessarily per the hour. 

It could be $10, it could be $20 and in some cases, it goes up to $100!

To find mystery shopping jobs, I would do a quick Google search as each city, area and country have different job opportunities.

Work at Home Jobs For Moms Who want to start a side business

Here is a list of legit stay at home mom jobs and businesses you can start on the side and turn into profit!

Moms working from home have so many options for making money and they do not need to stick to only finding jobs. 

Instead, find a way to create opportunities such as starting your own businesses that you can gradually grow.

With that in mind, here is a list of work from home businesses that moms can start to make extra money working from home. 

18// Start A Simple Baby Equipment Rental Business

They are so many real jobs for stay at home moms, you just need to search and find one that works for you. 

For example, starting a Baby Equipment rental business from home. 

Are you looking for ways on how to make money with a baby at home? You might want to think about starting a baby equipment rental business!

BabyQuip provides you with the necessary information and platform you will need to build a successful baby equipment rental business.

Think of BabyQuip like running an Airbnb! 

BabyQuip Independent Quality Providers (QPs) delight traveling families by delivering everything they need for a happy and well-rested baby on vacation; cribs, car seats, strollers, toys and you name it!

Find out more about the baby equipment rental here!

19// Host and Start An Airbnb Side Business

If you are in desperate need of quick cash, Airbnb might be the option you need to make extra money working from home as a mom. 

Airbnb is a safe platform to use and it’s perfect for travellers and those looking for a home away from home set up.

This means you will always have people around looking to rent from you, which equals more money in the bank for you as a mom. 

Ready to find out how much you could make as an Airbnb Host?

Follow this link and enter your location! 

And it has simple as that!

Using this platform can actually help you pay your mortgage if you have one! 

Work at Home Jobs For Moms Who Love To Teach

If you love to teach and would like to make some extra money on the side with some great side hustles, we have a few ideas for you to use.

For example, jobs that help others to speak and learn English is a popular side job that many have been doing for years.

Teaching is considered the best job for moms at home due to its flexibility!

20// Teach English Online

Honestly stay at home moms can really benefit from making money by teaching English online.

They are so many work at home jobs for moms, but teaching English online seems to be one of the many popular ones. 

Teaching English online from home is one of the best ways to make money fast working from home. The pay is really good and you can be making money as early as this weekend.

Another way you can good money from teaching English online is to apply for multiple positions that are available such as on VIPKid and Magic Ears!

To find more related information about making money by teaching others, read these posts:

How one stay at home mom makes $2000 Teaching English

How to make a full-time income even while working a full-time job

21// Become a Tutor 

As I mentioned earlier, teaching English is a very popular working gig but so is becoming a tutor.

Did you know that there are many countries around the world facing teacher shortages as well as people looking for professionals with experience in specific areas?

Do you enjoy teaching and want a flexible way to make extra cash?

Becoming a private tutor allows you to build skills and experience in a subject that you are most familiar with. 

Work at Home Jobs For Moms That Require Little Effort 

Sometimes working extra hard to make money can be time-consuming. 

That is why I decided to add this section. 

Tips for making extra money with little to no effort.

We definitely share with you some of the best online jobs for stay at home moms without investment options that you are more than welcome to try!

22// Earn Money by Referring Friends 

Are you looking for easy work from home jobs for moms? Then this could be for you. 

Did you know that you can actually make money by referring friends?

Companies and brands will actually pay you real money to refer your friends and family to use their products. 

For example, you can refer a friend to Airbnb, and the business will reward you for your amazing efforts. 

If you refer a friend who takes their first trip, spending $95 or more, you’ll get an easy $25 towards your next vacation.

If you want a full list of ways to earn money by inviting friends, our top post should get you making money today. 

23// Get Paid to Watch Videos Online

Companies like Swagbucks will actually pay you some money for watching your favourite videos online.

This is a great way to actually make money with little effort part-time. 

I would suggest adding the Swagbucks extension to your computer and laptop. And simply go about browsing and using the internet as you normally would on a daily basis. 

This will allow you to stack up Swagbuck points.

You can then go ahead and redeem those points for cash and get paid via PayPal or get paid with Gift cards. I prefer cash, and so I get paid using PayPal.

This Swagbuck platform allows you to also make some extra money in other ways includes getting a $5.00 bonus just for signing up

24// Get paid to house sit 

This job might not be perfect for moms, but if you can make it work, why not. 

Housesitting requires you to actually move into a house short or long term to look after a house when the owners are vacationing. 

Housesitting and Pet Sitting is really easy to do and you can find many sites to sign up for this side job. Most of the people needing these services are because they have pets that need looking after. 

TrustedHousesitters launched in 2010 with a simple mission: to keep pets happy and safe in their own homes. 

Sign up to do for your opportunity to make some fast money. 

25// Get Paid to Lose Weight As A Stay at Home Mom

Although this actually requires you to do some moving and it is not necessarily not doing anything, you can make good money for losing weight. 

You can start your HealthyWager today and get paid for losing weight.

HealthyWage uses cash-based challenges designed to help end procrastination, encourage perseverance, and harness the power of your desire to avoid losing your wager. 

 You can go ahead and find out how much you can potentially make by using this calculator!

How can I be a stay at home mom and make money?

We have given you plenty of amazing ways and great opportunities that you can use to make extra money as a stay at home mom today.

We have tips online jobs you can attempt and everything else listed above. 

Ideally, you want to pick one or two that can work with your ideal situation as a stay at home mom.

The jobs are designed to help you make you an extra $600 a month or even over $2, 500 a month, this will just depend on how much effort you put in. 

If you are seriously curious about how to get started with blog flipping, we have a full post about it with as many details as you need to get started right away. 

And that is the end of our list showcasing the best work from home jobs for moms!

Don’t forget your free income tracker! Be sure to grab it before you attempt any of the work at home jobs for moms!

Grab your free side hustle income tracker

I know the list is overwhelming for moms, so if you are not sure where to start, take a look at our summarized option below. 

Work at home jobs for moms simplified:

We have listed a lot of good paying jobs for mothers to consider and we hope you give at least one or two of them a try this weekend. 

Don’t think you can not go outside of the box to find great mom jobs such as becoming a social media manager, search engine evaluate or even customer service representative!

Even simple jobs like data entry is a huge industry that people are hiring into.

The good thing is that you can set your own schedule 

Legit Work At Home Jobs For Moms Who Love To Write! If you are a mom that is looking for a successful work from home job, look no further than this list! #workathome

Other work at home jobs for moms that pay well to consider:

A guide for moms to make money online with surveys

How to make money online without paying anything (2020)

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25 Work At Home Jobs For Moms That Pay Well in 2020