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Survey Sites That Pay Instantly on PayPal

If you are looking for great survey sites that pay through PayPal so you can get paid instantly, then you have come to the right place.

And if you are a stay at home mom and you are trying to find ways to make some money from home, why not make extra money online doing surveys?

It’s not going to get you rich by no means, but an extra $400-$500 per month could be extremely useful.

That is how much I made online by doing surveys last month. 

If you are looking to get paid through PayPal to take surveys, you have come to the right place.

Ready to find a list of surveys that pay through PayPal Instantly?

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Having just a few extra dollars each month can really help financially if you are struggling each month to make ends meet.

Or you can use the extra money for savings, vacation or for unexpected expenses you may have.

We are excited to share with you:

  • Survey sites with no minimum payout

  • The best stay at home PayPal survey app

  • Great survey sites that pay through PayPal

If making extra money is your goal, then I suggest you make money doing surveys. 

Get Paid to Take Surveys 

They are so many different things you can do to make extra money from home, like teaching English online or doing direct sales.

You have lots of choices these days with the internet.

But if you want something more laid back and easy to do, then get paid to take surveys. You can definitely complete surveys while watching TV or when the children nap. 

You need to make extra money online with Surveys if you are really tight on money but have no other way of making that extra money.

Some surveys can also reward you with gift cards which you can use to purchase things you need for the house. 

We are going to share a few high paying survey sites that pay through PayPal so you can get paid instantly.

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Tips you need to make extra money online with Surveys 

You need to be aware of scams if you are thinking of starting to make money doing surveys. Survey companies that require you to input payment is definitely a company that is trying to scam you.

Never give out credit cards or banking information. 

Use a PayPal account to get paid to take surveys. And we repeat do not give out your banking information. 

Only work with online surveys that pay well (more on that to come).

Make extra money online with Surveys that are extremely reputable and that pay more than 20 cents per surveys.

Now, keep in mind that some survey companies want to get to know you first before giving you more surveys and money. 

This means you need to be truthful with your answers so they can send you quality surveys that pay a lot more.

The more honest you are, the more quality work you will get and the more you will get paid to take surveys. 

We are going to list a few of our favorite surveys that we have personally tested. I will also comment if Canadian can do them too. 

But otherwise, they are mostly in the States. 

They are few amazing survey sites that pay through PayPal. 

I would urge you to take advantage of them. 

Here is a list of high paying surveys that pay through PayPal

1// Get paid to take surveys with MyPoints  

Get up to $50.00 per survey. You can make extra money online with Surveys such as My Points because they are extremely reputable.

The questions they ask are pretty simple and easy to answer. They also pay with Gift cards which can be redeemed at major online stores like Amazon.

Otherwise, you can get cash and get paid via PayPal. 

Canadians, you can also apply for this

2// Make money doing surveys with Grab Points

Grab points is open to US, Canadians, Australians and more. The good thing about this company is that they make it easy to earn.

You need to reach 5000 points to start earning money, but it is easy to do.

You will be asked to complete surveys, watch videos and more. You can sign up for Grab Points here. Known to pay up to $50 per online survey. 

This makes it the fantastic way to make extra money online with Surveys.

3// Pine Research 

Pine Research is great reputable survey site that also pays via PayPal.

They are known for sending great surveys vial email as well as occasionally sending products to clients for testing. 

This way you can share and give your honest opinion before these products are put up in the store for sell to the general public.

They pay around $3 – $5 per survey and these surveys are typically short. 

If you can pump out 3-5 survey per hour, you can make about $9 to $15 per hour easily.

And as a stay at home mom or someone looking to make extra cash, every single bit of cash really does count and can add up easily. 

You will receive surveys once you confirm your email address.

Make extra money online with Pine Research today!

4// iSurveyWorld pays up to $70 per survey

Have spare time on your hand? Make extra money online with Surveys. Get paid to work with iSurvey and make great money.

You will get paid via PayPal and you can get a $5.00 sign up bonus today. 

5// Make money online with Nielsen 

Nielsen is a very popular survey/review sites from around the internet.

It is also very simple to join and get started. By participating in Nielsen research you can help to improve products and services online before they are released. Nielsen truly values your opinion.

They give away $10,000 each month.

Get all the details here. This is the most popular and recommended ways to make extra money online with Surveys. 

6// Share your opinion with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is my favorite way to make extra money online with Surveys.

They pay you to watch TV shows, share your honest opinion as well as helps you find great deals. You earn SB points which are then converted into gift cards or can be redeemed with cash via PayPal.

Grab $5.00 for signing up with my link. 

7// Get Paid Through PayPal for Using Survey Junkie

Make extra money online with Surveys such as Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie has over 5 thousand members and is continuing to grow.

Earn rewards and cash just for sharing your opinion.

The US can apply here & Canadian citizens can apply here

8// Make money doing surveys with Survey Rewardz

Create a free account with Survey Rewards and start to make extra money online with Surveys.

I personally love Survey Rewardz and I find that they send great surveys that the readers can relate to more. 

As you know, the more surveys you do, the more money you make. 

It is one survey company that I ask people to give a try. Do at least 2-3 surveys and see how it goes.

The more you do the more quality work is sent to you. Sign up today


Now that you have a full list of different ways to make extra money online with Surveys which one will you give a try today.

Join them all if you can.

The more you join, the more you do, the more money you can make from home.

Honestly, an extra $500 will go a long way. 

Top Reasons to Take Online Surveys That Pay Through PayPal:

Stay at home PayPal survey apps are some of the best ways to make extra money from home as a mom.  

Here are a few great reasons you will want to use online survey apps that pay through PayPal:

  • They are secure and safe 
  • PayPal is a legit company that has your best interest at heart
  • Survey Apps that pay through PayPal tend to be legitimate


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