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We haven’t published an income report in a while. We were focussing hard on growing our brand. For this post, we combined the last 3 month worth of income report blog posts and we have amazing tips for those that want to make money with a blogIf you are looking at making some extra money on your blog too, then keep reading for our inside scoop. We are excited to show you everything we are doing to make money online. 

If you are thinking of starting your own blog, or maybe you already one, we crafted a detailed blog post on how to create or turn your blog into a money-making machine. Yes, we did! You can get the full scope of starting your own profitable blog right here!

Our overall monthly income goal is to make $5000 consistently with side hustling and blogging! We are slowly working towards that goal. If you want our step by step plan on how we plan on making $5000 per month, read this post. It outlines all the steps we plan on taking to make money with a blog! 

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blog Income report

Here are a few different ways to make money with a blog, we wrote this amazing blog on a few Side Hustles that will make you an extra $1000 from home,  7 things you can do to boost your blog income, 7 phone apps that will make you an extra $800 per month and 25 Ways to Make Money Online and grow your monthly income.

Detailed 3 months worth of Blog income report

As always, we want to let our readers and followers know that blogging is not as easy as it looks. A lot of effort, planning, and learning goes into this. We are treating this blog as a business blog and this means we work full-time on it.  Lot’s of planning, promoting, learning and mistakes make up for our blogging journey. We are determined to make it work and help you along the way because as much as everyone says you can make money online, we want to ensure that you can do it as well.

If you are planning on starting your own blog to make money, sign up our FREE 7-day blogging course.

The Ultimate blog planner. Plan your blog and goals.

Income and Blog goals 

We typically set goals that we plan to achieve monthly. This makes it easy to work towards something and it keeps us accountable. We are so happy to see how our blog traffic is continuously increasing specifically thanks to this Pinterest strategy and our Facebook Traffic Booster.

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So what did we achieve in the last few months to be able to make money online:

Please note that this is an income blog report from September to end of November. 

  • Blog post  – 44 Blogs were published (11 of those were from our guest bloggers) – and a few sponsored blog posts
  • Email subscribers – I increased my email list from 2073– We are at 3, 465
  • Blog Pageviews– 40, 882 -The Pinterest strategy that we are using. – September. In terms of the last 3 months, we got 93, 307 page views. November started to fall off a bit due to the holidays. Our target audience is not really seasonal. We are expecting it to pick up again. 

How to increase blog traffic with Pinterest

Last 3 months Blog pageviews:

How to increase blog page views with Pinterest and grow your blog

The #1 Writing Tool

Social Media Stats for Ladies Make Money Online

Instagram – 268 followers  – Last checking we had 270- Fail – We are working o it – although not a priority. 

Pinterest  – 6, 109 followers – Last checking we had 5,291 followersWIN

Twitter –  1, 041 Followers – Last checking we had 910 followers –  WIN – not a big jump

Facebook Page – 1, 525 Likes Last checking we had 1, 174 likes (WIN) – I am on a mission to get 100,000 likes, you can get my strategy to this goal here

Facebook Group – 2, 540 members – Last checking we had  2, 504 members amazing members! We are very picky about those that come in.  Don’t forget to join us! 

I am really happy with my Pinterest followers. According to Carly who went from zero to 200 K page views per month, it’s not about the number of followers you have, but the pinning strategies you use which makes up for a great Pinterest plan. This is the best investment I have made to date. Our previous goal of getting 10,000 followers fell short!

My Facebook group is another big one! I am hoping to also get about 10,000 amazing women who are focusing on growing and helping each other. I did get rid of a lot of people that were purely selfpromoting! This means my account will take a little longer to grow as I am really picky about those that join. If you are not yet part of our- Facebook Group, don’t forget to join us. It’s a great community to share and grow your biz!

I did decide that I really wanted to grow my Facebook page and reach. I am now getting some traffic from my Facebook page thanks to an amazing strategy I am using. I am on a mission to grow my page to over 100, 000 likes. These will be targeted likes that will likely increase my page views. My full strategy is thanks to Brittany Ann from Equipped Godly! 

Guests Posting

Our goal was to get featured on two blogs per month. Because we are going in a different direction with our blog, we are putting this on hold. However, we are accepting guest blog posts on our site. If you would like to submit a post check out this page: Guest Posting!

Most Popular post published:


From zero to 30 thousand page views with Facebook

Break Down of our 3 months Blog income

So how exactly can you make money with a blog? We are going to break down our Blogging strategy.


Affiliate sales

Ad Network

Sponsored blogs

  • Various brands- $1628.00


Total Income: $8, 484.42

I really do believe that it is possible for bloggers to make money online. Are you monetizing your blog? If not find out how to do it with this post: From Hobby to Biz: Getting your online Business to make money.

How to start a blog


Total blog expenses – $549.33

Total blog income after expenses is $7, 936.09

Making Money Online with a Blog

As you can see, you can totally make money with a blog and it is possible with any niche. My wedding Blog makes a decent amount of money. We created a full affordable course for bloggers which teaches you my exact steps to making money online, with examples of blog posts that convert into income. 

If you want to make more than 10 Cents from your blog and you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars just to make money on your brand new blog or existing blog then Hobby to Biz is for you. Making money online with a blog has never been easy.

The course has over 10 modules to follow with over 25 lessons. We offer bonuses, an exclusive Facebook group and an option to join the affiliate program. We will go over some of these in the lessons:

  • The tools you require to make money with a blog (Most of them are FREE)
  • Areas you should be focusing on right now to increase blog income
  • The very first step you must do in order to monetize your blog
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • How to promote your blog to increase sales
  • How to create blog posts that easily convert to sales.
  • A list of brands to work with to make money
  • Find out if you really need ads to make money from your blog
  • Get a list of over 10 blogs that will pay you to blog
  • Other fun ways to make money with a blog

And much more! Seriously, we are giving you everything on a silver platter. These are actionable tips to start making money. Check out Hobby to Biz! The course designed to help you make money with a blog.

10 Ways I made money on my blog in the last few months

  1. I grew my email list. I focused on creating FREEBIES that helped increase my email list to over 3000 engaged subscribers. And the majority of my affiliate sales came from me emailing my list directly. 
  2. I created great content that readers wanted. To find out exactly what my readers wanted, I dug deep into my Google Analytics and I found posts that were doing really well.  I created 3 to 4 more similar topics and shared them on Pinterest and with my email list. This gave me more traffic and more income. 
  3. I put all my efforts into learning Pinterest and I think I have a strategy that is working well for me and it is bringing me consistent blog traffic. 
  4. I revisited old blog posts and brought them back to life by editing, updating with current information and replacing images. A great example is this one: How to make consistent sales with your Affiliate Blog posts. I updated this with affiliate links. 
  5. Speaking of Affiliate links. I revisited a course I took a while back to learn more about Affiliate marketing and tweaked a few strategies as mentioned in the course, and my Affiliate Income almost doubled.In order to make money with a blog, you need to focus on areas that matter. 
  6. I networked with other bloggers in a few Facebook groups and relationships were built. This improved the number of people who shared my content, which meant more sales for me. Helping each other out is the goal. It’s not a competition but instead community. 
  7. I worked on giving out more free information to my readers. This led me to create 2 FREE email courses that my readers love. I am working on a third one. This has helped grow my community. People love free. 
  8. In order to make money with a blog, you need to find your tribe. Who is your target audience? What do they want and need? How can you help them? I worked hard on finding out who my readers were. 
  9. Make money with a blog by creating your own products that readers will love. Due to popular demand, my course Hobby to Biz was born! A course designed to help you go from 10 cents per month to $1000 per month in just 60 days. I walk you through the steps to finally make money with a blog and grow it from there.
  10. I made a plan on how I was going to make money with a blog and worked towards that goal. These were small actionable tips that allowed me to meet monthly goals. I discuss this more in my new course Hobby to Biz!

How do you make money on your blog? Share your secret sauce below. 

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How to start a blog

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