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Looking for ways to save money this month? Need an extra $1000 this month? Or maybe you are just trying to save some extra money for the holidays? Regardless, the fact is that you need an extra $1000 and you need it now. We came up with 10 easy ways to save money each month and get rid off debt by using simple hacks. And if you are looking for ways to add an extra $1000 to your income, take a look at these side hustles guaranteed to help you with that.  

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If you are really looking for the most creative ways to save money today, these actionable tips will really help you get started. Saving money is really difficult for some people and that’s why we created a list that can help even those that struggle with budgeting. 

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Ways to save money each month and live frugally. Frugal living tips for adults

Create a budget first as one of the ways to save money each month

Before attempting your saving goals, you need to create a budget that will work well for you. If you are saving only for you, then you only have one person to worry about. If you have multiple people that depend on you, you need to create a budget that works for everyone. Creating a budget will give you an overall picture of how much you can afford, where most of your money is going and if there is anything missing. 

Getting a clear picture of your income and expenses is a crucial step before looking for ways to save money each month. The best way to save money is to get an overall idea of what exactly is in your bank account each month. 

A budget is one of the best ways to save money as you will be able to see the bigger picture which is your income vs expenses. 

Want a budget template, you can grab our free budget monthly printable right now that you can use! And if you are a business owner (small or big, you should consider using this app!)

Looking for creative ways to save money – then track it

Track your monthly expenses before thinking of ways to save money. This way you know exactly where you are spending that extra dollar or two that tend to add up by the end of each month. It’s so easy to spend money here and there, and once the end of the month comes around, you are left wondering where all that cash went.

Having a detailed system will help you figure this out. Once the first 2 or 3 months go by, you will know what is necessary and what is not when it comes to spending. This will help you make better judgment moving forward on how to spend your hard-earned cash. 

Budget tracker, plan the perfect budget. Use a budget to save more money each month

Live on cash and Use Jars

Honestly using jars is the best thing ever especially if you are looking for creative ways to save money each month. I learned this method from the money mogul Gail Vaz Oxlade. The way this works is that you cut up all your credit cards and the only thing you have is cash/debit. Once you complete the budget above, get the money that you actually need to live on and put them into jars. So I have a rent/mortgage jar, a food jar, a transportation jar, clothing/entertainment jar etc. I label each jar with the different category budget. 

This system forces me to manage my money better and more efficiently. And if I run out of money at the end of the week or month, then I am out. It’s one of the best ways to save money each month because you are in control.

money saving jar

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Pay off any big priced items first 

Some might tell you to do the opposite, but I find paying off big items or items with much higher interest rates first will save you thousands in the long run. If you have an interest rate of 21% on a big ticketed item, and you are only paying the minimum, it will take you years. Pay the minimum on the small items, and put the rest of the money and effort into paying the big items. This is one of the best ways to save money in the long run

Set a goal and time frame for paying these bigger items. E.g in 6 months I will be done paying for that $3000 dining set. And chunk out $500 a month on it. Once that is done, get on the next big item and so on. You are saving money on Interest in the long run. 

Negotiate, get a deal and save big

Pick up the phone and call your bank, see if you can get your monthly bank fees waived. Even for a year. $10 per month may seem little. But if you can put a $120 on an item you owe, then your budget will thank you. Take a look at your internet and phone bills and see how you can get them reduced. In fact, Shrink a bill can negotiate some of your monthly bills and get you a great deal. 

Give them a try and if they don’t save you the money, you get a $25.00 gift card. It’s FREE to use, see if they can help you shrink your monthly bill. They save so many people thousands each month. 

Have a clear and solid saving plan

Want to up the different ways to save money this month? Set a solid goal. They are several goals you can set to help you save money. For example, you can save for a 1 week trip with your family that may cost you $2500 after budgeting and researching. Get your jars ready and start putting aside $210 per week and in 12 weeks you should be ready to go. Or maybe you want to pay off your car in less than 10 months.

The sky is the limit. Just put your saving plan on paper. Earn extra income to add to your savings by renting out space in your home. People are making thousands this way.

Reduce your monthly bills

In order to find ways to save money, you need to spend less. What better way to save money than to cut off some of your unnecessary bills and expenses. Have cable? Cut it off or reduce your monthly bill. Ain’t nothing wrong with Netflix and wine! Do you currently work from home?

Get a cheaper phone plan. I do not have internet on my phone because I use my house WiFi. Because of this, my monthly bill is almost 75% off.  Want more ways to save money and reduce your monthly bills? Use an App like Trim to see where you can trim monthly expenses and save more money each month.

You can also another amazing App like Paribus to alert you of any places that you might have overspent to get your money back. It is completely free to join but it will save you thousands every month. 

They are so many ways to save money with free Apps but Paribus is definitely the best on in terms of easy use. When you shop online, the app will track receipts and determine if you could be owed money. They will even streamline the process and get you the money back without extra action from you.

This is one of the best ways to save money. 

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Use a shopping app to shop and Save

If you are still looking for different ways to save money, consider using a shopping app. My favorites apps include eBates, Swagbucks, JoinPiggy, and UniqueRewardsThe good thing about these apps is that you get money back every time you shop online. And you also get a $5.00 bonus for signing up. They are free to use and will save you money in the long run. Consider signing up for them if you are serious about finding ways to save money. Did we mention the coupons and discount savings you may get?

Do FREE – FREE rocks

Here is one of the best ways to save money each month, do free things. This summer, I had the opportunity to do a lot of free activities instead of spending my day and evenings in fancy restaurants as I typically do every summer. I went to the park, the beach, I attended a few free events that were offered by the city and guess what? I spent zero dollars (except for $2.00 parking on some events). I mean you can ride your bike if you have one, but with a newborn baby, a bike wasn’t the ideal route for me yet.

I still managed to reduce my once $650 monthly restaurant bills to almost zero. Yes, when I took a hard look at where I was spending money, most of it was spent eating out. $100 here, $50.00 there 6, 7 times a month really adds up. 

As you can see, I found a few creative ways to save money by doing free things. 


9 Budget-Friendly things to do in the summer

Take lunch to your 9-5 gig

Here is another place I was spending lots of money each month. Coffee in the morning ($4.00 a day x 30 =$120 a month) and lunch about $15.00. I have not had a 9-5 since last year, but I was spending so much money eating out on top of my restaurant outings. This was just too much money. No wonder I was out of money each month. So pack your own lunch people (Soup or salad works well and its fast to make the night before).

If you are really serious about trimming and finding ways to save money each month then cut off the eating out habit. 

Since revisiting my budget, I was able to trim almost $1000 in savings that is now going to better use. A majority of this was saved from cutting out eating out habits, cable and reducing phone bills. Your situation might be different but really look at your budget to determine.

It is easy to find creative ways to save money, and it really is as easy as looking at your spending habits and finding a way to change it up. 

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Saving money can be difficult for some people. We have created a list of creative ways to save money each month without sacrificing too much of your life style. Learn how to save $1000 each month. These are easy ways to start saving money so you can become rich live and life a financially stable life. Saving tips to get out of debt fast. These are fast ways to save money today #savemoney #savingmoney #moneytips

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