Join these 10 amazing Facebook groups to grow your Business

Join these 10 amazing Facebook groups to grow your Business

Every blogger out there is looking for different ways to grow and build a successful business. In order to be successful, you need to be able to network with other entrepreneurs in your Niche. Why do you need to network? Networking is the best way to grow your brand, promote your site, share advice and learn from others. Networking is also a great way to find future clients that will easily trust you because you are part of a community. The best way of growing your community is via Facebook groups. That’s why we want you to join these 10 amazing Facebook groups to grow your Business. 

Facebook is the new way of meeting and collaborating with your community. It’s safe, it’s the fastest way to get results and the boost it gives your business is amazing. You also get to learn from those that have been blogging for a while, those that are new and you are able to see what worked or not. 

Join these 10 amazing Facebook groups to grow your Business

Join these 10 amazing Facebook groups to grow your Business


I completely love Blog + Biz BFF! It is hosted by the amazing blogger Melyssa Griffin and she is the person behind the course List Surge– A course about growing your email list. I follow most of her work and I adore it. She really knows the blogging game and how to monetize the business. Back to the Facebook group, it’s a very active group of bloggers from all niches. The community on Blog + Biz BFFS is super friendly and they are always ready to give you a hand should you require. I highly recommend this group. 

Join here: Request to join the Facebook group here.


For love + Money is hosted by Caitlin Bacher a social media guru. She is currently teaching other bloggers how to create your own Facebook groups and how you can make money from the groups you create. For love + Money, like Blog +Biz BFFS is a very active group with lots of people helping each other out. If you looking for ways to learn and grow, then join this Facebook group. 

Join here: Request to join the Facebook group here


I recently joined this group (almost 3 days ago) and I love it. They really focus on promoting your business from your blog posts to social media. They have all sorts of niches, but I found my NICHE worked well with this group. I got over 15 blog comments from posting in just one day. Want to get eyes on your work, then consider join this Facebook group to boost your blog. 

Join here:  Request to join the  Facebook groups here.

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This is our brand new Facebook group that we just recently started. The aim of the group is to help boost your work, grow your following, promote your work as well as share your tips. We will be working hard on it in the coming months as we are shaping it for success. If you would like to join the future and growth of this group, then we welcome you with open arms. We are a group and blog mainly focussed on helping you monetize your blog and turning it into your full-time income in less than a year. 

Join here: Request to join the Facebook groups here. 


Another amazing group hosted by Jennifer Snyder. This group is great for networking with other women online that are also trying to monetize their blogs. If you are looking for a place that is not too busy with lots of chatter, then consider joining this Facebook group. Lots of amazing useful tips that you can use and implement with your blog.  You will definitely learn a lot from this group. 

Join here: Request to join the Facebook groups here


I truly love this Facebook group. The main focus of this group is to promote your work. They have about 2000 members and they are very picky on who can join. They have rules in place which most of the groups have, but they are really strict on following them. The group encourages the bloggers to look at other posts not only what you post. Each day they have different prompts where they encourage you to share your latest blog, your social media handlers and other things. If you post on a prompt, you are required to share, comment, pin or follow. They have instructions on each prompt. 

Join here: Request to join the Facebook groups here.

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Another amazing Facebook group hosted by Leah Kalamakis. Lot’s of Freelance entrepreneurs in this group. It is also laid back and I think its because of the way Leah organizes the group. They also have prompts on certain days where they encourage you to share your latest blog, Freebie, social media handler and so on. They have over 5000 members in the group, so you have a great opportunity to network with other Freelances. 

Join here: Request to join the Facebook groups here. 


Boss moms is a group for moms, as the title suggests. I just joined this group last week and I am still learning. I am loving it so far. They do prompt days like the rest of the other groups and it’s perfect for those moms that want to learn more about blogging. Lots of community love in this group for sure. When I shared one of my blogs to the group, I got a lot of love instantly. I will definitely stick around to see what else the group has to offer. 

Join here: Request to join the Facebook groups here. 

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Another group dedicated to female bloggers. They are all about interacting and learning from each other. The group is fairly new but the members are gradually growing. If are looking for a small group to connect and network with, I would suggest joining this Facebook group. They do also have prompt days where you are allowed to share your work. With every group, just follow the rules and regulations set up by the admins. 

Join here: Request to join the Facebook groups here. 


Thank you for reading the blog, we wanted to add one more group. This group is great for those wanting to learn more about Affiliate Marketing or need help with it. The Facebook group is a private group exclusive to students of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing students. More information on the course can be found at,  Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. They have over 700 amazing students taking the course (that’s how popular it is). They help you with promoting your affiliates, how to get started and how to make money. You can read more about the course here: Review of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. 

Once you are part of the course, you can request to join the Facebook group here. 

Now that you have the list, go ahead and join these 10 amazing Facebook groups to grow your Business. Are you part of any Facebook groups that we did not mention above? Do you like the groups? Please leave us a comment with any interesting groups you be following. 

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