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How to increase affiliate marketing sales

How would you like to make consistent sales with your blog so you can make more money each month?

I know that it would be a dream for me.

Welcome to our Affiliate marketing blog series.

Today we wanted to focus on some of our best strategies to help you boost your affiliate sales so that you can be making money month after month with little to no stress.

In other words, you will find our best tips for making passive income blogging so you are not constantly publishing new content just to keep up. 

Affiliate Sales and marketing go hand in hand, meaning, you need to understand how to do affiliate as well as how to market yourself to make that money. 

And I definitely want to take the time to show you how to increase affiliate sales so you can finally focus on other things that matter. 

I wanted to take the time to share with you the exact strategies we use to make consistent sales month after month!

Once you put the right systems in place and you have a strong affiliate marketing foundation, you will be making money every single day almost completely on autopilot. 

I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I am not making money with affiliate sales. 

I have set a lot of amazing systems to ensure this was the case. 

So if you want to know more about:

  • How to increase affiliate marketing sales

  • Strategies to increase sales on autopilot 

  • Unique ways to increase sales for your online business

Then you need to keep reading. 

We have simple but strategic tips that will give you the outcome that you need. 

Be sure to grab my free simple system below that helps me earn money passively with my blog. 

It’s 27 pages of free blogging strategies that will boost your affiliate sales and blog income in no time. 

Learn exactly how I make money passively with a blog. How to make money blogging right away. The ONLY and Best Way To Earn Money While You Sleep- Passive Income Ideas for Beginners.

Ready to learn more about how to increase your affiliate sales and make more income?

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We also wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that we use Affiliate links on some of our blog posts. This means that we could make a commission if you click on an affiliate link and purchase something. Please check out our full disclaimer and policy page here.


And to catch up with this affiliate marketing series, read below: 

I have been making consistent sales with my blog for years now using simple tactics that work over and over.   

Back in 2019, I switched up my blog income marketing strategy and my monthly blog income tripled (and it has increased ever since). 

If you want to learn how to find your dream clients for your blog, products and affiliate recommendations so you can make consistent sales, then this blog post is for you. 

The goal is to first make sure you know how to utilize affiliate marketing for success.

Just adding random affiliate links to your articles isn’t going to be very profitable. 

Instead, you need a strategy! 

Luckily, I have used some tried-and-tested strategies by Passive Income Superstars to truly grow my affiliate income. 

5 day affiliate marketing course for bloggers

The free course will walk you through

  • Finding ways to monetize your blog without requiring millions of page views
  • Making money on autopilot leaving you time to focus on other areas like growing your traffic
  • Being able to say bye-bye to the stressful 9-5 to focus on your passions instead…

Grab the free 5-day course to help you make more sales as well as to learn what articles to write to start finally seeing affiliate sale conversions (And how to structure them to see the most sales.)!

The most important thing to remember when you are thinking about monetizing a small blog (with little traffic) is figuring out who you are serving and how you can serve them so well that they keep coming back for more.

In other words, find your people and become their go-to person. 


Make sales consistently with the right plan

In order to really increase affiliate income and make consistent sales, you might want to try out a particular product you are promoting to ensure your audience will love it! 

In fact, almost 90% of products I recommend to my readers I have tested and tried out.

This allows you to truly review the product and vouch for why you highly recommend it.

For example, I am a big breakfast fan!

I love eating at amazing restaurants and (I consider myself a foodie at heart).

A friend of mine recommended a restaurant to me the other day, but she herself had never eaten at the restaurant before.

She mentioned that she drove by it every morning on the way to work and it was always packed with clients.

So my boyfriend (at the time) and I decided to give it a try.

You better believe it, we totally hated it.

The service was slow, the tables were dirty and the food was extremely salty. Needless to say, I am not recommending it and I will never go back to it. 

It was a waste of $30.00 and I could have made better breakfast at home. I would have been okay with some cereal that morning.

If you want to make good on your word, ensure you have tested the product in some way to better recommend them to your readers.

Can you imagine if your clients stop following you or stop reading your work because you sent them to one bad place?

They would never trust your word again.

Blogging and affiliate marketing now make up for more than 60% of my blog revenue, even with a relatively low traffic blog. 

My other income streams come from ads and selling my own digital products.

So what is the secret to making consistent sales for your blog?

1. Create blog posts that can be monetized 

If you don’t know, there are posts that just can not be monetized but provides value for your readers. 

Affiliate marketing is my absolute favourite way to make big money with a small blog.

You absolutely do not need to rely on traffic to make affiliate sales especially if you have a strategy. 

A little traffic is great, but this is where SEO comes in.

With affiliate marketing, you make a commission when someone purchases a product that you recommend by using a special tracking link that will be provided.

It’s a risk-free way of marketing as the company only needs to pay you if you succeed in creating new sales.

They get exposed to a new audience and you get paid for a product you didn’t have to create.

It’s honestly a no-brainer for all those involved.

To increase your affiliate sales using your blog posts, you need to be extremely strategic about what you write on a monthly basis. 

Don’t confuse your readers by promoting too many products or services on a single post.

Create a blog post focusing on just one or two affiliate partners at a time that you truly believe in (unless you are doing listicles).

Once created, ensure you promote the heck out of it.

Consistently promote it and market it to increase your sales.

And if you can optimize it for SEO, you won’t need to spend too much time promoting it. 

It would eventually start gaining traction on autopilot. 

Your post should be extremely in-depth about the product you are reviewing or promoting.

Here is what to include:

  • It should be at least over 1000 words (use proper keywords) – I personally use KeySearch to find great keywords. 
  • Outline the pros and cons of the particular product 
  • An honest opinion of how it has helped you personally
  • Any benefits of the product that your clients might enjoy
  • Do you have concrete proof of how it has helped you? Highlight this (social proof is extremely important.  

Don’t forget to grab this free blog post checklist to ensure your post has everything you need to succeed on Google and on Pinterest. 

Grab this blog post checklist to help organize your post.

Here is an example of a post that makes me sales: How to make money in affiliate marketing within 24 hours using Pinterest

This post has made me affiliate sales with little to no effort and I wrote it in 2017!

How to make consistent sales with your Affiliate Blog posts

2. Make consistent sales with freebies 

Ever since I got a hold of this strategy, I have done nothing but create freebies. 

Plus it has given me the opportunity to get back into list building as we both know that the real money comes when you promote directly to your email subscribers. 

Freebies are a great way to not only grow your email list, but it gives your audience the opportunity to see what else you can offer behind the scenes. 

I have personally bought horrible courses in the past and I wish I had started with signing up for their freebies to see exactly what their teaching styles were. 

If the sample you are providing knocked them off their feet, then they are more likely to purchase anything else you provide. 

So be sure to create valuable opt-in freebies that your clients can resonate with.

But how can you increase your affiliate sales using freebies? 

I have personally made thousands of dollars creating freebies to upsell affiliate products to my clients.

And, if you set them up on an evergreen system, they get promoted over and over to continually produce commissions for you passively.

To maximize your effort for making money using freebies: 

  • Make sure you offer plenty of value and include your affiliate links 
  • Create an evergreen sales funnel like this one to make money on autopilot 
  • Absolutely set up a little Tripwire to boost those affiliate sales using Freebies 

To learn the exact system I use to make money using freebies, then sign for this FREE – Making Money With Freebies Email Course! 

It’s a goldmine of information, you wish you had implemented earlier. 

I use this template to create quick freebies to promote my affiliate products.

You can also create guides, infographics, a checklist, a cheat sheet — whichever format you are most comfortable with.

By offering this free content to your audience, not only will you build trust, but you will be growing your email list which is important for growing a steady business, but you can really increase affiliate sales this way.

How to make money with freebies. Learn how I make money using freebies every single day. Monetize your business today.

3. Promote Profitable Affiliate Programs 

If you really want to set up a system that will help you generate and increase affiliate sales while you sleep, you need to promote the right affiliate programs. 

I have seen this happen so often where a blogger from one niche, starts promoting affiliates from a totally different niche!

This will create such a disconnect among your readers.

Your readers come to you to learn about a certain topic why then do you then talk and promote other things as well?

You have one shot to impress first-time readers to your blog and to turn them into potential clients.

Every reader that lands on your blog should be converted into a long-time client.

The first step is to stick to content that relates to your blog and avoid going off-topic as much as you can. 

Then, you want to focus on finding profitable affiliate products to recommend. 

But exactly how can you find great affiliate products your target audience will crave, and you can increase your affiliate sales?

Honestly, one of the hardest parts for bloggers is finding that product or service that your audience will resonate with and will take action on so you can make serious money.

To increase your affiliate sales, you definitely need to be promoting the perfect affiliate products. 

You can either sign up for this list of over 600 affiliate programs you can potentially promote to your audience. 

Or let my friend Karon help you find profitable affiliate programs that will better resonate with your audience. 

Either one is fine.

I have done both as I definitely wanted to maximize my affiliate sales. 

Passive Income Jumpstart: How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products will show you how to research and find quality affiliate products to recommend.

This is one strategy I have used to personally increase my affiliate sales from zero to making sales EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

It is an easy-to-follow guide for finding profitable products you can repeatedly earn commissions from.

For anyone looking for ways on how to increase affiliate marketing sales, this is what you need. 

It’s one of the best affiliate marketing strategies for beginners! 

4. Make Consistent Sales With Digital Products 

My favourite way of making consistent sales with my blog is by creating and selling my own digital products. 

It’s honestly a fantastic way to make money blogging! 

If your goal is to make passive income consistently, then you need to find and create digital products that your audience will most likely relate to.

Blogging has given me the opportunity to become more creative. 

Basically, I can do what I want creatively.

And that’s why I enjoy the fact that I can make consistent sales promoting and selling my digital products. 

You create the digital product once and sell it on autopilot multiple times!

I have launched a few products, my top sellers are my Blog Income Strategies Simplified guide and my Viral Pin Templates for Bloggers

If you are not sure how to come up with the perfect product, you absolutely need to grab my Million Dollar Digital Product Planner.

Find your million dollar digital product planner. Create digital products that make money every month.

A lot of bloggers feel as if they need to blog about blogging in order to make consistent sales or to create digital products that they can sell and profit from!

This is just not TRUE!

Here are some digital product ideas you can make and sell: 

  • Printable pages (journaling, planners, organizational charts etc.)
  • Stock photos
  • eBooks (can be motivational and related to your niche doesn’t need to be about blogging)
  • Courses (can be related to your niche. Courses related to health, personal growth, fitness, productivity, mindset, etc.)
  • Digital graphics
  • Templates

These are just a few examples.

I am sure you can find digital products that relate to your niche that you can make and sell.

If you are interested in learning more about creating and selling profitable digital products, my Million Dollar Digital Product Planner will help you find something. 

I walk you through the steps you need to find and create a profitable digital product that will make you money for years to come.

Check out the details right here. 

5. Create Consistent Sales With Email Marketing

I have missed out on so much money just because I neglected to make email marketing part of my income strategy. 

What a big miss on my part. 

If you want to make consistent sales with your affiliate posts or links, you need to grow your email list.

Same with making money selling digital products.

If you don’t have an email list provider, consider signing up for one. 

I personally use Mailerlite.

It’s EXTREMELY easy to use and it’s free for up to 1,000 subscribers and is absolutely so much better than Mailchimp. 

To fully make consistent sales, I decided to focus on email marketing. 

I started small. 

I recommend that you find a way to grow your email list by offering freebies. 

Here is a great guide you can read all about list building for beginners.

And in terms of freebies – you can go here to find the ultimate list of opt-in freebie ideas you can use to grow your list quickly. 

Here are a few freebie ideas that you can use to grow your email list so you can make money from home.

From here, I created more sales funnels and tripwires which instantly increased my income. 

As long as you focus on having an engaged mailing list of your most loyal supporters, I think you can monetize your content easily. 

The bigger your list, the more money you can make (if they are fully engaged)!

My sale funnels typically get a 30 to 40% open rate and most of these do make a purchase.

But I find only about 2-5% of these will buy.

And to ensure I make consistent sales through email, I frequently email my list and send them quality content every single time. 

For beginners, you can try these email sales templates packed with content that will convert your email subscribers into customers, whether you have your own product to sell or are promoting an affiliate product.


Make money with emails using this simple sales template.

6. Promote Your Content To Make Consistent Sales

The next step to making consistent sales with your epic content is to promote it by driving consistent traffic to those particular posts, landing pages or product pages.

You can do this by using Pinterest (highly recommend this pinning strategy).

Don’t forget to share it with your email list at least twice every month.

And when we say promote, we mean to make it your job to promote content that will make you the most income multiple times a day, multiple times per week and per month.

Link it to older or newer posts if it is relevant (link building is crucial for increasing visibility).

Let say you want to consistently sell a digital product of yours (on a daily basis), I would:

  • Tweet about your digital product at least twice a day
  • Promote this in Facebook groups if allowed 
  • Create pins that link to your sales page and market those pins with Pinterest marketing
  • Implement them into your email marketing strategy
  • Mention your products in new blog posts
  • Create a tripwire and market that landing page
  • Create landing pages and market those

I highly recommend you keep track of what’s working and what is not so you can do more of what is working the following month.  

Here is a post to get you started: 

And there you have it, everything you need to know about how to make consistent sales for your online business!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

If your goal is to make consistent income blogging, try the tips on this post and tell us how it went below (in the comment section). 

Don’t forget to grab my free simple system below that has allowed me to earn money passively with my blog every single month. 

It’s 27 pages of free blogging strategies that will boost your affiliate sales and blog income in no time. 

Learn exactly how I make money passively with a blog. How to make money blogging right away. The ONLY and Best Way To Earn Money While You Sleep- Passive Income Ideas for Beginners.

Affiliate programs for bloggers, boost your blog income with these affiliate sales today!

To learn other powerful strategies to increase affiliate sales, read these:

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6 Secrets To Consistent Sales – Sales Techniques That Work For Creatives and Bloggers. Landing the sale in your business sounds a lot easier than it is. It can be challenging for business owners to consistently make sales–which is why I've written this article. Making a Consistent, Sustainable Income as an Entrepreneur, here are the blogging tips that work to make consistent sales for your blogging business.

6 Secrets To Consistent Sales – Sales Techniques That Work For Creatives and Bloggers. Landing the sale in your business sounds a lot easier than it is. It can be challenging for business owners to consistently make sales–which is why I've written this article. Making a Consistent, Sustainable Income as an Entrepreneur, here are the blogging tips that work to make consistent sales for your blogging business.

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