ways to make money for the holidays

8 Ways to make quick cash for the Holidays this year

The holiday season is right around the corner believe it or not. And with any holiday, people like you and me tend to spend a lot of money. For some, the extra money is easy to come around and for others, not so much. So what are the different ways to make money for the holidays? Our blog is full of money making ideas like this round up post! 

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Do you have a few things just laying around the house that you no longer need? Sell them! Why are you still holding on to them. I had a few baby clothes that my daughter wore a few times (babies grow pretty fast), and I went through them and put them up on Kijiji. Sold out within a week! So get selling. Here are a few things you can get rid of:

DVDs/ DVD players – if you do not use them 

Any kitchen appliances that you do not use (for example my coffee maker that I got-used it once). 

Furniture that you do not use 

Sporting goods or equipment that are catching dust  

Kids toys that are not getting used

Video games (my boyfriend sold 10 games that he no longer needed for $15 – easy $150.00 right there)

These are easy and the quickest ways to make money for the holidays this year. Go ahead and start making a list of things that you no long need. It’s almost like spring cleaning. 

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Did you know that you can earn cash back just for shopping with eBates? Why not do all your early Christmas shopping online? For every dollar spent, you get cash back! They have over 750 stores for you to shop with and get the potential to get money back! Sign up for your FREE account here, spend at least $25 to be eligible and start earning. Simple as that! 

shop with ebates over the holidays


You can earn some serious cash with Swagbucks. They are so many ways to use Swagbucks to earn money apart from taking surveys and giving your opinion. You can use it as your online browser and get paid for it. The most I have earned with them is about $500.00 and I wrote a post about it. If you want to learn more about how I achieved this, read this post. Sign up for FREE with my link and get an extra $5.00 to start. 

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They are so many side hustles you can start today. You can become a Social Media manager or a Pinterest manager! You can become a part time wedding photographer if you have the skills. You can also baby sit on the weekends or do odd jobs on Kijiji. Dog walking is a great side hustle if you have some free time on weekends or in the evenings. Can you make fancy drinks? The weeks leading up to the holidays is a busy time at the restaurant. Why not apply for some bar tending shifts. If your job allows it, ask your boss now for a way of picking up extra shifts at work for a few weeks. 

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Are you still looking for a few extra ways to make money for the holidays? Do you like to spend time online and on social media? Why not earn some extra money while doing it? Now you can! Maven is way for you to pin things on a board and if it’s part of an affiliate you have the potential to earn some money. You can sign up for a FREE account right here! 

If you are a blogger, ensure you include your blog URL for a chance to get sponsored post opportunities. 


Start a blog today for as low as $3.95. That’s pretty inexpensive. A blog has given me the opportunity to make over $1000.00 per month and you can do the same. If you are wondering how you can turn your new or current blog into a money making machine, we have you covered as usual. We have a very detailed post you can follow on how to turn your blog into a money making machine! If done right, blogging is a fantastic side hustle that can give you full income or little extra each month depending on your goals. 

A guide guide to making money online


Do you like to write? Bloggers are always looking for writers for their blogs and you can make some great money from doing this. Bloggers are making over $2000 per month by writing content for other bloggers. You can use Fivver to get odd jobs! We also created a blog post with a list of 5 Sites that will pay Bloggers to write for them. This is the perfect side hustle especially if you are looking for ways to make money for the holidays.


Looking for extra cash this holiday? If you have an empty room in your house, rent it out. AirBnB is a safe platform to use and you can make some serious cash from renting a part of your house out for a few days every few weeks. You can set up an account with AirBnB right now and start earning some serious cash for the holidays! 

That’s your 8 different ways to make money for the holidays. Do you have any more ideas? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Ways to make extra cash for the holidays


  1. These are great tips! When my husband and I got engaged, we saved for the wedding by selling a bunch of stuff on Craigslist. We also moved into a smaller apartment (for more reasons than just wedding saving), but that meant we no longer had room for our dining room table and chairs or the futon in the second bedroom. Boom, made $150 getting rid of those things that we didn’t use (or collected all our mail…UGH!). Plus, $20 off DVDs, $25 off the keyboard that I convinced myself I would learn, $10 off a mirror that had been in storage for four years….etc! It was a profitable month 😀

  2. Love your post! I use Ebates all the time and I’ve been able to make a good bit of money in just a few months! I also have an article on my blog where I write about Ebates and other cash back websites: http://www.justmyunscriptedlife.com/5-easy-ways-to-earn-cash-back/
    I’ve also heard good things about Maven and I just signed up for an account. I’m going to try to get started with using it and I hope it could be a big help with my blog. Thanks!

  3. This is a great list. I always try to sell things that I no longer use, such as clothes, books, movies, and other things around the house that are taking up space.

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