gift guide for her

The perfect gift guide for her, that awesome girl Boss entrepreneur

It’s hard to believe that  December is right around the corner and that it’s almost Christmas. This means that holiday season is upon u and spending cash is about to start. With so many people to shop for, it’s hard to know exactly what to get for everyone. If you have a female boss entrepreneur that you are thinking of gifting this year, then we have you covered in this post.

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I feel like we have all made some really good friends with our online buddies, why not get them a little gift to thank them for their support. Did they purchase tons of products from you, did they promote you on social media frequently or maybe they were your accountability partner? What better way to thank them, by getting them a little gift as a sign of appreciation. If you are not sure what to get, you, my friend, are in luck! We created the perfect gift guide for her- the female boss! 

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The perfect gift guide for that awesome girl Boss entrepreneur

The perfect Gift Guide for the boss babe. Get it for the holidays!

Let’s break down the gift guide for her a little more: 

  1. Get this stunning “Fashion Wood Grain Leather & Stainless steel Business Name Card” holder and wallet credit card holder in a lovely blue! You can get the Business card holder today as a gift for your Boss Babe friend! The blue is definitely very gorgeous and extremely chic! The perfect way to look professional at your networking events. This amazing number had to be featured in our holiday perfect gift guide for her special! 
  2. Who doesn’t need an external battery charger for those days when you are on the run? I surely do. This amazing portable charger is amazing for iPhone, Samsung and more (NOT Compatible with Motorola Cell Phones). Get one for yourself and that busy boss babe friend of yours! Your phone will always be charged. 
  3. Boss Babe Mug / Entrepreneur Gift – Get this mug for your female boss friend! We just had to include this in our gift guide as it makes for the perfect gifting idea. A fresh cup of coffee before getting your day started is always a great idea.
  4. If you feel like splurging, why not get the Apple Watch Series 2-Rose Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand sports Band? Or even better, get one for yourself. Great for iPhone users, you can get updates and notification right on your watch! This amazing product made it’s way in our gift guide for her based on the look and functionality. 
  5. If you know anyone that is trying to boost their affiliate sales with Amazon but are not getting anywhere, then this is the gift that they need. “Want to make over $1,000 with Amazon Affiliates?” is an e-book created by Caroline King and Suzi Whitford. Even if your blog is small, you can do this! Carolina made over $1,000/month from Amazon while her blog was under 10K page views and has increased her affiliate income as her blog has grown. She is here to show you how can you too can make money using Amazon affiliates. While you are it, get one for yourself. Always great to have multiple streams of income. 
  6. This Kate Spade purse is perfect for gifting and we need to added it to our perfect gift guide for her collection. It comes in a variety of colors and will make any boss babe happy over the holidays. I was thinking of getting myself one. A great treat after a long year of blogging. (Running two blogs is extremely exhausting!). 

The Ultimate blog planner

Holidays are definitely the perfect time for gifting. These holiday gift ideas are perfect for all year round gifting. Picture a little smile on your friends face when she receives a gift from you. 

Female bosses are known for hustling all year round, especially if you are in the business of blogging. Take some time this season to gift someone with something special. A little thank you goes a long way. What gift are you considering getting from the list for that special friend or for yourself? If you got something else, please let us know in the comment. 


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Happy Holidays! 

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for her


  1. I will never understand why someone would want an Apple watch lol it’s literally the last thing I’d ever put on my Christmas list. Why would I need my texts and other messages to go to my wrist when they already go to my Macbook, iPhone, and iPad? I actually just turned off all notifications not too long ago on all my devices because it just gave me so much anxiety. I don’t get it. BUT I do love external battery chargers. My husband and I both have the charging Mophie cases as well as the charging Lifeproof cases as well. We always have them on us!

    1. Hi Keating, Thank you for stopping by! The watches are awesome for when you are running, going for a walk or doing other things. But yes, I totally agree if you are not big on technology or get anxiety, then this is not the route. I am also an event planner, and pretty much live on my phone. LOL! The external charger is the best!!!

  2. This is such a great list! I just purchased my first set of business cards. All that is missing is a cute holder 😉 Also, I have been secretly hoping someone would get be a Boss Babe or Girl Boss type of mug haha!

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