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Blogs About Christmas to Inspire You

Are you looking for blogs about Christmas to help save some extra money, make money or just be inspired? This list of the best Christmas blog posts should help you figure that out. 

So the holiday season is right around the corner.

Before we know it, we will have Christmas decorations in every store, holiday music will soon be playing on every radio station and gift planning will soon start.

Not forgetting all the holiday parties, food prepping, money spending & much more.

It can definitely get overwhelming, that’s why we have put together a list of the best Christmas blog posts from around the web to make this holiday season easier on you. 

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Ready to get your holiday planning on?

We have worked extremely hard to put this list together of the best Christmas Blog posts to ensure your holiday planning is off to a good start!

Christmas Bloggers and Blogs

I love the holidays and the more Christmas blogs I can find out there, the happier I get, seriously!

Finding the best Christmas bloggers with all their amazing posts to share with you was an absolute blast!

If any of these Christmas blogs inspire you, please tell us below! 

Christmas on a budget. We have curated a list of the best Christmas blog posts to help you plan the best holiday this year. You will find Christmas blog posts about the best Christmas cookie recipes, the best ways to save money on Christmas, how to make extra money on Christmas, how to budget for Christmas and how to start planning for Christmas in July! #Christmasbudget #savingforChristmas #christmastips

1. Christmas Blog Posts We Love: 

  1. A Frugal Chick – Christmas Gifts Under $25
  2. Ladies Make Money Online – 10 awesome last-minute Christmas gift ideas under $30.00
  3. Dave Ramsey – 15 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress
  4. Live. Love. Mess – Holiday Gift Guide for Babies Up to Age One
  5. Earn It, Save It – 3 Steps to ensure you don’t lose money this Christmas
  6. Made In a Pinch – 10 Meaningful and Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas
  7. Ladies Make Money Online –10 Christmas Money Saving tips and making money tips
  8. Money Done right – 12 Ways to Make Extra Money for Christmas 
  9. Maple  Money – The 10 Best Ways to Save Money on Christmas Shopping
  10. The Dating Divas- 100 Christmas Cookie Recipes

That was fun! Want more Christmas blog posts? Keep reading for the next 10 posts.

2. Christmas Blogs You Need To Read

  1. My Money Coach – How to Start Planning for Christmas in July
  2. Ladies Make Money Online –8 Ways to make quick cash for the holidays this year
  3. The Flooring Girl – How to Protect Hardwood Floors from a Christmas Tree
  4. Welcoming Simplicity –DIY Christmas Gift Ideas
  5. Passive Income Wise –Earn Cash Back When You Shop This Holiday Season
  6. Super Healthy Kids – 12 Days Of Healthy Christmas Activities For Families
  7. Family Money Plan – How to Budget for Christmas
  8. Busy Mom Life Balance – 10 Ways to save money on Christmas
  9. Savvy Savers Academy  – Plan an Amazing & Affordable Christmas on a Tight Budget
  10.  This Tiny Blue House – 100 + DIY Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Christmas Blog Posts

3. Christmas Bloggers & Their Posts That Inspire Us

  1. The Edible Terrace – Amazon’s Top 18 Most Wished For Gifts For Vegetable Gardeners
  2. The Savvy Family Finance – Great Gift for Grade School Girls
  3. One Beautiful Home Blog- How to create a magical Christmas when you have no money
  4. Ladies Make Money Online – Lose weight and stay fit during the holidays + get paid
  5. Living on the Cheap – 35 ways to save money and time during the holidays
  6. Little Sprouts Learning – The Ultimate List of Christmas Gifts You Can Make Yourself
  7. Thoughts in a Breeze – Gift Guides for Coffee Lovers – 9 Great Gift Ideas
  8. CJ The Money Guru – 6 Ways to Not Overspend this Holiday Season
  9. Peace of My day – 10 Ideas for your Christmas Three Theme
  10. Ladies Make Money Online  –The perfect gift guide for her, that awesome girl Boss entrepreneur Cash Back

4. Christmas Blogs You Should  Consider Reading

We added 10 more Christmas Blog posts to our already fabulous list to keep the holiday spirit going! 

  1. Working Mother – Great Holiday Gifts For Every Mom In Your Life
  2. Becoming Life Smart – 7 Seriously Fun and Frugal Family Christmas Traditions
  3. Fact Factories – 5 Ways To Save Money on Christmas Shopping
  4. The Busy Budgeter –The Perfect Christmas Gift for Couples
  5. Ladies Make Money Online –9 Ways To Increase Your Blog Income During the Holidays
  6. Crazy Little Projects –25 Creative & Cheap Christmas Gifts (That Cost Under $10.00)
  7. My Side of Fifty – Action Plan to Beat Holiday
  8. This Tiny Blue House- 75+ Awesome $10 or Less Stocking Stuffers For The Whole Family
  9. Green Global Travel – 75 Christmas Traditions Around The World (With Fun Christmas Facts)
  10. Ladies Make Money Online – No Money For Christmas This Year? Here is How To Get By

5. All Things Christmas – Enjoy these Holiday Posts

10 More Christmas  Blog posts for Inspiration

  1. Awaken Happiness Within –  7 Awesome Gifts For Everyone on Your List
  2. Backyard Boss –76 of the Best Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas
  3. Kori Evans Photography – 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Photographers
  4. Becoming Life Smart – The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money On Christmas Gifts
  5. Spiked Parenting – 7 Incredibly Easy Ways to Organize the Holidays
  6. Italian Polish Momma – Awesome Christmas Gifts For Moms
  7. Savvy Honey – 10 Fun Kid-Approved Christmas Cupcakes Ideas

6. Additional Christmas Bloggers with Holiday Ideas to Try

We added 10 more Christmas Blog posts to our already fabulous list! These Christmas bloggers have done an amazing job outlining the best tips and saving tips for the holidays! 

  1. A Mix of Min – Holiday Gift Guide: Your Bestie!
  2. DIY Bunker – 15 Homemade Christmas Gifts That’ll Make Your Friends Feel Loved 
  3. Ashley Brook Nicholas- The Best Christmas gift ideas for her under $15.00
  4. The Beauty of Ashes – 25 Cool, Actually Useful Gift Ideas For Men Under $25
  5. House Beautiful –10 Ingenious Gifts Your Family Will Love
  6. Money Bliss – 8 Simple Tips To Rock Your Christmas Budget
  7. Anastasia Blogger – 25+ DIY Christmas Decorations and Crafts to Make This Year
  8. Smart Cents Mom – Cheap Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas
  9. Better Frugal – 12 Real Ways To Make Money Fast
  10. Joyful Messes-  The 10 Prettiest DIY Christmas Gifts You’d Never Know Are DIY 

    And there you have the list of the 60 best holiday blog posts from around the world!


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60 of the BEST Christmas Blog Posts To Rock Your Holiday Season