A Girl's Guide to making your first $100 online with your blog

A Girl’s Guide to making your first $100 online with your blog

We understand that a lot of you are just starting out with your blog and you have no idea how to monetize your blog or if you even want to make money with your blog. I am here to tell you that it is absolutely possible to make money online with your blog. In fact, my very first-month blogging, I made about $80.00 or so. As you can see, it is totally possible to make money online. A Girl’s Guide to making your first $100 online with your blog will touch on a few things you can do this month to start making money with your blog. 

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And if you want to start making your first $100 online but do not have a blog, then you can start one today. I created a tutorial that will help you start a blog of your own for cheap, starting at only $3.95 per month – This is an amazing price considering that you can make so much more each month with your blog.  If you really want to make money with your blog, ” – my top tip is to be self-hosted. This is essential if you want to monetize your blog as you will appear more professional and this will help you monetize your blog tremendously. 

From zero to 200 thousand pageviews.

Different ways to make money from your blog

We have countless articles that are available to you to read about making money online using your blog. If you have not had the opportunity to read through them, you should really take the time to do so. We are going to outline our most popular articles below to help you get started. 

These articles outline a few things you can start that will help you with making your first $100 online with your blog. These are tried and tested ways that have allowed us to make a regular income from our blog. 


A girl's guide to making your next $100 online from your blog

Using Affiliate Marketing to Boost your income

Affiliate marketing is my top earner on this blog. Take a look at my June Blog income report and you will see how well I do this with this venture. If you want to tackle affiliate marketing, you will need to know the basis of how it works.

It’s not as easy as slapping a few affiliate links on a blog post and hope to get results. The one eBook that helped me increase my affiliate sales is “How to make money in affiliate marketing in 24 hours using Pinterest.” It’s a great ebook on fast-tracking affiliate income and we highly recommend it. It’s a long-term strategy that has helped me earn ongoing Affiliate marketing income every month. 

What high-paying affiliate programs can you join today in order to start making your first $100 online? We are going to give you some easy ideas that will help you right away. But definitely, grab the eBook to boost your sales. We wrote a review on how it helped us almost within 24 hours of purchasing the book.  

Making your first $100 online shouldn’t take you months and months to achieve. If it does, then you need to revise your strategy and eliminate anything that is not working for you. By the second month with this blog, we were able to make over $1000.00. We are continuously tweaking and restructuring our marketing approach to making money online. 

Join these affiliate programs:

  • Sign up for shareasale.com, and start promoting some amazing products. Not sure how to use ShareASale? This YouTube video will help you set it up. With Shareasale, I recommend a few products such as Grammarly, TailWind, Optin Monster that you should promote to earn money with Affiliate marketing. These programs will help you make your first $100 online with your blog easily.
  • Ultimate Bundles- Promote their products and receive amazing bonuses. They are so easy to promote as some of the discounts they offer are amazing for attracting clients. They have amazing products for almost every niche so you can make some great money with this! 
  • You can sign up for Amazon Affiliate programs and recommend your favorite items. Making money with Amazon Affiliates–This book will help you get started. 
  • Flex offers and Awin are the first Affiliate programs I joined that helped in making my first $100 online. 

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start making your first $100 online from your blog. I do 3 three things to achieve sales. 

  1. Write up a review of the item I am  recommending 
  2. I write a tutorial on an item I am recommending 
  3. And I use social media, specifically Pinterest to promote my affiliate links. 

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Selling stock photos to increase your blog income

You are a blogger and you know what other bloggers need? They need amazing images for their blogs. Photos to beautify their blog, to create graphics and market their business. If you are already great with a camera, then you are ahead of the herd. If not, then do not worry. If you are a creative entrepreneur and you love taking photos, you can start making money with this venture. Do you have an outstanding Instagram account? Is it well branded? If so you can update your skills and make some money. 

This is how: 

  • Sign up for a simple photography course to upgrade your skills. You want to be legit and show your credentials if you want people to buy from you.
  • Start upgrading your Instagram account with your new photos showcasing your skills
  • Hopefully, you have an email list already started, if not, offer 5 complimentary photos to help build your email list. 
  • Start a Facebook page to promote your stock photos
  • Create a portfolio page to showcase your work
  • Set up a platform you will use to sell your photos (ensure photos are high quality)
  • Bundle photos for sale or offer unlimited membership meaning clients have access to new photos if they sign up for a monthly membership
  • Update your service page offering these photo services
  • Email bloggers with your new service packages
  • Create an affiliate program to allow bloggers to promote your photos.
  • You can sell your images on Zazzle or SmugMug

Is there a market for this? Yes!! Bloggers like me are always looking for beautiful images to promote our work. With this, you will be well on your way to making your first $100 online with your blog. 

Using ads on your blog 

They are several bloggers that feel that you should not use ads on your blog because it distracts the reader. But I think if you have the right ads that relate to your blog, then it should work. I keep the ads on my blog to a minimum and mostly use affiliate banners. But using high-end ad companies is best and you will be able to bring in income for your business without losing your style and authenticity. 

Making your first $100 online with ads is really easy. 

In order for ads to work, you need blog traffic. There is no getting around this. In fact, some of the best high-end ad companies require you to have over 100 thousand page views before they can accept you. I personally use Media.net. Again, to see the benefit, you need traffic. They are bloggers making thousands of dollars just by having ads on their site. Just ensure the ads that appear match your blog theme and topic.

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If you do not have page views, we recommend purchasing this eBook which is only $32.00. It has the best Pinteresting strategies that will help you get from zero to 200 thousand page views per month. The bloggers in my Facebook group are seeing great results after using this method to promote and market their blog. 

You will not be spending thousands of dollars on a course but as little as $32 and the results are amazing. Blog traffic does take a while to come, but Carly does an amazing job of explaining the best way to get traffic with Pinterest. With 200 thousand page views, your blog will be making thousands of dollars in ad revenue and sponsored work in no time. 

From zero to 200 thousand pageviews.

Sponsored blog posts 

You can make over $300 with sponsored blog posts easily. A few blogs that have success with this include parenting blogs, fashion/beauty blogs, lifestyle, health and much more. We are going to highlight a few places you can find sponsored posts today. Make sure you have a media kit ready, and you have a great following on social media and only accept posts that work with your niche and brand.

  • IZEA – Post on social media and get paid to do so. IZEA sends out small campaigns that you can use to make money online. This usually includes posting on social media such as on Twitter!
  • LINQIA– If you are looking for sponsored posts, look no further than Linqia. Great place to get lots of sponsored posts opportunities.
  • MAVEN – Are you a social media specialist? Why not get paid to post on social media. Use Maven to clip and earn. Start your FREE profile today, complete your profile with your blog URL and start earning. If you do not add your URL you will not be considered.

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How else can you start making your first $100 online?

We have given you a few ideas on how you can start making your first $100 online with your blog. We wanted to add a few more things you can consider. 

Don’t stop at only making your first $100 online from your blog, multiply this. We recommend having multiple streams of income in order to be successful. This month you may really rock it with affiliate marketing and the next, your sales may deep below the norm. But your sponsored posts might be really good. Last month alone, I made over $100 with them.

Sign up for a few things and work your magic each month. $100 will turn to $200 and this $200 could turn to $2000 easily. 


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A girl's guide to making your first $100 with your blog
A girl's guide to making money from you blog


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