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5 Reasons to Get Away From Your Desk Job and Start Blogging

Ever wondered if blogging was something you wanted to start? We have 5 amazing reasons we think you should get away from your desk job and consider starting a blog. We started our blogging career (full time) back in November of 2016 and we have not looked back since. Here is why… 

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A guide guide to making money online

Desk jobs have plenty of negative effects on our health. For starters, they force us to sit down for most of the day which could have some serious health effects. They also force us to stare at computer screens or documents for long periods of time and they can make our time at work incredibly boring and unproductive. For this reason, many people have decided to turn away from their desk jobs in favor of a blogging career.

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Start a blog and make money online

Blogging might seem like a gamble, especially when you consider the ways you actually make money from blogging. It’s all about building up your personal brand and this can be difficult for people who are used to working in large businesses with groups of people. To get you started or to convince you, here are a couple of ways to get away from your desk job in order to pick up blogging. 

Work in your own time

One of the biggest advantages of blogging as a career is the ability to work in your own time. You can write posts whenever you want, you can travel and work wherever you like and you don’t need to conform to a schedule. This can sometimes backfire because you might spend too much time doing things other than working. However, being able to set your own hours is liberating and incredibly useful if you use it correctly.

A job for those with poor health

If you can’t work because you’re not feeling great or because you’ve been diagnosed with a condition that prevents you from working at your regular workplace, then blogging might be the ticket you need to regain independence. When you work in an active workplace there are times where you might require workers comp insurance because you’ve been injured. Accidents are common in workplaces even if you don’t operate heavy machinery and this can be problematic if you have poor health.

Use creativity to your advantage

Bloggers are creative individuals that use different ways to make money from their blog. If you find that you’re better at creativity than monotonous tasks, then blogging could be what you need to turn your career choices around. Creativity is what spurs great blogs. With original ideas, you can create fantastic posts and quickly pick up on trends that you can write about and take advantage of. Unlike many desk jobs that restrict your creativity, blogging actively encourages it and can be the career of choice for those who are creative-minded.

Feel truly passionate about your work

When looking for something to blog about, nothing gives you more inspiration than your own interests. If you love gardening then start a blog about growing produce. If you have a thing for music production then write about it. Being a blogger means you can be intimately connected with the subjects you write about, and this can be all the inspiration and motivation you need to continue working hard. If you’re not passionate about your work, then it will become incredibly hard to keep your morale up. 

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