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Bloggers Planners that don’t suck

The best planners for bloggers are those that are easy to use and can really help you stay on track.

In general, I love to use planners (and I mean, pen to paper planners)! 

I find they help me organize myself better, and I can better visualize what I need to do in order to achieve success! And with my obsession with planners, I try to use a mix of free and paid to help me as much as possible.

I truly strive on being organized, I plan a lot and I really do need to focus more. 

The only way I see myself doing that is by using a blog planner. 

Blogging has so many moving parts to it and if you are not organized, something is bound to slip through the cracks.

If you plan on being successful this year, I suggest getting one or two of these planners to get off on the right foot. 

We have rounded up the best planners to get organized!

What makes a good Blogging Planner? 

Are you looking for a free blog planner?

Finding the best blogging planners can be really difficult depending on what you are looking for. 

They are so many planners for bloggers out there on the internet. 

If you go on Pinterest alone, you will find plenty of options available to you. But not all planners are created equally.

No, they are not! 

Personally, I look into a lot of details when I am looking for blogging planners. In this case, I will be sharing tips on finding the best free printable planners to use for your blog. 

Simply sign up, download the free printables, and organize them into a blogging binder. 

If you are ready to go on a hunt and find the best planners for creatives, then keep reading. 

This is what I look for before downloading a blogging planner: 

  • I want to ensure its visually pleasing as this will motivate me to work on my tasks
  • I need to ensure that that planner is easy to use with little fluff or destruction 
  • It needs to have all the tabs I require to make my blog a success as well as a section that keeps me accountable
  • I need to be able to customize it in case I need to make some adjustments to fit my needs
  • It has to somehow help me meet my blogging goals
  • It has to have a section to plan my blog post ideas for easy planning

Free blog planner for blogs. best planner for bloggers!

Your blog planner doesn’t necessarily have to contain an editorial calendar but it mainly has to keep you organized and meeting your goals.

With that in mind, we are going to look into the following today: 

  • Finding the best planners for bloggers

  • What I consider my favourite planner for bloggers

  • The best planners for creatives for tracking their blogging stats

  • What the best blog content planner to use as a content calendar is

And so much more. 

If you really need a blog strategy plan to build your blog up to something more profitable, then I highly suggest this business plan workbook

Business plan workbook for bloggers to keep organized when blogging #bloggingtips #bloggplanner

Ready to find your best blog planner? 

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What are the benefits of using a blog planner?

Are you looking for tips on how to stay organized as a blogger?

You are definitely in the right place. And you know what?

You do need a daily planner blog!

And we do not mean just any planner you find on the internet, you need to get yourself the best blog planner out there. 

Finding the best blog planner can be tricky, but once you have something that works for you, then you can take your blog business to a whole new level.

I typically suggest writing down your goals or business plan on what you want to ultimately achieve with your business. 

This will give you a clear focus on all the steps you have to go through in order to achieve this.

I call this a critical plan as you work backward writing your end goal and filling in all the milestones required to get to that point.

This is where a great blog planner comes in!

You can use your planner to record all the critical steps you need to take in order to reach your goals and stay accountable while working on them.

It is really the best goal-setting organizer you can get for your blogging business. 

To make the most of these free blog planners for creatives, I designed these cute stickers for bloggers that you can get.

I use my blog planner to stay organized and plan out everything I need to keep my business running smoothly and profitable all year round! 

To ensure that my planner is cute and organized, I use these pretty stickers

They will go perfectly well with your cute blog planner!

Printable Planner Stickers for Bloggers - Ladies Make Money Online! Printable Planner Stickers for Bloggers

But first, we hope to find you a free blog planner that works for you!

Check our list below. 

Are you looking for the best blog planner for your business? Here are over 15 free printable blog planners you can use. We have listed the best blog planner for bloggers to help grow your blog this year. Grab these blog planner printables today #blogplanner #bloggingplanners

15 Free Printable Planners for Bloggers

Look through the list below, find the perfect planner that resonates with you and customize it to meet your needs.

Not every blog is the same, so you want a blog planner that works best for you and your needs. 

Here is a list of my topmost recommended planners for bloggers that will really help you meet your blogging goals.

1. Blog Planner Printables

I really love this blog planner as it really helps you to organize your blog. 

I used it when I felt my blog was a hot mess and I would recommend it over and over again.

It helps you get organized with upcoming post ideas, reviews, and all the expenses that can go along with running a site. 

You can also check out the step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the printable for your liking on the site. 

This planner is from the great team over at Home School Creations!

Free printable blog planner for bloggers to use this year.

2. Free Printable Blog Planner

Okay, if you are an advanced blogger that is currently monetizing your blog then this one is really for you. 

I consider it one of the best planners for bloggers but as always, it needs to fit your unique needs. This planner has everything you need to keep your blog organized. 

My favourite items on the blog planner printable are: 

  • Affiliate Programs tracker to keep all your affiliate links in one spot
  • A place to track sponsors, payment, and responsibilities
  • Blog Collaboration Worksheet tracker
  • A place to record your blog income and expenses

And so much cool things. 

You can check out and get your own copy of this free printable blog planner over at A Well Crafted Party

Free printable blog planner for bloggers to organize!

3. The Ultimate Free Blog Planner



And so much more. 

If you want a copy of one of the best blogging planners out there, you can download it right here

Here is the ultimate blog planner for bloggers to use to organize their blogging business.

4. Blog Post Planner for bloggers

This planner is awesome for bloggers that are looking for the best way to schedule their blog posts! It is one of the best free blog post planner printables out there. 

You can easily organize blog post ideas, scheduling days and post keywords into this blog content planner. 

It even includes checkboxes to tick off for research, images sourced, written, proofread and completed.

This ensures you have not missed anything before scheduling that awesome post that you just wrote. 

If you are looking for the best blog post planner out there, be sure to give this one a try today. 

To give it even more colour, grab my cute stickers for bloggers!

printable blog post planner

5. The best planner for bloggers for tracking

Here is another amazing planner for bloggers that are looking to stay organized with all the moving parts that come with having a blog business.

Definitely use this daily planner to take your blog to the next level by downloading the FREE Ultimate Blog Planner!

It includes:

  1. Affiliate program tracker
  2. Blog post planner
  3. Blog post schedule
  4. Blog post ideas
  5. Rate sheet

And over 15 more other things to keep you organized. Be sure to grab your copy today! 

The blog planner for bloggers

6. Free Definitive Blogging Planner

This blogging planner is created by the amazing blogger Kate Doster!

This is one of the best planners for creatives, especially if you are a beginner blogger.

It is a 30-day launch action guide, which I even downloaded after starting a new blog over 6 months ago and I found it extremely helpful in every way. 

She definitely makes starting a blog less stressful by showing you exactly what you should do to help get your new blow off the ground in the first 30 days of starting out. 

Kate Doster Planner for creatives

7. FREE Printable Monthly Content Planner

If planning your blog content is on your top list of things to do, then you won’t go wrong with this monthly content planner I found over at Fall for DIY

It is the perfect content calendar to help plan your blog, keep track of your sponsored blog posts if you do any, freelance deadlines, email scheduling, events and everything in between.

I typically do not use a blog content planner, but I do plan what I want to blog about. 

I have become very strategic about what I blog in order to get the best return on investment. But I am not strict about it!

For those that are anal about what you have to post, then be sure to absolutely pick up this free blog content planner! 

FREE Printable Monthly Content Planner. Use this blog content planner to organize your blog today #contentcalendar #contentplanner

8. The Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting

If you do not set goals for your business and even personally, you are really missing out my friends.

Goal setting totally gets me going, inspires me to achieve bigger things and helps me stay focus in all areas of my life. As you know life can get busy. 

How many times have you heard the term “life got in the way“?

By planning better, automating things and adjusting what you can not control, you can almost get through anything and even pick up where you left off.

That’s why I love this free goal-setting guide designed by Wonderlass

It comes with questions and prompts to help you come up with achievable goals with actionable steps that are in line with your dreams.

It is one of the best planners for bloggers!

Free goal setting planner for bloggers and business owners!

9. Monthly Blog Planner 

If you’re ready to get serious about your blog this monthly blog planner is perfect for keeping you ahead and focused on building your online empire!

It’s actually one of the best planners for bloggers. 

The 8-page Monthly blog planner includes: 

  • Stylish monthly blog planner cover page
  • A month at a glance page
  • A calendar page
  • Post Brainstorm sheet
  • Post planner page
  • Monthly income tracker page
  • Monthly expense tracker
  • And a Password Keeper 

Grab your monthly blog planner by Cassie today!

Monthly blog planner to plan your monthly blog goals.

10. Weekly Content Calendar 

If you like to plan out things week by week, then a weekly content calendar might be something more up your alley!

This weekly content calendar is perfect for my blogging and social media needs.    

I find it hard to stick to a good daily blogging schedule and this blog posting schedule planner does wonders for my sanity. 

This is a 4 weekly page content calendar that you can download and print each week (for FREE) to help you stay on top with your blogging, content creation, social media, or all of the above.

It’s a great blog content planner for keeping up with your social media postings. 

Click to Download the Content Calendar and Social Media Checklist (free)


11. Blog Tracker { FREE PRINTABLE }

I love bloggers that take the time to create something that works for them. 

This is the only way to succeed as a successful blogger. Copying one blog will not secure your blogging career, you need to do what works best for you. 

I was really impressed with Chelsey from Tastefully Electric for creating a blog tracker that she felt worked best for her business and blog.

Who knows, it might just work for you. 

Here is a blog tracker you can use to track your blogging journey.

12. 2021 FREE Printable Planner Pages 

These planners can be used for anything including planning your daily life. 

In fact, these free printable planner pages are designed in such a way for you to create your own planner that you can customize and use as you like. 

Making your own planner can be a money saver and it is easy to put together if you have the right tools in place. 

If you are ready to make your own planner, be sure to use these easy printable pages today.

Planner pages for your blog

13. Blog Success Planner

Are you looking to have the best and most successful year ever? Then you might want to download this success planner from my favourite blogger Maya Elious! 

The blog success planner is perfect for those looking for a step-by-step workbook that will help them quickly succeed. 

Success can be in spirituality, finances, wellness, family/friends, relationships and career.

But Maya does an amazing job incorporating all the success category within her blog success planner 

It includes a 90-day goal for your business, as well as identifies the purpose of your goal. 


Because you can’t really have a goal without a purpose. 

It also includes a daily and weekly action plan which is great for those looking for actionable tips! 

Success blog planner

14. Get Organized: Blog Planner Printables

I love planning content ahead of time for blogs as it saves SOOOO much time. 

This planner is a full bundle but I really love the evergreen blog post idea section. You better believe me when I say I have a long list of great blog post ideas that I am dying to write up. 

And most of the content is super easy to rank thanks to these great tips from Stupid Simple SEO!

Because of that, I have a really long list of blog content that I have written down in my Evergreen Blog Post Ideas Tracker just so I can be organized easily. 

evergreen blog post ideas free blog planner

15. Free Printable Planner for Bloggers

We have listed some of the best planners for bloggers on this post and we encourage you to grab a copy or two for yourself.

This free printable planner for bloggers that I’m sharing with you today is from A Virtuous Woman and it has everything you need on one sheet.

It’s a simple daily planner that will help any blogger to focus and get it all out on one sheet of paper.

If a one-page blog planner is all you need, this may be the right one for you. 

Daily blog planner for bloggers.

Tips For Using the Free Blog Planners

Blog planners are designed to help you save time, stay organized and move forward with your business. 

If you like to plan your business weekly, monthly or yearly, I would suggest you spend the start of each week or the first of the month/ year planning out everything you want to achieve. 

This way you are not spending every other day trying to come up with how to move your forward which just makes you waste even more time.

If you are anything like me, things can get overwhelming which tends to cause stress. But if you pre-plan, you can avoid all that mess.

Find a planner that you love, print it out and start planning.

Before you start blogging or working on your blog each morning, refer to your to-do list and tick off as you go.

If you need an accountability partner, then join our Facebook group right here and don’t forget to tell us what help you need!

Digital Blog Planner for Bloggers and Creatives

Also known as an online blog planner is a planner that you can carry on the goal as it is available online. 

I know a lot of people prefer digital planners over traditional planners.

At the end of the day, I want you to pick and chose a planner that will work for you as well as make your business grow.

My perfect day planner, might not work for the next person. If a digital planner is one that works for you, then go for it. 

A few popular digital blog planners you can try out:

Do you use any of these online blog planners?

We hope you enjoyed our list of free blog planners for bloggers and creatives to use when planning out your blog!

Leave a comment with other free planners you feel we must add to the list.

As always, we are always looking out for the best resources out there, so don’t be shy to share your recommendations, we will be happy to look into them. 

 “Best planners for Bloggers, which one will you grab today?”

Are you looking for the best blog planner for your business? Here are over 15 free printable blog planners you can use. We have listed the best blog planner for bloggers to help grow your blog this year. Grab these blog planner printables today #blogplanner #bloggingplanners

Are you looking for the best blog planner for your business? Here are over 15 free printable blog planners you can use. We have listed the best blog planner for bloggers to help grow your blog this year. Grab these blog planner printables today #blogplanner #bloggingplanners












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15 Best Planners for Bloggers that Will Help You Stay Organized in 2021