Tips that the frugal don't share about saving money

Tips that the frugal don’t share about saving money

Today we are happy to have our guest blogger Madiha Bashir all the way from the UK and she blogs over at Me VS The Odds. Our blogs frequently feature blogs about the different ways to make money online such as this one. Today we wanted to switch it up a bit and focus on how one could actually save all that money they make. We will be sharing the many tips that the frugal don’t share about saving money.

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Tips that the frugal don't share about saving money

1. Charity shops can be your best friend

I mean, obviously, you’re not going to be buying the tattered clothes with spaghetti stains on them. But, if you scrummage through the racks and boxes, you can find some amazing vintage clothing and if you’re lucky enough, you can also find some designer wear! Shopping at charity shops means, you’ll be donating to a good cause. This is a win-win for everyone. 

2.Do not be ashamed of using vouchers and coupons

They exist for a reason. To save you some money! So, why aren’t you using them? Too embarrassed? Too much hassle? I mean, if you really wanted to save money, you should make voucher and coupons a part of your shopping routine. But, let’s be honest, I do understand the hassles of using vouchers, so if going shopping, try to go when stores aren’t too busy (so you are not holding up the queue trying to save £1.50) or shop online. Make the most of what you have, otherwise, the only person to blame for spending what you do is yourself.

3. Student discount is amazing

Some great tips that the frugal don’t share about saving money are student discounts. As a student, you are entitled to a student card. These cards offer discounts at certain stores. And sometimes, you can use these cards on sale items (double bargain? Yes please!). If you’re not a student, this one’s not for you, I’m sorry. Students are known to spend too much money on their education and textbooks as well as basic essentials. We suggest making the most of the student discounts. Student discount ranges from 10% off to as much as 50% (IF YOU’RE LUCKY!).

4- Re-home unwanted gifts

We all have that one uncle who buys us that unwanted gift set that we will just never use. But why keep it in the attic or basement gathering dust?? Take some pictures, write a good description, and sell it on eBay, depop, or even Facebook. Bring in some cash. No point leaving it taking up space. Might not want to mention it to your uncle on your next family gathering, that would be one hell of an awkward conversation but it’s definitely another of the many tips that the frugal don’t share about saving money.

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5. Travel at off-peak times and use transportation that is cheaper

Now, generally, a bus is a lot cheaper than a train. So, it does make sense to buy a weekly bus pass. You’d be saving yourself over £10 a week! That’s £40 a month! £520 a year! That’s a brand new phone or laptop! Yes, buses do take longer, sometimes are smelly and extremely claustrophobic. But, they’re not always like that! Pick the buses that aren’t as packed out, some even have air conditioning! Check prices in your area.  This is one of the great tips that the frugal don’t share about saving money.

6. Or instead of using public transport, invest in a bike

Not only will you be helping save the planet, you’ll be exercising and working on having an amazing body. This alone will save you so much money each month (gas, gym membership). On days that it is impossible to ride, why not take the subway? You will still be saving so much more than if you owned a car or drove your car to work each day of the week.


7. Giveaways and freebies can be so much fun

I mean, if you’re getting free makeup, or getting some free groceries sent home, can you really complain? The best thing is, there are so many sites out there that have giveaways or send out FREEBIES that you get right to your home. Genuine ones, not ones that spam you. My favorite company is magic freebies. I got a mascara last week that would’ve cost me £12.99 otherwise. WINNING!! With giveaways, it’s a bit more work involved. You will receive spam and have to enter lots of personal details on the site, but its down to you in the end whether you think its really worth it. 

8. Skip the gym and work out at home

Jogging is free! Push-ups are free! Squats are free! There are so many exercises you can do from the comfort of your living room, so why pay a monthly fee when you may not even commit to going to the gym. Then, if you want to cancel, some gyms charge an absurd cancellation fee. So, you lose either way. Just work out at home. Crank up the music, grab a friend and get cracking! There also may be free classes where you live, so it’s worth checking this out too!

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9. Cashback sites are a gift to the frugal

A gift to me too! I just got a new sky broadband subscription, and as well as getting a £75 prepaid MasterCard from sky themselves, I’m getting £90 from Quidco! Yes! £90! That’s so much money! And all I had to do was press two buttons! The website itself tracks your purchase and it’s safe! My favorites are Quidco and TopCashback, and I do check between the two to see which will be offering a better cashback amount.

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You can get it for free! And it works just as well! Antivirus software is very pricey, and they have a certain lifetime (normally either one or three years) and then you have to buy it again. Yeah, no! McAfee, AVG, Norton, all offer a free version. No point dishing out £70 when the solution is right there on the internet.


Not only do they make your purse look full, but loyalty cards also offer freebies or discounts! Quite a lot of stores offer loyalty cards, such as Tesco and Morrisons, which means you’ll collect your loyalty points just getting your normal groceries, and saving money in the long run with the vouchers. Check your area and see what loyalty cards are offered. This is another of the many great tips that the frugal don’t share about saving money that can make a huge difference.

12- Supermarket and drug store own brands that are just as good as popular branded items, but for ¼ of the price

Now, yes, you may be used to only buying Kat Von D foundation, or Heinz baked beans, but switching it up to cheaper brands (stores owned labels) would be a pretty smart way to save on that cash you keep running out of. In some cases, you could save around 80% by buying a cheaper alternative and here’s a secret: No one will know what you’re using! I won’t tell if you won’t!

I am sorry if this has been a super long post, but these tips really do work! And yes, I do use some of them myself (not going to share which ones exactly, the frugal do not share! But if you are keen to know, I may be posting something in my student life section of my blog over at (Me Vs The Odds )

I hope y’all save on that cash and treat yourself to something nice! Which of these will you be using to save this summer?

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  2. This is right up my alley now as I’m trying to save money. Working on your own business means you need to be more crafty about saving money. I for one am not embarrassed to use coupons. I also try to travel off peak times and I always look for sales. I don’t believe full price is actually worth it. The sale price is usually what the item is worth anyway. Great tips.

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