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Positive financial affirmations

If you know me, then you know I love affirmations and especially financial affirmation that can help boost positive thoughts about money into my life. 

Affirmations for success and money are always a plus in my books. 

I am so excited to share some of the best affirmations for money and financial success that you can also use if you wish to attach money to your life. 

Affirmations are perfect for boosting self-esteem when it comes to attracting money. 

I have used affirmations in the past to help me get through a bad time. 

When I lost my job and I literally had less than $200 in my bank account, I cried for a week. 

Then I slowly started to think more positively and this inspired me to get up and organize my finances!

And within a week or two, I did everything I could to start making money. 

I used positive money affirmations that work fast to really get a move on things. 

But what are financial affirmations?

Financial affirmations are things you tell yourself about money in the hopes that it motivates and attracts money into your life. 

Financial affirmations are also known as money mantras, financial abundance affirmations, and even the law of attraction.

The goal of these affirmations is to encourage you while you are on your financial journey.

Whether you are starting from the bottom and working yourself up, or you have been working hard on your finances all year, money mantras can help you stay motivated and on track to reach your financial goals.

I need you to understand that financial affirmations should always have a positive tone for them to work.

Negativity whether in life or when working with your finances should be avoided at all times. 

Keep them as positive as you can to help you stay content with your money choices.

A negative mantra could backfire into poor money decisions.

And we wouldn’t want that.

I took the time to round up some of my personal favourite money mantras, that you can use to attract financial wealth into your life today.

So if you are looking for money affirmations that work instantly, keep reading.

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If you are excited as I am about these financial affirmations, I can tell you won’t regret this. 

I will be sharing the following affirmations today:

  • The best positive affirmations for finances

  • How to use affirmation for financial prosperity

  • Why financial affirmations are important

  • And where to find more financial abundance affirmations to use

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The importance of using affirmations for financial freedom

In order to use these powerful money mantras, you definitely need to understand the importance of financial affirmations. 

Having a positive mindset with anything you do in life is really the reason why some people succeed and others do not. 

And because affirmations are all about believing and affirming what you want in life, you definitely need to have a positive outlook on life. 

This means working on your money mindset daily if you want your financial life to succeed. 

You can use all the powerful financial affirmations in the world to attract money and wealth, but if you do not have a positive mindset about money, it will not work. 

A negative outlook surrounding your personal finances will not help you move forward.

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And obviously so much more. 

Using affirmations to attract what you want and putting a plan into action is a recipe for full financial success. 

Here is a list of financial affirmations to start your day

Grab a pen and paper, my friends, you are about to get a great list of epic powerful money affirmations you can use starting right now to attract wealth in your life. 

We encourage you to use them daily to help with your money mindset.

You will be surprised to learn just how positive money mantras can really help you attract more money and wealth in your life. 

Get ready to attract wealth and success with prosperity affirmations using our recommendations below. 

Using affirmations for finances will do wonders for your wealth, trust me. 

Powerful Financial Affirmations to attract money! Money affirmations to attract more wealth and abundance into your life. This powerful visualization tool can totally transform your mindset and approach to spending, making money, and budgeting. Choose a few of these financial affirmations to repeat every day and see how your money mindset changes.Here is my list of powerful money mantras:

Go ahead and use these affirmations for money and success!

Not will you feel empowered, but motivated to work on your finances. 

  1. Manifesting money is easy because I’m ready to put in the work
  2. My finances are in order and in place for success
  3. I am ready to make my financial goals and dreams a reality
  4. My finances don’t scare me because I have a plan
  5. There is money all around me; I just have to grab it
  6. I will use the money to create a better life
  7. Investing in my ideas will be rewarding later
  8. I have a wealthy mindset
  9. My income is constantly increasing
  10. Money is energy and it flows into my life constantly
  11. The money I make will expand opportunities in my life
  12. I will not spend money on things that are not necessary
  13. I have a positive relationship with money
  14. I am grateful for everything I have
  15. I will never be broke again. I know what needs to be done and how to do it
  16. Negative emotions about money don’t serve my financial goals
  17. I have the power to attract wealth and money into my life
  18. I will become financially free
  19. I can handle the success that comes my way
  20. My income has unlimited potential
  21. I am wealthy in more ways than one
  22. I attract opportunities that create more money
  23. I am working to create the future I want
  24. My wealth comes from being honest and true in everything I do
  25. I can leverage my skills to bring in more money at any time
  26. My mind is totally focused on making more money
  27. These financial affirmations are manifesting money for me
  28. If others can have a lot of money, I know I can do it as well
  29. Financial freedom is not just a dream, it will be my reality
  30. I can achieve anything financially if I put my mind to
  31. I am financially prospering every day
  32. It’s easy for me to make money every day 
  33. I will receive unexpected financial blessings in the next 24 hours 
  34. Every day in every way, I am becoming richer and richer 
  35. Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied
  36. I am a master at attracting money in my life
  37. I am open and ready to make millions of dollars
  38. If you are reading this, you are attracting your first 1 Million Dollar 
  39. I see myself living a life of financial security 
  40. I constantly attract opportunities that create more money
  41. Every financial need I have is met
  42. I am getting new opportunities to increase my income
  43. I deserve to be paid a fair wage for my skills and time
  44. My hard work will bring me money
  45.  It is within my power to create a successful financial future
  46. I move from poverty thinking to abundance thinking
  47. Manifesting more money comes naturally
  48. Success, money, and happiness comes easily to me
  49. I have a healthy wallet
  50. I have enough money to freely enjoy my day to day life
  51. There is no limit to the amount of money I am capable of making
  52. My mind is becoming totally focused on making money
  53. Financial abundance is within my reach
  54. The universe is conspiring to make me wealthy
  55. My actions create constant prosperity
  56. These financial affirmations are manifesting money for me
  57. I am worthy of a wealthy life
  58. I have more than enough money to do all the things I want to do
  59. My actions create constant prosperity
  60. My financial affirmations have started working for me

These are the financial affirmations I use daily to motivate me to work harder and grow my income.

I hope you resonate with them and use them daily to grow your financial wealth. 

Positive financial affirmations work wonders as they can really be motivating especially if you are constantly stressing about money. 

I don’t believe in stress. 

Stay calm and work through your situation one step at a time. 

And this is where these positive affirmations for financial abundance come in. 

You can use them to help you feel more positive when things don’t seem right. 

Affirmations are great for building that perfect foundation for money success, but you still have to do all the work!

I suggest you also grab this money and abundance workbook to grow your money worth today! 

Positive Money Mindset Affirmations Workbook: 

Here money mindset affirmations to help you manifest more money. Here are 20 money affirmations for wealth and abundance. #moneyaffirmations

If you are looking for great power affirmations for manifesting wealth and abundance, then this planner is for you!

As I mentioned earlier, affirmations for finances will help you put you in a mindset that you need to be in order to get your financial life in place. 

It includes over 28 worksheets to help you get your finances in order and keep everything neat and organized!

Whether your goal is to save more, get out of debt, or simply managing your money better, this workbook will help you get there effortlessly.

A peek inside the 2021 Money Mindset Planner:

  • Income Tracker Organizer
  • Monthly budget planner (blank + pre-filled versions)
  • Weekly Budget
  • Yearly Financial Evaluation
  • Financial Goals and Plan to Reach It
  • Financial Goal Tracker
  • Debt Organizer
  • Debt Reduction Goal Tracker
  • And much more…

Grab this money and abundance workbook to grow your money today as so many have. 

How to use affirmation for wealth and abundance

If this is your first time using positive affirmations to change your mindset, I suggest you write down a few of the affirmations listed here ideally on a sticky note and stick it somewhere you can see every day.

A good place is on your computer, in the bathroom mirror, or in a notebook you use every day.

Then read out these positive money mantras every morning, ideally loudly while believing what you are saying. 

Otherwise, you can repeat the affirmations to yourself, in your heart or your head.

You just want to ensure that you feel what you are saying and you are believing what you are saying. 

What can you do to increase your income?

Using affirmations is great, taking action should be the next step. 

There are a few things you can do to make money each month. 

We hope these legitimate ideas to make money truly help you get started on your journey to financial freedom.

Don’t forget to document your progress here with this free income tracker!

I hope you enjoyed this list of positive affirmations for financial abundance!

By using powerful wealth affirmations daily, you will attract money effortlessly.

Leave us a comment below. 

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Powerful Financial Affirmations to attract money! I love these positive money affirmation mantras. Do these every day and watch how the law of attraction will manifest itself in your life. Practice gratitude and be grateful for the wealth you already have. No need to be a lottery winner, you can win with life with these daily money affirmations. Money affirmations law of attraction. positive money affirmations for wealth. manifest money affirmations into your life. powerful money affirmations mindset. money affirmations manifest saving morningIf you enjoyed our blog we would like to have you join our email list and receive weekly money-making tips, you can join now! Don’t forget to join our Private Facebook pageThe page is created to share your work, pitch your services, and learn from other experienced bloggers!

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