The best money saving blogs for frugal people

The Best Money Saving blogs for frugal people

Although a majority of our blog posts are about making money online, we wanted to explore the saving part of financial relief. We spent a couple of hours browsing the web to come up with the best money saving blogs for frugal people that love saving. Are you good with money? These bloggers have amazing posts you can use as a guide to start saving money. 

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A guide guide to making money online

Blogs on saving money are the best types of blogs that can help you with tips and tricks to building a saving and giving you the financial freedom you deserve. As a female entrepreneur, knowing how to save money will help you in the long run. We believe every woman should have financial independence. That is why we came up with the best money saving blogs out on the internet to help you get started. 

Here is a list of Frugal Living Blogs that you must follow

Money saving blogs and tips

Making Sense of Cents as a few Money Saving blogs

Making Sense of cents is an amazing blogger that focuses a lot on the different ways you can monetize your blog with Affiliate Marketing, how doing a few odd jobs will earn you money and as well as how to save money each month. I love this amazing post she has on saving money: 30+ Ways To Save Money Each Month

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The Frugal Girls is another amazing frugal blogger that focuses on saving money tips

The Frugal girls focus mainly on recipes, travel deals, DIY decor ideas, and much more. They also have a few amazing posts on money saving blogs that you can read up on. If you are looking for more ideas on how to save money and grow your income, then do not hesitate to read their amazing blog right here. 

AND then WE SAVED – What a great name for a Frugal Blogger

This amazing frugal blogger paid off almost $24k in debt within 15 months! Isn’t that amazing? I think so. She has great tips on her blogs about the different things you can do save money every day especially on food, dates, clothing and other areas we tend to over spend on. Are you a stay at home mom hustling to save the little money you have? Then find out how this blogger did it- My favourite post: $40K OF DEBT TO $800K OF REAL ESTATE … IN JUST 6 STEPS! 

Ladies Make Money online full of Money Making and Saving tips for the frugal 

This one is our blog, although you will find many posts about making money such as 25 Ways to Make Money Online and grow your monthly income and 5 Side Hustles every entrepreneur must start todaywe are now going to focus on saving money and other exciting things. We are all about taking women from earning nothing to creating a full time income with their blogs. Here is our latest blog about saving money – How to Save (or Make) an Extra $500 Per Month. 

Another amazing blogger that has a few “Money Saving Blogs” is Sarah Titus  

This blogger is full of inspirational posts. She is one of the first few bloggers I came across prior to starting my own blogging journey. If you have time, take the time to read some of her posts. My favourite post of hers is HOW TO LIVE ON $700/MONTH! Is this truly possible? Read her blog to find out. 

Ever heard of the Busy Budgeter? An amazing blogger! 

I hate budgets, I hate creating one, I hate working with one. But the Busy Budgeter makes it so much more fun to create your own budget. My favourite posts of theirs is: HOW TO START A BUDGET WHEN YOU SUCK AT BUDGETS. This is a step by step guide on how to create a budget that will work for you as an individual, a couple or a family. She has a few other amazing money saving blogs for you to read on her site. 

The Pratical Saver- Another amazing blogger full of Money Saving Blogs to read

If you are looking for another amazing blogger to follow, then the Practical Saver is one for the books. They have amazing tips you can use on making money, saving money and other amazing tips you can follow. They have an amazing post on their blog on ” How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck” that every female entrepreneur must read. 

Now that we have giving you a few ideas on how you can save money each month, will you start? These post are inspiration to me and I use them as a guide line when it comes to saving money each month.

Are you ready to start your own money making blog? Read our post here on how to get started. 

A guide guide to making money online

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  5. Thanks for sharing your views on one of the trending topic i.e. saving money online. You shared great tips on saving money which can really help people to save. I will also imply some of the tips in my daily life to save better. One can also use coupons and promocodes to get extra discounts on every purchase.

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