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Today we are happy to have our guest blogger Thena from Hodgepodge Hippie! We are extremely excited to have her write for our blog. If you blog about blogging, making money online, social media, saving money, we would love to have you guest blog. Thena will be talking about how she embraces the beautiful chaos of life as a frugal blogger. 

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Thank you so much for having me!  I’ll start with the facts. My name is Thena and I’m a 33-year-old frugal fanatic. I’m a mom that already embarrasses her 8 and 4-year-old daughters and I’m a wife to an amazing stay-at-home dad. Our family doesn’t do things the “conventional” way. We never have. Sometimes, this is by choice, other times it isn’t. Regardless, my family is the best hodgepodge ever. Our daily communication, values and choices that we make as a team have allowed us more financial freedom than other families that have a two income household. Did I mention that we live on one income? We  for almost 8 years! We don’t miss out on things because we can’t afford them, we don’t have to say “no” because we have no extra spending money for the month. Yes, our family has made sacrifices along the way to be financially secure, but it hasn’t been at the cost of our needs or our happiness.

This is where my blog,, begins.  I’m a driven female, constantly working and thinking of ways to make money for our family.  I like to create, write and help others any way I possibly can.


One night, the light went off in my head… I can start a blog about our family journey!  And let me tell you…starting a blog is a lot of work!  Thankfully, I like challenges, and I’m a night owl because I often find myself working in front of our computer at 1AM2 AM or later.  (Thankful for those late night sit-com reruns!)  While it is a lot of work, it is amazing as well.  It allows me to control how I want my blog to be ran, and I’m happy to be embarking on this entrepreneurship adventure.  While my goal is to be able to earn money from my blog, I know and appreciate that it will take time, patience and persistence.

Frugal blogger and how to save money, make money and how to budget

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My blog is just under 1 month old.  I’m researching constantly on ways to get traffic, subscribers and more followers on Pinterest.  (Did you know that some people have 50,000 plus followers!?!!???)  While this may sound frustrating, I never feel discouraged.  This is part of owning my own business, my own blog.  I’m able to tell my story, and reach people who I never would have before, all while slowly being able to market myself, my Facebook page and my blog.

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I’ve also been able to link up with some amazing affiliate programs and learn a lot about how the affiliate marketing world works.  Some affiliate programs accept right away, which has been great, but others have declined me due to my site not getting enough traffic.  The great thing about affiliate marketing?There are so many ins and outs, so many ways to promote, that the options are truly endless.

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After having a blog up and running for less than a month, I’ve learned a few tips.  For those who are thinking of starting a blog, or are brand new to the blog world, see these 5 easy tips to get started:

  • Make certain you have your niche pinpointed.  While you can post about a lot of random stuff, most people will be reading your blog to learn about specific things such as finance, travel, recipes, organization, etc.
  • Write down a list of ideas that you want to blog about.  (This has been really helpful for me.  In about 20 minutes one day, I had almost 300 topics written down!)
  • Be prepared to have patience.  It takes time.
  • Don’t wait until the “perfect” time.  Start the blog! 🙂  I still have many aspects on that aren’t ready, but I am up and live and can add as I go.
  • Last but not least, HAVE FUN!  Reach out to other sites, other bloggers!  Make friends with them!  Don’t look at them as if they are competition!

I also believe it is important to set measurable goals.  My goal that I have set for myself to achieve by the end of month 3 of my blog, is to have made $500 in revenue, have 500 followers on my Facebook page (HodgePodge Hippie) and to have 5,000 followers on Pinterest.

I am a strong-headed, big-hearted, loud laughing  chaotic female who sets high goals for herself, but I believe they are achievable!  I would love to hear from any new/potential bloggers on success, questions or comments!

A guide guide to making money online

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