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A Guide for Using Facebook Groups for Business

I personally use both my Facebook Page as well as Facebook groups for business to boost my overall business brand.

If you want to learn more about how to use Facebook for bloggers to grow your business and brand, then you have come to the right place.

Facebook does have millions of active users on it as a social media platform and there is nothing better than using the platform to grow your online presence.

I use the platform daily to grow my traffic, connect with my audience, and for making sales every single day. 

If you are unsure how to use your Facebook page to grow and drive traffic to your blog this guide will help you more.

I really want to focus on how to be a successful blogger on Facebook today!

Facebook groups for business is the best place to grow your blog and brand. How to Benefit from Facebook Groups for bloggers. A Bloggers Guide. Get blogging tips, ideas, advice, and learn how to make money blogging from experts in the blogging world #facebookgroups #facebookmarketing #ladiesmakemoney

Can you successfully use Facebook groups for business to grow your blog?

In my opinion, yes you can!

To really grow, you need to use it in the most efficient way to widen your brand reach.

That is why I love Facebook groups for bloggers as it can give you so much potential.

When I first started blogging, I intended to only use Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram for building traffic and to interact with my clients, but Facebook Groups has proven to be a great tool. 

Get ready to learn more about:

  • Tips for using Facebook for Bloggers

  • How to use Facebook groups for bloggers to grow

  • And the best Facebook groups for bloggers

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How to be a successful blogger on Facebook?

If you want to start using either your Facebook page or Facebook groups for business we hope this guide will fully direct you on how to go about it well. 

Facebook pages have been given a bad rep from bloggers in the last few years due to the lack of exposure you can get from them. 

Many bloggers will even tell you not to use or even bother creating a Facebook page. 

Don’t get us wrong.

You can definitely have a Facebook page as they are great for added exposure and they also help when creating Facebook ads.

But other than that, it has become extremely hard for Facebook pages to get proper exposure from the content you post on it.

It also requires a lot of commitment from you in order to see results.

Facebook changed its algorithm at some point meaning only less than 5 percent of your work was shown to your audience even if they followed your page.

That is why you need to really work hard on it to see results.

If you do want to pursue Facebook for bloggers using the page section, here are a few tips that really work:

  • Posting consistently for better exposure 
  • Videos work really well to connect with your audience
  • Memes are still good for Facebook pages
  • Tagging big brand on your messaging also works

Anything that will keep your audience on Facebook rather than clicking out works. 

But what’s the point of that? 

If you want success, I suggest Facebook groups to promote blogs. 

Facebook groups for bloggers are much easier to tackle and you can see results almost instantly.

But you need to understand how to use Facebook groups for business in order to win. 

Facebook groups for business is the best place to grow your blog and brand. How to Benefit from Facebook Groups for bloggers. A Bloggers Guide. Get blogging tips, ideas, advice, and learn how to make money blogging from experts in the blogging world #facebookgroups #facebookmarketing #ladiesmakemoney

Why You Should Consider Using Facebook Groups For Business:

  • It’s perfect for connecting with fellow bloggers in your industry 
  • It’s a great way to find collaboration opportunities with other bloggers 
  • It’s fantastic for finding work as other bloggers are constantly looking for help
  • It has a great support system 
  • You can make online friends. Blogging can be a lonely world 
  • It’s my favorite way to promote my content and you can do the same

Engaging with your audience in Facebook groups and other planners can really increase your income.

If you really want to increase your blog income, you will need to engage with your audience.

And the place I found to do that is to engage in Facebook groups for bloggers.

No, this doesn’t mean only joining Facebook groups of bloggers that talk about blogging. 

You can have a Facebook group full of moms if you blog about mom topics or a group full of women looking for nutrition value if that’s what you blog about. 

The key to success in these Facebook groups is engagement. 


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Why Join Facebook Groups for Business Purposes

Is Facebook good for blogging?

I wouldn’t blog on the platform but I would use it to grow my blog.

I have personally learned so much in Facebook groups and I am in multiple Facebook groups for bloggers.

I use it as a learning tool, a place to ask questions if I am stuck on something as well as a place to network with like-minded people.

This has helped me expand my brand much faster and further than if I relied on paid ads.

If you use these Facebook groups for business then you mean business. I have landed paid work in groups, improved my blog by using groups as well as hired mentors from these groups.

Not only that, I have personally used Facebook groups for business to help other people which has led to paid gigs for business. 

To do this successfully, you need to join Facebook for bloggers that make sense in your niche. 

For example, if you are VA, there are plenty of Facebook groups that cater to that niche. 

In there, you can bounce of tips on how to land clients, how to market yourself, and any other questions you have.

For my wedding business, I am part of Facebook groups that cater to wedding vendors in my area. 

Your homework today:

  • Find 2-5 Facebook group in your niche to network with 
  • Introduce yourself to the group to build a relationship 
  • Take the time to go through the group and make note of suggestions you can implement for your business

How to use Facebook Groups for Business to grow your blog

If you are wondering how to use Facebook groups for business to grow your business, or how you can get more traffic from it and even better, clients, keep reading.

We are here to show you how you can do that and how to use Facebook groups to promote blogs without spamming but in the most authentic way.

Learn the exact steps for using Facebook groups to market your online business, connect with others, and in the long run, start to make money and here is how: 

1. Read and respect the rules of the Facebook group:

Every Facebook group for business I know has a set of rules and regulations they have put in place in order to run it more efficiently.

You might find that some of the groups are strictly for promotion and others require you to participate and show your expertise.

It’s all about interaction and discussions in a Facebook group. 

Whether you choose to start your own group or you choose to join Facebook groups for bloggers, I highly recommend you participate in the discussions. 

It’s the only way to grow. 

But the most important thing about Facebook blogging groups is to follow their rules. 

Don’t get yourself kicked out of the group by not following these rules. Before posting a comment, question or link be sure to quickly read the rules to ensure you are on the right track.

You can go ahead and join our Facebook Group! 

2. Use the groups to show your expertise

Don’t join Facebook blogging groups or any group only for the sake of self-promoting. This looks spammy and is not classy at all.

There times when I prove a member in my group and in less than 30 seconds they have already spammed the group. 

Take the time to read the rules, go through the group, and find things that might be helpful. 

Don’t forget to introduce yourself and your business in the most genuine way. 

Most owners of these Facebook groups will appreciate that than spamming the group. 

I definite encourage you to constantly ask questions if you need help, share your expertise if you have suggestions, or simply interact to help the group.  

If you can help in any way, be sure to write something useful. If a link is absolutely necessary (such as a step by step tutorial), then you can add it.

Don’t make it spammy by just throwing your link out there. Solve the problem and then suggest they check your link for instructions or examples. 

For example, the Simple Pin is an amazing Facebook group full of amazing Pinterest things to know. 

facebook groups for business is the best place to grow your blog and brand. How to Benefit from Facebook Groups for bloggers. A Bloggers Guide. Get blogging tips, ideas, advice, and learn how to make money blogging from experts in the blogging world #facebookgroups #facebookmarketing #ladiesmakemoney

Blogging like we mean it“, is another amazing group that I use daily. It’s definitely a Facebook group dedicated to bloggers and I have learned so much from this group. 

If you join them, be sure to go through every question, comment, and answers as you will get everything you need.

facebook groups for business is the best place to grow your blog and brand. How to Benefit from Facebook Groups for bloggers. A Bloggers Guide. Get blogging tips, ideas, advice, and learn how to make money blogging from experts in the blogging world #facebookgroups #facebookmarketing #ladiesmakemoney

The more helpful you are, the more people will seek you out, get to know you and it will help your brand. 

3. Use promo threads or prompts

 This is where you can really promote your latest blog posts, course, freebies, and anything you want to send traffic to.

Use these threads to your advantage as much as you can.

Don’t just drop your link, tell your readers what the link is all about.

Make it sound really irresistible!

For example: “New blog, learn how to grow your blog with this simple tool I use every day. It has helped gain 50 new email subscribers daily! More details on the blog: (link)!”

Remember to go through the threads and see what your other blogger friends have shared and comment on the blogs where necessary.

Give it a share as well.

If they are helping you, you should help them right back.

It is really important to join Facebook groups that speak largely to your blogging niche. 

That way when you go pin something, it doesn’t spam your boards with irrelevant topics that don’t match your brand. 

4. Use Facebook Groups for Bloggers To Find Long-Term Opportunities

As we mentioned earlier, Facebook groups are a fantastic way to make friends, network, and find potential clients for your business.

Don’t assume that the only thing you can do is to promote your blog or brand.

Use this opportunity to find guest bloggers for your blog and offer to contribute as well. This will help with your SEO in the long run and grow your traffic.

Pay attention to posts that people require help with and take the time to really answer these questions. 

It’s also a great way to find blog post ideas especially if people are asking the same questions over and over. 

Some bloggers might be looking for services such as for a VA or help with social media.

If you offer these services you should respond and connect with them.

There are so many opportunities to find work in Facebook groups for business, as they were created to help you

5. Use Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Learn

If you are new to blogging or are just starting out, this is a great opportunity to learn.

There are many bloggers that are constantly asking for help and you can learn from what others are suggesting and sharing.

Definitely take information that will help you the most and implement it. 

This is great for bloggers that do not yet have a budget to invest in blogging courses or books about blogging

The groups also offer so many amazing tips you can implement for your own business to help you grow faster.

Our suggestion to you is to use this opportunity to learn, ask and help where you can. 

The more you interact in the groups, the more opportunities will open up to you. 

There you have it, our best tips on using Facebook groups to promote blogs!

Here s how to use Facebook groups for bloggers to grow your blog this year!

Can you create a Facebook group for your business?


Just like you created a Facebook page for Business you can create a Facebook group for business!

Facebook allows you to create your own private Facebook group. Depending on how you set it up, Facebook members can request to be added as a member to your group. 

If you have a business page on Facebook, you can invite members of the page to join your private Facebook group for business. 

With this tool in your hand, you can promote your product, services, affiliate links and control how you manage the people in your group. 

The more interactive your group is, the more money you can make with it. 

In her eBook, Carly shares amazing tips on how to engage your audience with Facebook groups to truly grow and make money. 

You will learn the:

  • Step-by-step set up of a Facebook group
  • How to set up screening (and why)
  • Examples of ground rules for healthy groups (and how to set them)
  • Actionable tips for growing your group
  • Ideas for what kind of content to post
  • Tips for hosting a Facebook live (and why you want to!)

And you will also learn everything she did to grow an engaged Facebook group for bloggers with over 14,974 very active members!

If you are dying to grow an engaged Facebook group, make sure you grab it

It has a lot of amazing crazy tips you can use. 

Engaging your audience in Facebook Groups! Reach your Audiences with Effective Social especially in Facebook groups for bloggers.

Best Tips For Bloggers Using Facebook Groups

If you choose to join any of the Facebook groups, please participate in the threads as actively as you can.

The bloggers that created these groups did so to help you in the long run.

Don’t join and not participate.

When someone asks a question be sure to give your honest feedback on the topic if you have answers. If someone asks for your help in sharing their work, please take 2 minutes to do just that.

At the end of the day, you would want the same thing.

You want people to comment on your work, share your work and purchase your products.

But you have to give a little in order to get it!

We went as far as listing over 20 amazing Facebook groups for bloggers you can join today to grow your blog!

Participate more in sharing threads and more on learning and helping threads as well. 

Did you enjoy our tips on how to use Facebook for bloggers?

Find more blogging tips here. 

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How to use Facebook Groups for Business to Grow your Blog