How to use Facebook Groups for Business to grow your Blog

How to use Facebook Groups for Business to grow your Blog

I personally do not believe in Facebook pages to grow your business but Facebook groups for business is another story. Facebook does have millions of active users on it as a social media platform, but in terms of having a Facebook page, it does not really help with traffic building unless you promote and pay for ads to boost your posts. This is where Facebook groups comes into play. I intended to only use Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram for building traffic and to interact with my clients, but Facebook Groups has proven to be a great tool. 

Don’t get us wrong. You can definitely have a Facebook page as they are great for added exposure and they also help when creating Facebook ads. It’s just a hard platform to get your work seen. Facebook changed it’s algorithm at some point meaning only less than 5 percent of your work was shown to your audience even if they followed your page. That is why we don’t use it as often but it’s still great to have. 

Why should you consider using Facebook Groups for business? 

  • It’s perfect for connecting with fellow bloggers in your industry 
  • It’s a great way to find collaboration opportunities with other bloggers 
  • It’s fantastic for finding work as other bloggers are constantly looking for help
  • It has a great support system 
  • You can make online friends. Blogging can be a lonely world 
  • It’s my favorite way to promote my content and you can do the same

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 Facebook Groups for Business

How to use Facebook Groups for business to grow your Blog and Make Money Online?

If you are wondering how Facebook groups for business can really help you, or how you can get more traffic from it and even better, clients? We are here to show you how you can manage and use this social media platform in the most authentic way.

You can also use Facebook groups to market your online business and brand and in the long run start to make money. 

Facebook groups are an amazing way to drive traffic and I successfully done this by creating Facebook Ads

Read and respect the rules of the Facebook group– Every Facebook group for business specifically have rules and regulations they have put in place to run it efficiently. You might find that some of the groups are strictly for promos and others require you to participate and show your expertise. Don’t get yourself kicked out  of the group by not following the rules. Before posting, quickly read the rules to ensure you are on the right track. Join our Facebook Groups for Business! 

Use the groups to show your expertise –Don’t join the groups only for the sake of promoting yourself and your business. This looks spammy and is not classy. People in these Facebook groups are constantly asking questions and needing help. If you can help in any way, be sure to write something useful. If a link is absolutely necessary (such as a step by step tutorial), then you can add it. Don’t make it spammy by just throwing your link out there. Solve the problem and then suggest they check your link for instructions. 

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Want a list of 10 Facebook groups you can join today? Click the image below:

Use promo threads or prompts – This is where you can really promote your latest blog, course, FREEBIE and anything you want to send traffic too. Use these threads to your advantage as much as you can. Don’t just add the link, tell your readers what the link is all about. Make it irresistible! For example,New blog, learn how to grow your blog with this simple tool! More details on the blog: (link)! Remember to check out the threads of other bloggers and comment on the blogs where necessary. Give it a share as well. If they are helping you, you should help them right back. 

Use the Facebook groups for business to find long-term opportunities– As we mentioned, Facebook groups are a fantastic way to make friends, network and to find clients. Don’t assume that the only thing you can do is to promote. Use this opportunity to find guest bloggers for your blog and offer to contribute as well. This will help with your SEO in the long run and grow your traffic. Pay attention to posts that people require help with. Some bloggers might be looking for services such as for a VA or help with social media. If you offer these services you should respond. They are so many opportunities to find work in Facebook groups for business as they are there to help you. 

Use Facebook groups for business to learn – If you are new to blogging or are just starting out, this is a great opportunity to learn. They are many bloggers that are constantly asking for help and you can learn from what others are suggesting. Definitely take what works for you. The groups also offer so many amazing tips you can implement in your own business to help grow it. Our suggestion to you is to use this opportunity to learn, ask and help where you can. 

Before you ask a question make sure the question has not been asked already. You can do this by using the search feature to find threads. Look for the “Search this group” tab near the very top of the page and type in keywords to search what you are looking for. This way you can see all the posts that people might have asked in the past, including the answers.


If you choose to join any of the Facebook groups, please participate in the threads. The bloggers that created these groups did so to help you in the long run. Don’t join and not participate. When someone asks a question be sure to give your honest knowledge on the topic if you know it. If someone asks for your help in sharing their work, please take 2 minutes to do just that. At the end of the day, you want the same thing. You want people to comment on your work, share your work and purchase your products. But you have to give in order to get! 

Want a list of 10 Facebook groups you can join today? Click the image below:

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  1. Started joining facebook groups, especially creative bloggers, and it’s been such a joy. Getting advice, sharing content and meeting people is amazing. The groups are so supportive!

    1. They are helping my blog so much. Especially that it is a one month blog! I have tons of traffic- 5000 for just my first month!

  2. Great advice in this post. One big take-away for me is to remember to give some information before sharing a link. It’s something I don’t always take the time to do and know that I should.
    Another valuable piece of information provided is to search a group if a question you have has already been asked. Very helpful. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for stopping by LeAnn,

      Yes, always give feedback. I think people appreciate it and it’s great for learning purposes.

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