Did Pinterest finally allow using Hashtags on its platform?

Pinterest, Pinterest oh Pinterest! Did Pinterest finally allow using hashtags on it’s platform? Pinterest is known for its frequent updates and changes. It’s latest news is allowing Bloggers to finally use hashtags on Pinterest. I remember using hashtags on Pinterest once a upon a time and then suddenly it was frowned upon. Now due to popular demands (mainly from brands), Pinterest is now allowing bloggers to use hashtags once again on Pinterest. 

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Should you be using Hashtags on Pinterest? 

The other day I was on Pinterest, minding my own business, pinning beautiful pins from all you lovely people and I suddenly noticed a few Pin descriptions had hashtags. I didn’t think much of it as I thought they were old pins from when we were allowed to use hashtags. But then, I saw more and more of it. And more people in the Facebook groups that I am part of started speculating about now using hashtags on Pinterest.

I knew something was up. So I did a bit more investigation and yes, we are now allowed to start using hashtags on Pinterest. 

Using hashtags on Pinterest

How can one use Hashtags on Pinterest? 

According to an article by Tailwind, you need to use authentic hashtags but don’t keyword stuff. So do not use 100 hashtags in the hopes to seeing fast results. You need to make sure you are using the hashtags that people are more likely to search for. Using multiple hashtags on Pinterest will only decrease your ranking and make you come out as spam which Pinterest hates. There is no set number of hashtags you can use yet, but be mindful. Start with 3-5 and continue using your keywords. 

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How come we are using Hashtags on Pinterest?

After more digging, I came across an article that Vanessa Kynes posted in a Facebook group. She had the pleasure of meeting up with Pinterest Partner Manager at the headquarters in San Francisco, California. And according to her interview with Jackie (Pinterest Manager), brands were wanting to use hashtags on Pinterest as this was a way of communicating. 

Most of you know that when you work with brands, you need to use certain hashtags, especially on Instagram and Twitter such as #sponsoredPosts #sponsored #Brand etc. And because Pineterest is so in right now, they wanted to have the opportunity to be able to do that on Pinterest too. This is a way of letting people know that anything Pinned is either #Sponsored or from a particular #Brand. Makes sense to me! 

What does this mean for bloggers like you and me?

This means that you can start using Hashtags on Pineterest right now. As the idea rolls out, continue to monitor the situation and make changes as needed. Don’t over stuff or go nuts with using Hashtags on Pinterest, keep it simple and continue using Keywords. Apparently Pinterest is now suggesting what hashtags to use as you start to type the hashtag symbol. 

Because this is so new, we urge you to use this function. Don’t risk the chance of getting your pins deleted which is happening more and more. As the story unfolds we will keep you posted. 

Should I add hashtags to my previous Pins? 

Although we are now allowed to start using hashtags on Pinterest, I will not suggest going back and editing any old pins. They are already doing well without the hashtags. Moving forward, try to had hashtags to any new Pins that you create. We are not yet sure how well the hashtags will do, as this is still in the experimenting stage. 

I hope this news was exciting to you, as it was to me. If you want to read more about using hashtags on Pinterest, Tailwind has another amazing article.

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Using hashtags on Pinterest


  1. It makes sense given how almost every platform is using hash tags. But I am not sure if people actually search using the hash tags. I see them more as a way for the algorithms to organize content. I may be wrong.

  2. I think this is exciting news! I find it hard to find exactly what I’m looking for on Pinterest, at times. Maybe the use of hashtags will create better search results.

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