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Positive Affirmations for Money

I am a big believer in affirmations and I am definitely all in for money affirmations that work fast! 

Why? As a successful entrepreneur and one that wants to continue to be successful, I have always used affirmations to get through. 

Not only for the money but in life as well.

I believe when you speak what you want or even write what you want, it will come true.

Money comes and goes, but by using affirmations that work, you are affirming and wanting money to flow into your life easily. 

My family, specifically my mother always uses affirmations, and since learning more from her, I have used them to get my life in order. 

I didn’t start using positive affirmations for money until very recently. 

Only in the last few years to be honest.

Since starting this journey, I have used financial affirmations almost on a daily basis to make more money.

And the key is not to affirm just anything, it’s best to use money affirmations that really work for the ultimate best results. 

What are affirmations? 

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts and everything that is not helpful.

Affirmation basically means the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.

And by being positive and changing your train of thoughts into believing and hoping things are better, it makes it much better. 

In other words, I believe that if you attract positivity in life, positive things will happen.

I don’t know about you, but I have never been attracted to anything negative. 

By changing my state of mind, my relationships got better, I was laughing more, I got better with my business and I recently started to use powerful money affirmations to help me make extra money.

So what are some money affirmations that work fast that you can use?

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Today we are going to be looking into a few different ways you can change your mind-set to attract money affirmations that work to make a difference.

For example, if you were short on rent this month, and you needed an extra $200 fast, on top of picking up an extra shift, I would use positive affirmations for money to make that extra cash.

This is also known as laws of attracting money!

By using powerful money affirmations daily in your life, you are basically changing your mindset and believing in the universe to provide for you. 

I love this concept so much, I believe they work and I will continue using it for years to come.

If you are asking yourself the following questions:

How can I attract money?

How many times do you repeat an affirmation?

How do you manifest money fast?

How can I manifest fast? 

We excited to answer these questions today. 

Manifesting money is not hard but works wonders in anyone’s life. 

We are going to first share money affirmations I use daily and then I will tell you how to affirm them so that they actually work. 

So who here is ready for some positive money affirmations? 

45 Money Affirmations That Work Fast

Here is a list of money affirmations that I have used from time to time to make my financial situation work out. 

You can use this personally or in your business.

I use these techniques on a daily basis to manifest money into my life.

If you are looking for great list you can use full of affirmations about money, you can definitely start here. 

If you are looking for money affirmations that work fast, we have a great list. positive money affirmations that attract more money in your life. Positive Affirmations To Make More Money. This is about law of attraction and changing money mindset to attract more money into our lives. #makemoremoney #moneyaffirmations #positiveaffirmations

Here is a list of money affirmations that work:

  1. I am worthy of making money 
  2. I invite more money to come to me easily 
  3. I am choosing better thoughts about money right now.
  4. I am a powerful money magnet 
  5. I am worthy of financial security and all that this brings to me
  6. Financial freedom is my birthright 
  7. I appreciate the money I have right now
  8. I am grateful to be financially free
  9. I am about to receive more money than I could ever dream
  10. I attract prosperity on a daily basis
  11. I am ready and able to receive more money
  12. I am rich with health, wealth, love, happiness and joy
  13. I set myself financial goals because I know I can achieve them
  14. I am putting my life in order and accept all the good that comes into my life 
  15. I thank the universe for all the money that flows into me
  16. Money always finds its way to me
  17. I am in harmony with the energy of money
  18. Every day I am becoming wealthier and wealthier
  19. My bank account is overflowing with money 
  20. I will receive the best gift of money from the universe in the next 24 hours. I am so ready for this! 
  21. I am thankful for the ability to manage my money well
  22. I am doing what I love doing what I love 
  23. I will receive a large amount of money this month 
  24. I use the money I have to bless myself and the people around me
  25. There are no limits to the amount of money I can make 
  26. My income is continuously increasing
  27. I am on the road to financial freedom
  28. Money is no longer an issue for me or my family 
  29. Debt is a thing of the past 
  30. All is well and it is
  31. I am rich in all areas of my life 
  32. My actions create constant prosperity 
  33. I constantly attract opportunities that create more money
  34. Money creates a positive impact on my life 
  35. The money I spend will always be replaced with more
  36. Thank you for the thousands of dollars that are coming my way 
  37. My personal finances are changing for the best right now 
  38. I love the good that money does for me, my family and my community 
  39. I will share my wealth with others 
  40. Each day I attract and save more and more money
  41. My positive attitude is attracting money
  42. I release all worries concerning my finances
  43. I choose to feel wealthy right now
  44. I move from poverty thinking to abundance thinking
  45. My business is growing, expanding, and thriving

And there you have it, money affirmations that work fast and can be tweaked to your liking and beliefs. 

This is the ultimate list of affirmations for money and wealth attraction that can be used daily, weekly or monthly to help you stand on your two feet. 

Do Money Affirmations Really Work? 

In my humble opinion, I do believe affirmations really work. 

I started using affirmation when my relationship with my partner was constantly having ups and downs.

This was a true sign that something needed to change. 

I made the decision at that point that I would stop being negative, I would not allow negativity near me, and I refused to get angry at unnecessary things. 

Every day after that, I started using positive affirmation to help me with my journey. 

Just by committing to this change, I became a better person for my partner, our relationship improved and grew by one! 

I truly believe it was due to my positive attitude and my affirmations. 

Steps for getting started

I really do not have a straight-up way or step by step instruction of doing this. 

The way I personally did this was to first change my mindset of being better.

And with money, I decided every time a bill came up and I knew I didn’t have the money, I changed my mindset to think positively instead. 

This meant ranting words like: 

I will receive the best gift of money from the universe in the next 24 hours. I am so ready for this! “

Or something along the lines of: 

“I invite more money to come to me easily “

This will be my thought throughout the month as I work to find money to pay for bills. 

I have since become better with money, and I even have some money in my savings account! 

When you speak out what you want, be sure you are in a positive state of mind, say the words proudly and ensure you truly believe it.

What makes this work is your positive attitude and the attitude of receiving. Be open and accept what you want.

Saying yes I can, yes I will and I am the best, is much more positive than thinking you can’t and it won’t!

In other words, be positive and write or say out loud what you want and need. 

Will you be trying out positive affirmations for money?

Tell us in the comments below, we would love to hear from you. 

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45 Money Affirmations That Work Fast & You Should Use