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Ideas for Fall Blogs

Now that September is here and pumpkin season is finally here, I am sure you are probably looking for fall blog post ideas to start putting out. 

I just want to let you know that, in order for your blog to rank well in the fall season, you should have written your blog posts at least 45-60 days prior to the fall season. 

Ideally, you should write your fall content in July to give it the proper time to marinate on Google. 

You are here today because you are looking for:

  • Fall Blog Topics That are Profitable 

  • September Topics That Rank on Google 

  • More Seasonal Content to Write for September

The fall is a great time to get more traffic and increase your income. 

Halloween posts always do great for my lifestyle blog, so definitely get those in if you can. 

With that in mind, here are a few September blog post ideas to get you started with content creation.

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When is a good time to write fall blogs?

Obviously, the best way to increase your blog traffic is to write more evergreen content. 

But did you know that seasonal content can also give you that boost in traffic?

Seasonal content is basically when you create blog posts that are relevant to the season you are currently in.

Naturally, people will start to look for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other relevant ideas around the September or October mark.

So your best bet to capture this traffic is to have a couple of content on your blog ready so that they can find it when the season does finally come around.

If you are not sure what content to blog about for maximum content, we created this free content calendar planner that you can use to get a head start. 

holiday content planner

How to get your fall blog posts to rank

There are so many amazing and easy ways to get your blog noticed, and one of my favourite ways of doing just that is to use relevant keywords. 

By using easy to rank keywords, you have a better chance to show up on Google searches which means more blog traffic and more blog income. 

Since I started using the KeySearch tool for all my keyword research, I have noticed an increase in my fall blog traffic and I have never looked back.

I appreciate how much easier my blogging life is with this tool –  (you can use KSDISC to get 20% off) if you are interested as well.

If you are having a difficult time coming up with content planning for the next three months, be sure to grab this free content planner today!

How to increase your blog income with your fall blog content 

The best way to increase your income with holiday content is to really stay ahead of the game. 

Ensure your blog post is fully optimized with On-Page SEO and that your content is relevant to your audience. 

If you have older fall posts, please update them, ensure all your affiliate links are working and are easily visible and swap out content that is no longer relevant. 

Create fresh pins for the month of September and October using these Pinterest templates and schedule them out. 

Best of all, grab this epic holiday content eBook to learn everything you need to know about skyrocketing your holiday content. 

The Profitable Blogger's Holiday Guide

Ready to buckle down and write fall content? 

Here is a list of blog post ideas you can use to write all your September content. 

We have listed a variety of niche blog post content to help you get ahead of the game. 

September Blog Post Ideas - Ladies Make Money decided to write an epic blog on what you can write about in September. Need some blogging inspo? Check out this list of blog post ideas for September, and have blog inspo for fall now! #blogpostideas #bloggingforbeginners #blogideas #septemberblogpostideas

1. Fall fashion blog post ideas

  • Your Fall Skincare Routine
  • Favourite Fall Accessories
  • Fall Trends to Try Now
  • Fall Hair Trends
  • Thanksgiving Day Beauty Tips
  • Fall 2020 trends
  • Fall fashion must-haves
  • Fall hair colour
  • fall nails ideas
  • Casual Fall Outfits for Women

2. Fall Blogging Business Post Ideas 

Social media content calendar

3. Fall decor blog post ideas

  • Tips to Decorate Your Porch for Fall
  • Favourite Fall Decorating Trends
  • Decorating Your Entryway For the Fall Season
  • DIY Fall Decor
  • DIY Tips For Your Thanksgiving Table
  • DIY outdoor fall decorating ideas
  • Fall decor ideas for the home
  • Fall fireplace decor mantles

4. Halloween blog post ideas

  • DIY Halloween Costume Ideas
  • DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas
  • Printable Thanksgiving and/or Halloween Banners
  • Round up of all your past Halloween posts (grouped e.g 10 Halloween costume posts)
  • Things to do on Halloween 
  • Tips For Throwing The Best Halloween Party Ever
  • The best Halloween Movies 

5. Parenting / Mom Bloggers 

  • Back to School Lunch Ideas
  • Tips for Throwing the Perfect Family Thanksgiving
  • DIY Thanksgiving Craft Projects for Kids
  • Best Back-to-School Deals
  • Decorating Your Home for the Holidays in a Kid-Friendly Way
  • List of Kid-Friendly Fall Activities
  • DIY Thanksgiving Craft Projects for Kids
  • Alternatives to candy for Halloween
  • Cute Halloween costumes for kids
  • Back to school outfits (kids, high school, college, grad school)
  • Best Fall Crafts For Toddlers
  • Pumpkin Activities For Kids

6. Fall Blog Post Ideas For Food Bloggers 

  • Tips for Eating Healthier This Thanksgiving
  • Pumpkin Cookie Recipe
  • A round-up of pumpkin recipes
  • Fall comfort foods that are super healthy
  • Favourite Thanksgiving Recipe
  • Favourite Fall Pie Recipe
  • Favourite Halloween Treats at Home
  • Halloween party food/appetizers/desserts
  • No-bake Thanksgiving desserts
  • Slow cooker recipes

I am not going to lie, I definitely want to check out all these yummy recipes this fall. 

7. For Money and Frugal Bloggers

  • Tips to Save This Black Friday
  • Thanksgiving Tips That Don’t Break the Bank
  • Amazing Dollar Store Holiday Finds
  • Dollar Store Halloween Decorations
  • How to make more money before the Holidays
  • Fall money making ideas
  • Fall activities on a budget
  • Thanksgiving on a budget
  • Clever Fall Decor Ideas Using Dollar Store Finds
  • Side Hustles That Will Earn You Money This Fall
  • How To Have A Budget-Friendly Halloween
  • How to manage your money over the holidays

8. Fall blog post ideas for travel bloggers

  • Fall Travel Deals You Can not Miss
  • Fall weekend getaway ideas 
  • Fall Travel Essentials
  • Best Fall Hiking Locations
  • How to travel on a budget
  • Thanksgiving cheap vacations
  • Black Friday travel deals
  • Travel outfits for fall
  • Where to go apple picking in ____
  • Best fall hikes in _____
  • Travel books to read this Fall

9. Fall blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

  • Ideas For The Perfect Fall Date
  • How To Set Goals For Fall
  • Activities for the month of September
  • Perfect Fall Workout Gear
  • Black Friday Wish-list
  • Fall weddings
  • Fall engagement photo
  • Thankful and gratitude quotes do well 
  • How to have the perfect fall morning
  • Fall essential oil blends
  • Fall photography for couples
  • Fall Self-Care Ideas
  • Ways to Motivate Yourself This Fall Season
  • How To Create A Fall Bucket-List
  • Practising Gratitude This Thanksgiving

10.  DIY Fall Blog Ideas 

  • DIY fall candles
  • DIY Halloween costume and share a tutorial
  • DIY Tips For Your Thanksgiving Table
  • How To DIY All Your Fall Decor 
  • List Of DIY Fall To-Do Lists
  • Unique Fall DIY Ideas

And there you have it, over 100 fall blog post ideas you can use to boost income over the holidays!

Be sure to grab this eBook to learn more about how to skyrocket your blog income with holiday content! 

Fall topics that do well on Pinterest:

If you didn’t get the chance to write quality posts back in July and you are looking for fall blog post ideas that you can quickly get out specifically for Pinterest, these might help:

  • Back To School Blog Posts (Think shopping checklists, School Supplies ideas, Lunch Box Note Ideas, Healthy Sports Snacks and more)
  • Halloween posts (Think round-up posts – check Facebook groups)
  • Fall Fashion 
  • Create A Fall Printable To Boost Your Email List (Printables do well on Pinterest)
  • Black Friday And Affiliate Marketing: Tips, Tricks And Ideas
  • Fall Weddings 
  • Quotes 

Pinterest can really give you a boost if you use the right Pinterest Graphics. 

Make sure you are designing pins that stand out, are helpful and have pin descriptions set up correctly.

These are the exact Pin Templates I use to get over 150, 000 per month on Pinterest. 

For more tips on how I use Pinterest to get awesome fall traffic, you can read up on all the Pinterest tools I use here. 

holiday content planner


Pin your fall content ideas to your content planning board on Pinterest:

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Creative Fall Blog Post Ideas That Will Boost Your Blog Income