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Last Updated on September 16, 2020 by NandiNN

Christmas blog post ideas

Oh my goodness, the holiday season is almost around the corner, and we are excited to share some of the best holiday blog post ideas to help you get ranking this year. 

If you haven’t already started posting Christmas blog posts, now is the time. 

Personally, I would crank up at least 5-6 amazing holiday blog posts starting now. 

If you are looking for ways to increase your income during the holiday season, now is the perfect time to get started. 

Holidays are honestly some of the best times to make extra money with your blog. 

That is why we are constantly using this free content calendar planner to help us get a head start every holiday season that comes along.

The more prepared you are, the more chances you have of increasing your blog income. 

holiday content planner

You are here today because:

  • You are looking for quality holiday blog post ideas that make money

  • You want December blog post ideas that will help boost your traffic

  • You want holiday article ideas to compliment what you already have

Either way, you know we have you covered. 

We wouldn’t want to let you down. 

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When is a good time to write holiday blog posts? 

To be honest with you, August is a great time to start. 

This will ensure that your posts will have time to start getting all the Google juice and some great loving. 

Ideally, you want to start ranking your posts at least 3 months before the season starts. 

You will hear most people say to start 30-45 days before the season, but it really depends on how well you know how to pick quality keywords and how fast your blog ranks on Google. 

My blog posts tend to do well within 60 days of posting but again, it really does depend on my keywords. 

For this reason, I try to start a bit early.

The earlier the better for sure. 

I also use this KeySearch tool for all my keyword research, by doing that,  I have noticed an increase in my holiday blog posts traffic and this makes me feel good.

(You can use KSDISC to get 20% off) if you are interested in using the KeySeach tool.

Starting to blog about the holidays now is better for you as you will do well when it comes to blog income. 

How to make money with your holiday articles

First thing first, if you do not already own this epic Profitable Blogger’s Holiday Guide, then you are totally missing out. 

The holiday season provides a great opportunity for bloggers to make extra money and you can only do this with proper planning. 

That’s is why the Profitable Blogger’s Holiday Guide is the perfect handbook to guide you through all the steps of maximizing your blog income over the holiday season.

You find all the actionable tips that one blogger used to make more than $35,000 in affiliate income in both November and December alone.

Whether this is your first holiday season or you’ve stumbled your way through many in the past, you’ll learn new ways to get more clicks and increase your income!

Coming up with holiday blog post ideas is just half the battle, properly monetizing your holiday articles is another thing.

Here is what to expect from the holiday guide:

  • Who can add holiday content to their blog
  • When to start working and how to get your site ready
  • Seven types of holiday posts you can write (with examples)
  • Knowing when to promote and how (with sample schedule)
  • Smart strategies for working Black Friday
  • Tricks to get more affiliate conversions
  • Post-Holiday analysis

You’ll even get access to:

  • Black Friday Tracker
  • Content Analysis Form
  • Promotional Calendar (print or fill out online)

profitable Blogger's holiday guide. Here is how to make extra money this holiday season with your blog.

—>>Yes to this epic holiday guide <<—

Ready to Grab Your Holiday Article Ideas?

Creative blog post ideas for bloggers to help boost traffic and income! Not sure what to write on your blog this holiday season? Check out these holiday blog post ideas that are sure to grow your business and drive more traffic to your blog. #holidayblogpostideas #blogpostideas #holidaymarketing

1. Christmas blog post ideas for mom bloggers & Parenting

  • 21 Christmas gifts for mom 
  • Holiday party ideas for kids
  • Fun DIY Christmas crafts for kids
  • Holiday bucket list for families
  • Shopping tips for moms with young kids
  • Best Christmas DIYs for toddlers
  • Best Christmas Movies Families Can Watch
  • The Best Stocking Stuffer
  • Simple Holiday Meals For Families 
  • How moms can save money over the holidays
  • Matching family outfits for Christmas
  • Christmas Books for Kids

2. DIY/ Craft Holiday Blog Ideas 

  • Knitting patterns to try this Christmas
  • How to crochet a blanket
  • DIY Christmas cards
  • DIY Stocking Stuffers
  • DIY gift tags
  • Homemade Wrapping Paper
  • Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas 
  • Homemade Candles / Soaps
  • Homemade Christmas tree ornaments
  • How to wrap a present professionally
  • Gift wrapping ideas

3. Holiday article ideas for Fashion / Beauty Bloggers

  • Festive outfits to try this Christmas
  • Festive makeup looks to try over the holidays
  • Holiday hairstyles
  • Ugly holiday sweaters from around the world
  • Holiday Socks Ideas 
  • How to put together your holiday fashion pieces 
  • Gift ideas for makeup lovers
  • Festive inspired nail polish design
  • Holiday Inspired lipstick
  • Holiday hairstyles
  • Holiday beauty routines 
  • Holiday makeup trends

4. Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Food Bloggers 

  • Christmas cookie ideas
  • Christmas dinner leftover recipes 
  • Traditional Christmas dessert recipes
  • Christmas food ideas for dinner
  • Healthy side dish recipes for the holidays
  • Holiday-themed cake ideas
  • Simple no-bake holiday treats
  • Keto Christmas Dinner Ideas

5. Holiday Home Decor Post Ideas

  • Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas 
  • Festive Christmas Tree Decor Ideas
  • Farmhouse Christmas Wreath DIY 
  • Vintage Christmas Decor Ideas 
  • Festive DIY Christmas Centerpieces 
  • Cheap DIY Christmas Wreaths Ideas 
  • Mantel/fireplace decorating tips
  • How to store holiday decor
  • How to make your house smell like Christmas

6. Blogging Business Holiday Posts

Social media content calendar

7. Holiday blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

  • Unique gift wrapping ideas
  • Unique holiday gift ideas 
  • Your go-to gift ideas
  • Your best online shopping trick for the holidays 
  • Stylish Christmas decorations
  • Holiday gift guides 
  • How to host the perfect holiday party
  • Goal setting for the new year
  • Holiday shopping tips
  • Holiday bucket list

8. December blog ideas for money-making bloggers + frugal bloggers

  • How to make extra money for Christmas
  • Frugal gift ideas
  • How to spend the holidays with no money 
  • How to budget for Christmas
  • How to save money for the Holidays 
  • The cheapest place to travel for the Holidays 
  • Gift ideas under $5, $10, $25 or $50
  • Best time to shop for Christmas for extra savings 

There you have it, an epic list of great holiday blog post ideas you can use to promote your content. 

Be sure to grab this eBook to learn more about how to skyrocket your blog income with holiday content! 

And remember that Pinterest can really give you a boost if you use the right Pinterest Graphics. 

Make sure you are designing pins that stand out, are helpful, and have pin descriptions set up correctly.

These are the exact Pin Templates I use to get over 150, 000 page views per month on Pinterest. Simply swap out to holiday colours and images.

For more tips on how I use Pinterest to get awesome fall traffic, you can read up on all the Pinterest tools I use here. 

holiday content planner


Creative blog post ideas for bloggers to help boost traffic and income! Not sure what to write on your blog this holiday season? Check out these holiday blog post ideas that are sure to grow your business and drive more traffic to your blog. #holidayblogpostideas #blogpostideas #holidaymarketing

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Creative Holiday Blog Post Ideas Perfect For Increasing Income This Year