A guide to Planning the perfect Blogging Strategy for Success

Before you sit down in front of your computer, laptop, tablet or iPhone to write out your blog, you need to have a strategy. What is your blogging strategy and how is it benefiting you in the long run? Anyone can blog, but what are you trying to get out of your blog? What is your blogging strategy? Are you blogging for money, traffic, for fun, or simply as an outlet for personal use. 

Whatever option you decide, you need to have a strategy for it in order to be successful. Download our free blogging planner to keep you on track month to month and to help you plan out your next move in terms of a strong blogging strategy! 

A guide to Planning the perfect Blogging Strategy for Success

Blog planner printable. What is your blogging strategy?

Every blogger is different and everyone has different goals. We all want different things and results at the end of the day. The blogging strategy we are going to share is one that works perfectly for our blog. These are the strategies that have helped us increase blog traffic, and will help us monetize the business in the long run. 

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Before we think of writing another blog, we would have typically already planned our blogging content in our planner for the month. This is a detailed schedule of what we planned on blogging about, when it would launch and what our readers would expect from us. 

This will save you so much time and frustration in the long run. You don’t want to be brainstorming, planning and researching your blog ideas all on the same day. You will soon feel like giving up. Creating your blogging strategy plan ahead of time will make everything feel smooth sailing, less stressful and more doable. Our recommendation to you is to plan out every content going out for the month and how it relates to one another. 

For example: 

If I planned on releasing an e-book or a course, I would write about 2 or 3 blogs in relation to this new product that would launch at the end of the month. This way when I launch the product, I would have already marketed the product using my blog. This is one of our winning blog strategies in terms of increasing awareness and sales. 

Blong Month plan:

  • Have a monthly goal written out to determine what you want to achieve that month
  • Brainstorm some blog topics and add it to your blog planner
  • Find ideas by sending surveys to your readers and looking for ideas in Facebook groups 
  • Take a look at your popular pins and blogs and write more of those. Use Google Analytics to see what is popular. 


Now you need to determine how often you will post. In one of our last blog post where we focussed on Blog SEO, we told our readers that we were currently blogging 5x a week. This blogging strategy was put in place to build up how much content we had for promotional purposes. Once we had enough build up (i.e 50 blogs),  we would drop our schedule to 3x a week for the remainder of the year. 

Most bloggers like to stick to one post or even two posts per week. As long as you are producing high-quality content and making them long posts, then you are good to go. Pick a day that you will publish your blogs and stick to this. Google and your readers will love you for this. Everyone loves consistency. 

Go ahead and plan your blog content for the month before thinking of publishing another post! 


No one ever wrote a paper without putting in major research. I remember spending hours and hours of research back in university just to get all the information I needed for a paper I was going to write. This same strategy should apply to your blogging strategy plan. What’s involved with blog research? 

  • Finding out what your readers want
  • Researching keywords to rank for each post 
  • Adding facts and quotes from other experienced bloggers

There are a few bloggers that I tend to reference in my posts and they range from Melyssa Griffin, Michelle from Making Sense of Cents and a few others. I tend to reference them a lot and you will get to see that throughout my blogs! 


Now that we have established somehow of a plan we can start to write. What is your blog structure? 

  • Headline
  • Your opening statement or intro
  • subheading 
  • Your blog content 
  • Call to action somewhere in between 
  • Another Subheading to break it up 
  • More content
  • Another call to action 
  • Conclusion 

Add graphics and photos to make it friendly. Use great fonts, some colors and simply make it easy for the readers. Keep it longer than 1000 words if you can. Google loves long blog posts.These are our main blogging strategies for success. 


Your blogging strategy shouldn’t end once you publish your blog. You should promote it and promote it frequently. It doesn’t matter how special you are, no one will read your blog if they don’t know you just wrote it. A great blogging strategy will depend on how well you promote your content after all your awesome planning. 

Use social sharing buttons, automated platforms,  and real-time promotion. 

We wrote an amazing post on the 10 different places you should promote your post once you hit publish. 

Copy Blogger also has an interesting article on how to effectively promote your content. You must read it! 


Blog Planner- Blog SEO

What are some of the blogging strategies you are implementing in your business? One strategy I would like to add in the next coming year is batch blogging.  This is when you blog a couple of blogs in advance (maybe two months worth) and then just schedule them to be published on the dates you have set. I will need to add this to my blogging strategy planner! Anyone else doing this? 

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  1. I loved your post. And I wish I had stumbled on it when I started my blog. For me it was one baby step at a time. If only I had read this post..I could have taken a few leaps here and there long back 🙂

  2. These are all very helpful and I can very well attest to some of them myself. I love planning out my blogging month ahead and getting early so that all that’s left is just to post and promote. Thanks for the insight!

  3. I have been trying to plan better this month with an excel sheet. I think I feel a little bit more in control but my main problems staying on track are taking photos and writers block.
    Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

    Celeste | ohhelloceleste.com

    1. Thank you for stopping by Celeste.

      I think everything is all about discipline. Today my goal was to write at least 3 blog posts and I managed to get it down. Friday I set time in the morning to promote (2 hours) and the 5 hours to write another 3 blogs!

  4. This was so helpful, thank you! Definetly going to make use of the blog planner. I usually plan out 2 weeks in advance but maybe I Should switch to this!

    1. Hey Holly,

      Definitely, try to plan out 3 months in advance. Some bloggers do 1 year out. I just feel like trends change every time so going one year out is too much of a stretch. You might also end up changing your direction of things depending on how things go!

  5. These are great tips! I especially like your reference to consistency and promotion. I struggle with consistency. I appreciate the links you included in your post for more tips on how to achieve these things for successful blogging:)

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