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Pinterest Marketing Tools for Bloggers

Finding the best Pinterest tools to increase traffic was a bit challenging at first.

Now that I have found a few well-rounded Pinterest marketing tools that make my life easier, I knew I had to share. 

Growing my blog traffic and increasing my blog income is my main priority, I needed to find tools that would ease that process.  

Because of this goal, I took the necessary steps to work on making my blog vision come to life.

In the last 3 months, I decided to invest in what I consider some of the best Pinterest tools to help with blog traffic in order to reach my goals.

Treating your blog as a business is the best thing you could ever do in order to get better results. 

But can Pinterest be used for business?


Pinterest in my opinion is more than just a social media platform. I view it as a search engine as people go on the platform to search for things every single day.

For this reason, it is important to use it for business purposes as your blog is a business. 

Today will look at tools that I think you absolutely must have such as Pinterest automation tools, the best Pinterest courses that will do wonders for you and so much more. 

So what are the best Pinterest tools for business?

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Why should you invest in Pinterest Tools for Business?

If you are struggling to get blog traffic like most new bloggers (or long-time bloggers), be sure to start using the tools suggested below.
I am not sure about you, but my plan is to increase traffic to my blog posts and lead that traffic into money. 
At the end of the day, I am blogging for money, so every page view I get, I want it to ultimately lead into a funnel that I can use to warm up and sell products to. 
My Blog Income Strategies eBook goes over all the different ways I make money full-time using my blog. 
Grab a pen and paper, as we are about to share some of the best Pinterest tools that will help boost your blog traffic instantly and increase sales. 

If you are looking for affordable Pinterest tools, these should work perfectly!

Learn the BEST pinterest marketing strategy for 2020 to increase your website traffic. Pinterest is an essential tool to drive traffic to your online business or blog. Click to read more! #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #pintereststrategy #growyourblog #blogtraffictips Find some of the best Pinterest Tools for Bloggers right here.

1. Pinteresting Strategies 

This is my all-time most valued Pinterest tools for blog traffic! If you are truly looking for a guide to help you get your Pinterest strategies in place, then this is it. 

Not only is Carly available for the 100 questions a day that her students ask, but she studies Pinterest and updates her course frequently. 

I purchased this e-Book about a month ago and I didn’t really start implementing her strategies until about 2 weeks ago and oh boy, why did I wait?

My average monthly view on Pinterest is currently at 196, 877 monthly average views!

Say what?

I am extremely excited to see what this eBook will do for me in the next few coming weeks.

I am slowly making and implementing the changes and working my way to more page views. 

The good thing about this eBook is that you do not need any automation tools such as TailWind to be good at it!

I am still using these tools but I am slowly cutting them out of my strategies as I would like to implement Carly’s strategies to the fullest of their potential.

(Update – Carly is now using TailWind and so are we!)

I use to use board booster mainly for its looping feature which I think is amazing but Boardbooster is officially not available.

I use Tailwind to get more accurate analytics of what’s happening when I pin every pin.

I want to make the best use of my time and these tools are still as useful. 

Read her tutorial on how she went from zero page views to over 200 thousand page views and why we think this is the best Pinterest tools: Details available here!

Since implementing the strategies from the eBook see how my Pinterest traffic is helping my blog below:

Pinterest strategy. See how one blogger went from zero page views to over 200 thousand pageviews.

I consider this one of the best Pinterest tools because you actually get results for the effort you put into it.

If you are struggling with blog traffic, give this Pinterest tool a try.

Please note that Carly has turned this book into a course which offers videos and shows you exactly how to manually pin or schedule for the maximum results. 

Grab the updated 2020 Pinteresting Strategy Course here!


The Pinteresting Strategy Review I use to increase my blog traffic

2. Pinterest Automation Tools

My next most recommended and one of the best Pinterest tools for blog traffic is using an automation tool. 

Honestly, I run a few blogs (5 blogs to be honest) and time is not my best friend. 

With Tailwind, I can use the Pinterest tribes feature that allows other bloggers to also share my work.

I also use the seasonal content feature that allows you to pin your seasonal content at the same time each year! 

Although I am using Carly’s tips from Zero to 200 K page views (Pinteresting Strategies), I still love my Tailwind and Tailwind tribes’ features.

It’s similar to Pinterest group boards but easy to monitor.

Once you share your posts on Tailwind Tribes, other bloggers are required to share your blog posts too.

If they do not share your work,  the tribe admin can easily boot them out for not participating.

It is one of the best Pinterest tools and it increases my blog traffic every time I use it. The reach is so much more powerful than actual group boards.

Pinterest tribes are FREE to join and you can join my tribe – Blogging for business-Promote your blog TribeJoin Right here!  

Once you join the tribes you are guaranteed to see your traffic increase.

If you are not sure how to use Pinterest- Tailwind Tribes to boost your blog Traffic you can read up on it!


Find 10 Other Pinterest Tribes every online blogger should be a part of right here!

Every blogger needs to have a tribe of their own for growth. It’s a way to connect and a safe place to ask for help and motivation when needed.

Learn more about Tailwind here and why over 500,000+ bloggers, ecommerce sellers & agencies trust Tailwind to streamline their Pinterest Marketing.

 pinterest tribes for business. Grow your business with Pinterest

3. Canva for Designs

If you are not using Canva to design your Pins then you are probably missing out. 

Personally I use Canva for all my designing Pin aspect although other people prefer PicMonkey and all the other fancy things. 

But once you truly figure out Canva, a lot of the same designs can be done on the platform. 

It’s free to use, it’s really easy to use and you can create awesome templates that you can use over and over. 

I personally do not brand my work although many will tell you to do just that for consistency.

But you need to do what is right for you and your business. 

If branding and using the same colours brings you traffic, then go for it and keep doing the same thing until it stops working.

If not, tweak your strategy, experiment a little more and find what works for you and your blog. 

I have personally upgraded my Canva account to a paid one because you get a lot more out of it.

I am currently using the Canva Pro option for better results. 

The design features are better with the Canva Pro, you can have folders for all your projects which keeps it organized, and you get access to their photo gallery which is awesome! 

Try the Canva Pro for FREE for 30 days!

Take advantage of: 

  • 60 million+ photos & elements
  • One-click resizing with Magic Resize
  • Use animations and gifs on your pins 
  • 3000+ fonts or upload your own

Go ahead and create as many pins as you can with the Canva Pro for FREE for 30 days and tell us what you thought!

4. Canva Pinterest templates

What if you are simply not great at designing and you prefer using Templates instead. 

Creating pins that stop people scrolling on Pinterest is an art, you definitely need to study the trends, tweak your work to match that and include epic photos. 

That’s why we created these Pinterest templates for Canva that you can use over and over without worrying about designing every time you jumped on the computer. 

Simply swap out the Pin titles, photos and colours and download. 

These are the exact Canva Pinterest templates I use to get over 150, 000 page views from Pinterest each month. 

Since 70% of my traffic comes from Pinterest, creating click-worthy Pinterest images in Canva was my next focus. 

That’s how this bundle of 100 Feminine Canva Pinterest Templates was born and this Pinterest tool is used by many bloggers now.

Getting a 150, 000 page views per month has not become easier! 

100 Feminine Canva Templates

5. Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks for Bloggers

There is nothing worse than creating epic pins but failing miserably at writing Pinterest titles that attract attention and clicks. 

You can have the best pins out there and still not get any traffic due to creating captivating pin titles. 

Even if you use my Pinterest Templates, with no proper directions on what you want pinners to do, you won’t get any clicks. 

That’s why I totally love this Pinterest Title Hacks that was created by Carly as she really knows how to attract those clicks using Pinterest. 

She says with you 7 easy tricks to increase your traffic from Pinterest simply by just changing how you write your headlines.

Pinterest Title hacks designed to increase your blog traffic using Pinterest! #pinteresthacks


6. Pinterest Dashboard by Kristie Hill

If you do not have this dashboard installed yet, then you are totally missing out. 

Quickly analyze your Pinterest traffic on one page in Google Analytics using this epic Pinterest Dashboard.

You will instantly see your top pins, top posts, best times to Pin and more with this epic Pinterest tool!

As a blogger, I understand just how busy you are with all the moving parts of running an online business.

That’s why Kristie created an easy way for you to see all the need-to-know Pinterest stats on one page: The Pinterest Dashboard.

Over 3000 bloggers use the Pinterest Dashboard to analyze their Pinterest Traffic!

7. How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours

My business module is all about making money online as a female entrepreneur, a stay at home mom or just for any woman out there looking for ways to start a business to make money!

With this in mind, I heavily use Affiliate marketing strategies to achieve my goals each month.

This is my bread and butter, therefore I use strategic ways to promote affiliate links.

I have taken courses, read every article out there and invested my time and energy in learning more about affiliate marketing. 

The one tool that really proved it all for me was “How to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours using Pinterest.

It basically teaches you how to make that sale using Pinterest. After all, so many people hang out on Pinterest. Why not use this strategy to make money on Pinterest. 

I wrote a full review of this eBook, be sure to read it here: How to make money in affiliate marketing within 24 hours using Pinterest

Make an affiliate sale in the next 24 hours


8. Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers

Pinterest groups are great for increasing your blog traffic.

However, Pinterest wants you to now focus on your own boards, create more boards related to your business and use appropriate keywords.

This is the best practice from Pinterest.

However, I still consider Pinterest Group boards the best Pinterest tools out there for bloggers.

But keep in mind you also need to work on your own boards for better results.

Carly who wrote an epic ebook where she shares how she went from zero page views to 200 thousand page views per month!

She shares and talks about the right times to post in groups, how to post in group boards to maximize exposure as well as what pins of yours will work well and get you more blog traffic. 

I started using her strategies and I am already seeing great results. Because of her, I decided to join a few more strategic Pinterest group boards to further increase my blog traffic.

Do you want a list of groups to join? You, my friend, are in luck! 


A list of 50 Pinterest Group boards for bloggers to build Traffic– this is the ultimate list. Go ahead and join the group.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


Although I consider Pinterest Group boards the best Pinterest tools for bloggers, I have decided to create more of my own boards that cater to my niche, crafted them with heavy keywords and I am pinning to them more.

Pinterest wants you to focus on your own boards. 

I have not left any group boards as of yet. And I do not think I will unless Pinterest says to do so officially.


MiloTree is what I use on my site to direct people to my Pinterest account, get more followers and increase blog traffic.

It is one of the best Pinterest tools highly recommended by many bloggers.

It is the one Pinterest tool I have used to grow my Pinterest account from zero to 3500 in less than 6 months.

I gained a total of 20 followers a day with this amazing tool.

Keep in mind in order to grow your traffic, you do not need a huge following but rather, a great click-through rate.

But every new follower will help get your work in front of new eyes every day. 

Another reason I consider Milotreee one of the best Pinterest tools out there, is because it now caters to other social media platforms.

It will now also help grow your email list, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. 

If you are not on Milotree, consider joining them today. 

I now have over 41K followers on Pinterest as of 2020!

Pinterest tools for blog traffic

What are you doing to increase your Pinterest followers? I also find that the more followers you have, the more brands and influencers are willing to work with your online business.

Did we miss anything out on the list? What are some of the best Pinterest tools you are currently using to get traffic? 

There you have over 9 of the best Pinterest tools for blog traffic I use on a daily basis!


Tell us in the comments below, and if we are missing anything of value, be sure to share it below. 


Learn the BEST pinterest marketing strategy for 2020 to increase your website traffic. Pinterest is an essential tool to drive traffic to your online business or blog. Click to read more! #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #pintereststrategy #growyourblog #blogtraffictips Find some of the best Pinterest Tools for Bloggers right here.Read this next: 

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9 Pinterest Tools For Business To Use To Generate Traffic and Sales