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Pinteresting Strategies Review

Pinteresting strategies are the current manual pinning strategy that I am using and it has helped me increase my blog traffic tremendously.

I have used it consistently in the last few months to grow my blog traffic and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

If you are a blogger that is struggling to increase your blog traffic, then you need to read more about how Carly from Mommy on purpose came up with this amazing strategy we now know as Pinteresting Strategies

I was once a blogger that struggled to get traffic using Pinterest. 

And to be honest, I just did not have a solid Pinterest strategy that I could rely on. 

In fact, when I first started trying to get page views, I read every single one of those “how to get Pinterest traffic” posts I could find on the internet. 

I am sure we have all done this. 

Then I decided that I needed to invest in a Pinterest course. Believe me, there several out there. 

So if you are looking for the best Pinterest course, I suggest Pinteresting Strategies. 

Why do you need Pinteresting Strategies in your blogging life?

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What Is Pinteresting Strategies?

Should you be grabbing the Pinteresting Strategies eBook now turned course?

Does the manual pinning still work for bloggers trying to get blog traffic from Pinterest?

Pinteresting Strategies is an amazing course that was created by a blogger and she shares amazing tips on how to get epic results on Pinterest using the manual pinning strategy. 

I believe that manual pinning is still very relevant as with every social media platform, they want you to engage with the platform to ensure your account is still active.

Carly does a fantastic job of showing you exactly how to manually pin your content on the platform for maximum results. 

The Pinteresting strategies course is definitely worth it if you are looking for a strategy that works and one that is constantly updated due to all the changes Pinterest tends to make. 

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Why should you look into Pinteresting Strategies?

I have taken a few Pinterest courses as well as read up on a few amazing Pinterest Marketing eBooks.

All of these were amazing and I have used a few tips here and there to make up for my overall Pinterest Marketing strategy.

But when I invested in the Pinteresting Strategies; a great manual pinning strategy guide – my blog traffic started to really increase a lot faster than expected.

I was now getting well over 1000 page views per day which was really a lot for as I was used to only getting 100 page views here and there.

With 1000 page views day locked in, I was now getting contacted by these amazing brands to work with them.

This was the beginning of me making some serious income with my blog.

You need to know that blogging for money was my plan all along, so finding a tool that was taking me in the right direction was great. 

Not only were brands contacting me, but other big bloggers were emailing me and asking for opportunities to collaborate. 

This was really amazing.

I knew that increasing my blog traffic would give me even bigger opportunities. 

How to use Pinterest to get blog traffic

How long did it take to see results?

Pinteresting Strategies has helped me gain more blog traffic only in a short amount of time that I have used it.

It’s definitely not for beginner bloggers.

You should already have a great Pinterest profile setup going on before investing your time in this strategy.

I started seriously using the guide in early August. And between September and November, I had over 93, 307 page views.

Prior to this, I was getting between 500 and 750 page views per day.

I would say that this strategy worked really fast and I was amazed by the results.

Pinteresting strategies were definitely worth my investment and we feel that you should give this manual pinning strategy a go. 

How to increase blog page views with Pinterest and grow your blog

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Who is this Pinterest Marketing strategy good for?

As I mentioned, this is perfect for those that are already all set up with Pinterest.

If you are new to Pinterest, ensure you set it all up first before investing in the strategy.

You need to have a solid profile in place with all the right keywords properly placed, a few Pinterest boards with 10 to 15 Pins in each board, and ensure you are part of a few good Pinterest group boards.

Once you are properly established, be sure to give Pinteresting strategies your best shot. You can get all the details here!

If you a blogger that is looking for more Pinterest traffic, then this is the course for you. 

And if you have time to manually pin your content this strategy will skyrocket your blog traffic. 

Increasing your blog traffic with Pinterest

This strategy is the exact strategy Carly from Mommy on Purpose used to get from zero page views to over 100, 000 page views in a short 7 months or so period.

She got this by using Pinterest as her main marketing tool.

You can check out more of her Traffic documentation by reading her blog.

We highly recommend checking out her Pinterest strategy if blog traffic is what you want to achievePinteresting strategies to get more blog traffic. Pinteresting strategies to get more blog traffic. Use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic today! Manual pinning is the best way to increase traffic.


What am I doing with all my new blog traffic? 

I am still learning and tweaking my blog as I go.

My blog income has increased and you can check out my latest blog income report where I document how I made over $8,000 in just under 3 months.

I went ahead and created a course to help increase blog income for other bloggers.

You can have the same results if you put in the work as I did. What’s your current blog traffic? 

Good to know about the course: 

The strategies discussed in Pinteresting strategies are mostly made up of manual pinning steps.

However, Carly has updated the book to include Tailwind as one of her tools.

You can choose to fully manually pin or use Tailwind or a combination.

I am personally using a combination but every time I manual pin, my traffic is much more.

You can try Tailwind here for free with my link and see if you like it.

Are you using the Pinteresting strategy? If so we want to hear from you below! And if you purchase the course, join the discussion below.

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Pinteresting Strategies Review: The Pinterest strategy to increase blog traffic

Pinteresting strategy review