bHere is a great list of tailwind tribes to join to boost blog traffic almost instantly. Learn more about how to use Tailwind tribes for bloggers to increase traffic. We have a list of 10 tailwind tribes to help you get started. #tailwindtribes #pinterestmarketing

10 Tailwind Tribes to Join for Blogger to Increase Blog Traffic

Increase your Blog Traffic with Tailwind Tribes

What are Tailwind tribes and how can you use them to increase blog traffic? We will get to that, but first, you need to understand the power of Pinterest and how it can help you grow fast.

As with most bloggers, your goal is to increase blog traffic, get more readers and make more money online.

The best way we found of doing just that, especially if you are a new blogger is by using Pinterest to increase traffic.

Pinterest is my secret weapon for increasing blog traffic.

A few weeks ago, I discovered the magical power of Tailwind. Tailwind is a scheduling tool that was safely approved by Pinterest and I have been hooked ever since using it. 

And even more powerful is the Tailwind tribes that they introduced. Even though I use Pinterest groups, I am finding better results with Tailwind tribes in terms of blog traffic. 

The sharing power that Tailwind tribes have is way more effective than any other strategy. 

So we made an amazing list of 10 Pinterest Tribes to join increase your chances of success as well as to see blog traffic. 

But before we get started on popular tailwind tribes to join, we would love for you to join our growing Facebook group right here! Be sure to follow us on Instagram here

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Just before we dive more into tailwind tribes, you need to understand that you absolutely need Pinterest to help grow your business.

Pinterest is a visual search engine with millions of users on it.

It uses a smart Feed algorithm to help rank pins and provide you with the best experience as a user.

With millions of users on your fingertip, imagine how much traffic you can get if used correctly.

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What can you do to help Pinterest help you get the most out of it?

Pinterest looks at 3 main things to help you rank.

They will look at the overall visual aspect of your account, the quality of your boards as well as the quality of your pins.

Remember, do NOT spam. Use keywords on Pins and boards. And create great Pins. 

Not sure how to improve your Pinterest strategy? Read this blog and come back to us: The Strategy you need to Grow your blog with Pinterest.

10 Pinterest Tribes every online blogger should be a part of right NOW

Now that you are all set, you want to increase your Pinterest health and account by pinning quality pins to your boards and group boards.

Once your account is up to standard with what is needed, go ahead and sign up for Tailwind. 

Not sure if you want to spend money on it, sign up for it! Start the FREE trial to check it out first. 

Why do I love Tailwind so much?

  • It has an amazing analytic tool that helps you view how you are doing
  • It has a great tool called Tailwind Tribes, which will grow your traffic 
  • It has an optimized tool that schedules your pins at the right moment when most of your followers are active
  • You can schedule your pins up to 1 week, 1 month or even months in advance
  • It will help grow your following faster
  • It will become your best friend, trust us

Try it out for free. You get 100 pins for free when you sign up below. I will show you how to make the best out of your one week free.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

  1. Once you sign up, make sure you fill out your profile completely
  2. Attach your Google analytics to Tailwind so you can measure your results
  3. Optimize your Pinterest account for great results as we mentioned above (great graphics, great profile and optimize your boards)
  4. Join tribes. It’s free to join Pinterest tribes and it is usually by invitation. But you can join mine to get ahead!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Why should you Pinterest Tribes? 

  • It will increase your reach by far 
  • Other bloggers are helping you promote your pins. Tailwind tribes are a bit similar to Pinterest group boards 
  • It’s Free to join 
  • The optimized time slots will help you reach your audience at the time that they are on so your efforts are not wasted
  • It’s a great way to collaborate and help other bloggers. 

See how a few shares on one of our tribes increased our blog reach: 

Pinterest Tribes reach

The graphic above is pretty much saying that a few of our pins were shared 5 times and the result was a reach of about 25.9K views. This is just from one tribe.  

This is absolutely amazing to me. (Update: This was almost 1 year ago, I get so much more blog traffic by using Tailwind tribes frequently).

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My referral traffic from Tailwind – I started using this at the beginning of December: 

referal traffic from tailwinds

As you can see, I am getting quite a bit of traffic from Tailwind.

My plan is to utilize the tribe feature to get more traffic with the help of other bloggers.

Here is a list of Tailwind tribes to jin that are helping me rock my Pinterest strategies. 

A List of Tailwind tribes for bloggers

Please note: Tailwind Tribes is currently Free for anyone to use (even if they aren’t using Tailwind already!)

  1. I am going to start with my tribe that you can join here- Blogging for business-Promote your blogJoin Right here!  
  2. Blogging resources– Join this right here
  3. Chic Sisters – Join this right here
  4. Profitable blogging tipsJoin this right here
  5. Blogging tips and resources Join this right here
  6. PB BloggersJoin this right here
  7. Bloggers Unite tribeJoin this right here
  8. Small BusinessJoin this right here
  9. Pinterest Friends- Join this right here 
  10. Practical Mommy LifestyleJoin this right here

These are all the tailwind tribes that are helping me get the blog traffic that I am currently experiencing.

If you are part of other tribes or you own a Tailwind tribe for bloggers, we would love to hear all about it.

Leave us a link in the comment with your Tailwind Tribe.  Tribes are the way to go in terms of growing your blog traffic. Join tailwind today! 

NOTE: When you join the Tribes, please make sure to follow the rules. They basically require you to re-share other pins which are really easy to do! The results are amazing, so play nice. 

Want one month FREE of Tailwind to help grow your business? Sign up using this link! 

We have a full tutorial available for bloggers to learn how to use Tailwind tribes and tailwind to increase blog traffic. You can read about this right here. 

Here is a great list of tailwind tribes to join to boost blog traffic almost instantly. Learn more about how to use Tailwind tribes for bloggers to increase traffic. We have a list of 10 tailwind tribes to help you get started. #tailwindtribes #pinterestmarketing

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Tailwind Tribes to Join

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  1. Hi – An extremely useful post and helps me understand where I am going wrong with Pinterest as my traffic is rising so slowly. I definitely need to start using Tailwind by the looks of it.
    Great post. All the best!

  2. Hi, such an amazing ideas to start a blog on different niches. Really an useful post with clean and clear details. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep sharing.

  3. Thanks for this list of tribes to join. I’m starting with a free trial of Tailwind, and it’s hard to know which tribes to join to get maximum exposure. So, I’ll definitely use your list to get started. I’m also needing to know how to use Tailwind in general, so I’m going to check out your blog post on that as well. It’s definitely not easy using Pinterest to gain traffic to your blog. So much to learn, lol!

  4. Hi there.
    I’m first time reading one of your posts and I’m simply impressed, because it is like you are reading my thoughts.
    To be a blogger is simply one of the best things in my life and I love it! Thanks for the insights and the nice words!
    xxx :Samantha

  5. Hi,

    I am actually looking to improve my Pinterest game. I am currently a member of a few of the tribes that you mentioned above.

    I went ahead and joined the ones that I wasn’t a member of. Hopefully, by joining more tribes, my traffic will improve.

    I know that I shouldn’t focus on just any traffic. My goal is to get more targetted traffic, so hopefully, this will happen as I join more tribes.

    Can’t wait to see the results since I joined 2 more groups.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day 🙂


  6. Hi!

    I blog over at Simply Hip Savings. Recently I created a Tailwind Tribe for Couponers, frugal living, debt free bloggers. I’ve found tons of tribes for people who blog about blogging or being a parent but nothing for Frugal Bloggers. If you don’t mind sharing my tribe, here is the link:


  7. Thanks so much for this list! I’m already part of some of these boards, but looking to join more. Tribes have been so great for boosting my traffic!

    But when I click on the links it takes me into a board I’m already part of, not the tribes listed. Is there another way to join? Thanks!

  8. Thanks for this post, but the links do not work. I reached out to Tailwind thinking it was a problem on their end and here is what they said:

    It sounds like you have the wrong URL to be invited to a Tribe. If it has the word “Accept” in the URL thats the page you get after you’ve joined a Tribe. Since you haven’t joined the Tribe yet, I can definitely see how that copy is confusing.

    Tribe owners should ONLY be sharing the actual “Invite” URL, which includes the word “join” in the URL and is very long with several complex string of numbers and letters. The owner can find this by clicking on “Invite New Members” and then copy and pasting the URL in the pop-up. 🙂

    1. Hello Angie, I sent you an email, showing you all the links. I think they still must have issues as 90% of the readers have had success and the rest have not. Try to use on a private browser. It worked for me perfectly and I was able to join. Check your email.

  9. I still can’t get any of the links to work. I’m going to chalk it up to a Tailwind problem and come back in a few days!

    1. That is so weird. It’s working perfectly. Also, try clearing your browser or using a private browser to see if it works.

  10. One of my New Year Resolutions is to up my Pinterest game with my blog. I really appreciate the time you took to make this post as detailed as it is. It’s super helpful, especially since I’m a relatively new blogger!

    – Kaitlin

  11. This is a great post! I just joined Tailwind last week, and am slowly starting to learn how to navigate it. I had never heard of Pinterest tribes before this post, so thanks! Will be checking yours out!

  12. I found you through a post on FB. I love Tribes and find they work great for me to share my own content and to find others’ content to schedule as well.

    I tried joining the Tribes you have listed but none of the links added any Tribes to my list.

  13. Great post! All of the content on your blog is so helpful, I love reading your blog posts. I honestly didn’t understand what a tribe was until this blog post. I also didn’t know tailwind was so helpful but now I have to get it! Thanks so much for writing this post (:

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