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Writing Engaging Content to Attract Readers

So what makes a good blog post? Have you ever thought about a fact that your reader has access to thousands of alternative sources with useful information?

Yup, competition among the bloggers is intense and you have to work really hard to attract your target audience’s attention!

You should pour your heart into unordinary engaging posts, which will not leave your readers indifferent!

You should be ready to use your vivid imagination, share your knowledge and show your passion!

If you want to learn more about how to attract your readers, check the following tips. We going to explore exactly what makes a good blog. 

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Understand Who Your Readers Are

Now, you should answer one simple question: do you really know who read your articles?

If you are a beauty blogger, it doesn’t mean that your target audience is young women age 20-35! Not at all! Your content interest other groups of people as well.

You should conduct a little research to find out more details about your readers. This is an important task, so, please, don’t skip it!

For example, you might suddenly discover that 50% of all your readers are vegetarian women age 40-50, who like to do yoga/fitness/Zumba.

Do you know how you can use this information? By knowing your readers, you can provide them with the answers to the questions they already have!

Knowing that your readers like yoga or are vegans, you can discuss the following blog ideas: “Makeup at yoga. Wear or not to wear?” or “10 best DIY vegan face masks”.

Here are a few blog topic ideas that attract readers to my blog and helps increase traffic. Use these tips to writing compelling blog posts guaranteed to get traffic. Find out how to write a perfect blog post today #bloggingtips #bloggers #entrepreneurs

Provide New Blog Topic Ideas

If you believe that it’s possible to attract readers by stating obvious facts like “the sun is hot” and “the night is dark”, you are totally wrong.

Your audience is hungry for brand new information! If you cannot present fresh fascinating facts, you will lose the game. You absolutely need to come up with unique blog ideas. 

Try to dig deeper into your blog topic ideas, check some scientific researches, and reputable sources.

Yep, it’s not that easy to make your brain digest tons of new information. However, you need to come up with really exciting blog topic ideas if you want to constantly grab readers attention. 

And one extra tip for you – try to write blog posts on controversial subjects. Feel free to express your opinion!

Are you afraid that some people will disagree with you? You shouldn’t worry about that at all!

Your blog post topics might generate discussion in the comments section, meaning your blog will become more popular online.

Yes, even negative feedback can benefit your business.

Learn how SEO works

Do you know that it doesn’t matter how interesting and engaging your blog post ideas are if you ignore SEO?

No one will be able to find your masterpiece on the Internet. It sounds pretty sad, isn’t it?

The rule of effective blogging is simple: if you want your articles to rank high, you should take into account Google’s requirements on top of coming up with unique blog ideas.

There are few major rules, which you should always follow:

  • Keep the sentences short
  • Break a long text into the sections
  • Use Headings
  • Add bulleted lists
  • Avoid passive voice where it’s possible.

You should always be building links to your site if you want to increase your blog traffic! The more links linking back to you, the more Google favors you.

I use simple SEO backlink strategies like this one to build my blog! 

Come up with a Catchy Title

As well as coming up with unique blog ideas, the headline of your blog post should grab the audiences’ attention immediately.

When your reader sees a title, he/she should think: “Wow! It sounds promising! I must read this post right now!”

If writing catchy titles is not your cup of coffee, don’t worry too much! You just need some practice!

Stick to the following structure and you will learn how to create perfect headings in no time:

  • Number or trigger word. The beginning of the heading should be like this: “5 tips”, “10 ways”, “how to”, “advantages”, “ultimate guide”, etc.
  • Adjective. Choose one descriptive word, which suits the topic. Adjectives like effective, profitable, engaging, effortless, surprising, successful usually work very well.
  • Keyword. This is the most important element of the title! It helps a reader to understand that your blog post meets his/her query. Moreover, when you add a keyword, you automatically improve your Google ranking.
  • Promise. What will readers learn from your articles: new facts, tips, skills? For example, the title of this article promises that you will get to know how to attract readers.

Watch the Trends

What will your target audience prefer to read: latest news about tonight’s event or outdated facts about an event, which took place a month ago?

Have you just chosen answer latest news? Bingo! You are right!

If you want to engage your readers, you should discuss the current issues, those that are currently gaining attention.

Do you want to know what is going on in your niche right now? Check what kind of content is currently trending on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Do you need more information? Watch your competitors and leaders in your niche. Check what blog topics they are currently discussing and what products they recommend.

Don’t just stick with the norm, come up with fun blog ideas to help you get noticed more. Here are 20 Blog Post Ideas to Inspire Creativity and Enthuse Your Writing.

Polish Every Post

It’s not a secret that no one likes to read blog posts, which are full of mistakes and typos.

If you have the talent to write, but your grammar skills are far from perfect, don’t worry!

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and services online, which you can use to polish your posts.

Even if you believe that you can proofread your texts by yourself, it’s still a good idea to ask someone to take a look at your work. Healthy criticism is always very useful!

Don’t hesitate to get help from your mom or friend. Or better check the best editing service to get professional assistance.


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Bottom Line

Your readers are waiting for unique, interesting and informative blog post topics.

Try your best to produce content, which will meet their high expectations!

Don’t try to copy other popular bloggers, show your readers who you really are!

Your own writing style and your own approach to blogging will help you to become famous in your niche!

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and write from your heart. Then you will attract readers from all over the world! In your opinion, what makes a good blog post? 

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What Makes A Good Blog Posts? Tips for Writing Engaging Content