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Last Updated on March 30, 2017 by NandiNN

Getting blog traffic and increasing more awareness to your work is a real struggle for most bloggers. This blog is less than 5 months old and I am glad to say that I am now getting the traffic and income that I want. The income portion can be a bit more, but otherwise, I am heading on the right track. For the last few weeks, I spent some time studying multiple bloggers to see what exactly they were doing to increase blog traffic. I then decided to give the good old Facebook a try! How to get a huge amount of blog traffic with Facebook? 

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I still marketing and promoting my blog in so many other ways such as Pinterest, email marketing, and other social media platforms such as Maven (If you do sign up for maven which is FREE, please complete your profile with your Blog URL). I use Facebook mainly as a way to boost blog traffic faster. As a relatively new blogger, I found it hard to get eyes on my work. Everyone told me to use Pinterest and invest in automation tools and create amazing graphics. All these things take time to work and I am now beginning to see the results of my efforts. But this is almost 5 months later. I wanted to start my blog with a bang. You can see how I got to 6000 page vies in just two months here: 

How I increased blog traffic to 6,000 in less than 2 months of blogging!

After this, I seemed to always be stuck around the 9,000 mark and the 10,000 mark. Which was okay, but to increase my affiliate sales I needed a little bit more eyes on my work! And if you are looking for ways to improve your traffic then this is for you. I created this e-book which is almost a step by step instruction on what I did, tweaks I made and frequency of posts I created to help boost my blog traffic with Facebook way above what I expected. 

My dear friend over at Culture Weddings bought the book and followed my instructions almost to the T. And I say “almost” because she made few little tweaks to ensure it worked for her niche. She is almost at 30,000 page views per month. But she is working hard, I get regular emails from her and tweak things as we go. She is happy with this number as she was able to apply for ads specifically with Media.Net and she is now able to work with brands to help boost her monthly blog income!

30,000 page views


This eBook is for all bloggers that are looking for a way to get more blog traffic. If you are tired of getting 10 pageviews a day and looking to boost this as soon as possible, then this is for you. And you can almost see the traffic instantly if you put the work into it. You do not need to wait to see results, unlike Pinterest. Trust me, we love Pinterest and we talk about it in the eBook. How to grow your blog traffic with Facebook is an “implement now” strategy and see results now kind of book. 

  • We show you our posting schedule and frequency 
  • The groups we are part of that helped boost our traffic
  • And we show you what Pinterest has to do with Facebook and how to take advantage of this 
  • How to post to ensure you get your work seen and possibly stand out a bit more
  • And how to easily get 1000 page views a day to boost your blog traffic by using Facebook 

All of this without paying for Facebook ads! 


How to increase your blog traffic with Facebook. Grow your blog today.


Bloggers are constantly looking for more page views for several reasons. I will list a few things that happened to me after I started seeing a blog increase by just using Facebook. 

  • With an increase of blog traffic, more brands and affiliate companies are now contacting me to collaborate which means more income
  • I am not wasting time looking for people to work with, my blog is getting the attention it needs and my inbox is filling up with requests
  • A week ago, a company asked me to join their affiliate company and they negotiated a better rate for me (I have never worked with them before)
  • Other bloggers are contacting me for guest blogging opportunities, collaboration and a lot more. Trust me, I don’t have a huge email list, I am just getting my brand and work out there
  • My affiliate sales are increasing!!! This one made me so happy as I am now getting frequent sales right from my blog and I will hit my target if this continues. 
  • I applied to work with a better ad company which means better monthly income. I know I need a bit more blog traffic for this to make sense, but it is a start. And I was not REJECTED!
  • My email list is growing organically with little efforts. I am averaging about 100 sign ups a week
  • I can now work with brands such as Linqia to boost more income. 
  • I also love the fact that work is getting read and it’s not just sitting in the dark! 

What are some of your reasons for wanting to increase your blog traffic? 

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


Don’t delay your progress any further and start getting results. We are also fully available on email to help you further boost your blog traffic. We want you to succeed as much as we have! So far, we have had fashion bloggers purchase the book, wedding bloggers, travel and lifestyle bloggers, finance bloggers and they are all loving it, based on the feedback I am getting.


How to grow your blog traffic and increase the traffic using Facebook and social media.


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