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Facebook Traffic Booster eBook

Increase your blog traffic with the power of social media. Perfect for bloggers starting out and are struggling to gain traffic for their website. 


Make an affiliate sale in the next 24 hours

Make your next Affiliate sale in 24 hours using Pinterest. 


Pinterest Made Easy

Another amazing book that will help you sky rocket your blog traffic. Claire has guest posted on my blog and she is the queen of Pinterest. Check out her blog post here: The Ultimate Mini Guide to Pinterest SEO! 

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Pinteresting strategies Strategies


Increase your blog traffic by using the perfect Pinterest Strategies. Learn how to get traffic to your blog on a more permanent level with strategies that actually work. No Pinterest tools required. The power of manual Pinning will increase your traffic from ZERO PAGE VIEWS to  over 200,000 page views.


Kick start your blog content with valuable items that your readers actually want to read. Content is king, queen, and ruler of the world — and it’s your key to connecting with and converting the audience you most want to work with. The 64-page, step-by-step guide that helps newbies + stalled pros (like you !) create a content strategy behind your blog — then get it started. With the tools and lessons in Kickstart Your Content, you’ll create a strategy, get writing, and publish epic content that establishes you as the expert you are.

Kick start Your Content. Content is king, queen, and ruler of the world — and it’s your key to connecting with and converting the audience you most want to work with.


Pinning for Pageviews

See how one blogger went from 0 to over 1 million page views in just 6 months. What would you do with all those Pageviews? I know that I could triple my blog income. 



Boosting your blog traffic 




Photography classes, and other creativity classes.

Starting at $39.00

Start a profitable blog

Step by step guide to starting a profitable money making blog.


making sense of affiliate marketing

Everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and how to monetize your blog with it. Learn how to make over $50,000 in sales with affiliate marketing. 




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