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How Does Work? 

We have often discussed how you can make money using ads, but today we wanted to dive in a little  deeper and explore why you should be using to make money with your blog.

Advertising is often the best and easiest way to make money from your blog.

However, choosing the right ad partner can make or break how much revenue your blog can generate.

There are a number of factors to consider and it can be a bit overwhelming.

This is why we’ve decided to focus to show you how to do it right with make money using ads as an ad partner for blogs—we think they tick all the right boxes and can really help you with your blog earnings.

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How Much Can I Earn From

As with all ads, it is difficult to predict exactly how much you are going to make. This will really depend on how much traffic you get to your blog. 

They are a few things you can do to increase traffic to your blog: 

Why Use Media.Net for your Online Business:

You definitely do not need to meet any traffic guidelines unlike other ad agencies. This is perfect for beginner bloggers that are looking to earn more than just a couple of cents. will work with you to optimize the ads on your blog, simply email them.

And here are 5 other reasons why you should consider using to make money with your blog: 

Using ads to monetize your blog? Find out why you should be using to make money with your blog today! #makemoneyonline #bloggingtips

1// Their Ads Make Sense for Your Blog

Many ad partners use retargeting to show ads, which means your casserole recipe could well have an ad for a foot fungal cream your reader might have been checking out earlier- hardly an appetizing prospect.

The type of ads used by are contextual in nature, i.e., the content of the ad is relevant to the content of the web page it is shown on.

Obviously, this is good for business because your readers are more likely to click on an ad for something they are reading about at that given moment.

Checking out a casserole recipe? Then why not show ads for casserole dishes and other ovenware?! it just makes sense, as do’s ads.

2// Won’t let ads ruin how your blog looks

The better a user’s experience is on your blog, the more likely they are to interact with ads on it.

This is the number one reason why blogs that look bad because of unsightly ads don’t earn as much revenue as they otherwise would.’s ads are native in design and fit right in with the look and feel of your blog. Not only does your blog keep looking good, but your readers will be less likely to use any ad-blockers on your blog.

3// Works with your blog’s niche for best returns

Where really leaves the competition in the dust is their ad performance on niche sites.

Most people don’t have blogs that cover a range of mainstream topics; most blogs are about what matters to people personally and the topics they are passionate about.

Regular ads don’t perform well on niche blogs thanks to their non-contextual nature.’s contextual ads, on the other hand, thrive on niche blogs and have a proven track record of generating some serious ad revenue.

4// Gives You Access to Unique Revenue Sources

An important factor to consider when choosing an ad partner is the “demand” they bring to the party, which means the revenue sources they give your blog access to.

Quite often, the same demand will be available across ad partners and every blogger has access to them.

Some ad partners, like, have exclusive demand that only their publishers can tap into.

For example, bloggers using ads can access US$ 6 billion worth of exclusive demand that others cannot!

Think of it as stepping beyond the velvet rope of the VIP lounge.

5// Easy to get ads up and running

Gone are the days when you’d have to hire a webmaster just to earn some ad revenue. makes it super-easy for bloggers to deploy ads, regardless of your technical know-how levels.

Getting ads up-and-running sooner also means that you start earning sooner as well. A bonus is that you can run ads alongside any other ad partners you may already have.’s ads optimize themselves to improve your earning ability, with little-to-no input required from your end.

Should you need any help though, their prompt and responsive account support is just an email away.

Apart from helping you troubleshoot, they’ll  also be in touch to let you know about best practices that can help boost your blog’s ad earnings.

It’s easy to see why so many bloggers choose as an ad partner to earn from their blogs.

There’s one more really good reason you should sign up right away, click on this referral link and earn an extra 10% revenue for the first 3 months! 

Will you be using to make money with your blog? Tell us in the comments below. 

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5 Reasons Why You Should be Using to Make Money