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This post is well overdue. We are so excited to feature Billie Gardner from Desire To Done. If you are a blogger and do not have a Virtual Assitant, we highly suggest hiring one today. I personally have to Virtual Assistant that help me run my blog and since making that choice, my online business has blossomed. So how can a Virtual Assistant help you make more money? Let’s dig in. 

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We also wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that we use Affiliate links on some of our blog posts. This means that we could make a commission if you click on an affiliate link and purchase something.

Are you really too busy? 

Does this sound familiar? You spend your days juggling tons of tasks in your business: writing blogs posts and emails, formatting those posts, creating graphics, hunting down stock photos, bookkeeping, creating social media updates, making sure your plugins are up to date…it never ends!

The worst part is, you’re so busy maintaining your business that you don’t have the time to take on more clients, get new sponsors, or create new products that would actually make you money. You’re stuck in a cycle of working hard and not making enough, and you don’t have the time to pull yourself out of it.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to fix this: Hire a virtual assistant to do that stuff for you.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed professional that helps either virtually (online) or in person. They can help with administrative, technical, creative and managerial tasks.

How can a virtual assistant help me MAKE more money?

You want to make more money, not spend it. So how does hiring someone like a Virtual Assistant (another business expense) make you more money?

When you hand over tasks that aren’t your zone of genius, you’re creating more time to make more money in your business. What takes you several hours to learn and implement can be done in half the time by a Virtual Assistant. That’s time you could be creating a new course to sell.

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Here are just a few things a Virtual Assistant can help you with:

1//Writing – blog, newsletters, ebooks, courses – It’s important to get the word out about your business, and a lot of this involves writing. But what do you do when you don’t enjoy writing, don’t have time, or hate it? Hire it out! There are VAs who LOVE to write and are much faster than you (don’t be offended, it’s true. What takes you half a day might only take them an hour.) That’s several hours back in your schedule that you could spend making moolah!

They can also help you write your ebooks and courses, which will help you bring in that passive income. You can create a detailed outline and hire a Virtual Assistant to help flesh it out into a book or course. You also can refer them to past blog posts to get a feel for your writing “voice” and maybe even grab some text for your digital product.

How easy is that? Now you’ve got a passive income product ready to make you money, and you had someone else do a big chunk of the work!

2//Editing/proofreading – Maybe you enjoy writing, but you’re not the best at it. It’s okay, no need to feel ashamed! Writing is a skill set that takes time to learn and if you’re busy making money you probably don’t have time to learn grammar or punctuation rules. Hire a Virtual Assistant to look over your materials and edit as needed, then get that material out in the world and make it rain, girl!

3// SEO – Bringing traffic to your site is a must in the online world. There are many ways to increase this traffic, and one of them is SEO. The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin helps, but an SEO expert can help even more. They know all the secrets to increasing those visits, which means increasing yo money!

4//Making graphics for your blog posts, social media updates, etc. – Having a professional-looking online presence is important. You’ve got to have a cohesive-looking brand that attracts your ideal client! If graphics and branding are not your cup of tea, then hire it out.

Find someone who knows how to pair fonts, create a logo that doesn’t look homemade, and design a voice for your business that speaks to the person who wants to hire you or buy your product! A good VA or designer can also create templates for you to use over and over for your blog post graphics and social media images so you can show the world how fab you are!

5//Email marketing – Nurturing your email list is super important to build relationships with your readers! It’s so rewarding to get a blog comment or an email saying how much your content resonated with them. It shows that they can trust you. And when you want to launch your newest ebook or share an affiliate review, your subscribers will be the ones who will want to buy what you have to offer.

However, not many entrepreneurs have the time to write and send a newsletter every week (or more)! Solution: hire someone who will send these newsletters for you! Some Virtual Assistants will also add newsletter sign-up forms on your site and set up new email lists for you (another time-consuming task). Email marketing is a lot easier (and more profitable) when you have help!

6//Affiliate management – Affiliate sales are a great way to bring in extra cash each month, but it takes time! Applying to affiliate programs, adding links to your website, sharing on social media, the list goes on! Find someone who can find affiliate programs to join on your behalf and then add them to your blog posts, newsletters, social media. Cha-ching, baby!

7//Website management – If you’re a blogger or online business owner, you most likely have a website. And that website is your everything. If it goes down, so does your business! (and your bottom line). Make sure your site is protected and backed up by hiring someone to do this for you. They can keep your WordPress plugins updated, create website backups, and even get your site back online if something bad happens. Think it won’t happen to you? It could, and I’ve seen it happen. Protect yourself AND take those tasks off your plate!

8//Research – finding guest posting opportunities, keyword word search, blog post ideas, etc. – You don’t have to waste your time doing research! (Time is money you know!) Some Virtual Assistant are research experts and would LOVE to do this for you. Hand this over to a research ninja to find what you need to grow your business.

9//Analytics – Grabbing monthly analytics and affiliate sales info is time-consuming, but super necessary for growing your biz! Luckily, there are VAs who can grab this info for you while you focus on doing something that makes money, honey!

10//Bookkeeping – What you focus on grows. If you don’t know your numbers, how will they grow? Hire someone to track your income and expenses so you know how much you’re bringing in and make goals to bring in more!

Here’s the deal: As the CEO of your business, it’s your job to focus on growing your business, not on tasks that don’t interest you, you aren’t good at, or don’t make you money. There are tons of awesome Virtual Assistants out there who are great at the things you hate to do and would be happy to take that work off your hands.

Investing in a Virtual Assistant or two can make all the difference in your stress levels AND your profits! Take the plunge to hire your first Virtual Assistant so you can drive your business forward and make that money!

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Billie Gardner is a Pinterest Manager who helps busy entrepreneurs boost their traffic through Pinterest. She also mentors aspiring and new virtual assistants looking to make money while working from home. You can read about Pinterest strategy and tips on becoming a VA on her blog at Desire to Done.  

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