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Last Updated on January 24, 2017 by NandiNN

Do you have a blog and you are looking at ways to monetize it? If you are here to turn your passion for blogging into a money-making machine then we have the perfect guide for you. This is the first time, we are willing to share all the details on what we use to monetize our blog. If don’t already have a blog, you can get started for as low as $3.95. We have a full tutorial you can visit and follow. In terms of making money, we have created a new step by step guide to making $1K from your blog in 45-60 days! Grab it today.

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Step by Step guide to making $1K from your blog in 45-60 days

Before you can begin monetizing your blog, you need to ensure that you have a great following or a strong community base that is ready to support you. The best and easiest way to do this is by building an email list full of ready and engaged people. To help you further, read these blogs:

Once you have an email list set up, you need to create amazing content that is evergreen on your blog to attract clients. These are known as your pillar posts, also known as the backbone to your business. Create about 10-15 pillar posts that represent your business as a whole. These are Blogs and articles that you can share over and over and it won’t expire or get old. Here is an example of a pillar post: How I increased my blog traffic to 6000 in less than 2 months! 

Once you have your pillar posts ready, ensure the following steps are applied to it to optimize it further:

  • Great SEO – Use keywords on all your blog posts to ensure your get ranked by Google. Not sure how to use SEO? Here is a “Girls guide to using proper SEO.”
  • Use high-quality images or graphics that capture your audience attention. I use Canva to create all my graphics.
  • Brand your work so that it is easily recognizable. This can be done by using logos, the right fonts that represent you, colors and the right images.
  • Optimize all your images for SEO in order to rank it.

Networking with other bloggers in your niche

As we mentioned earlier, it’s best to network with other vendors in order to grow successfully. Don’t think of these vendors as your competition rather like business associates that will help you out. Share each other’s work, lean on each other for support and celebrate success. So where can you find other bloggers to network with?

  • Conferences
  • Facebook groups
  • Reach out

Once you reach out or connect with these bloggers, consider doing joint webinars, weekly accountability sessions to help each other and even do a few guest posts. The more you get out there, the better for your business in the long run! 

Now how can you optimize your blog easily?

Your foundation is now set and we are now ready to monetize your blog. The guide to making $1K from your blog in 45-60 days gives you more in-depth details such as the direct sites and links that will help you monetize your blog. We went through all our monetizing tactics and laid it all out for your in our e-Book. But to get you started, you need to continue building that foundation that your blog will need in order to be successful.


Without an email list, you will not make a lot of money. Maybe some, but not as much as you could if you had a list. The best way of quickly growing your email list is by providing a great FREEBIE that your readers absolutely want and need. I use Lead pages to create irresistible signup forms. I then link this Freebie to all of my most popular blog articles.

Need an example of a great opt-in offer- Grab the e-book today!



Unless you have thousands of page views, we do not recommend using ads. Those that have a lot of monthly page views will certainly benefit from placing ads on their sites. They are amazing bloggers that are making up to $3K per month just by using Ads. A few ads network to consider are Media.Net, Google AdSense, and Chitika ad Thrive and may more. Grab the e-Book to learn more about ad placements, other reputable ads and our secret to getting blog traffic.

Sponsored blog posts:

They are tons of amazing influencer networks you can join in order to monetize your business via sponsored posts. They are influencers that are paying up to $300 per blog post. We have a full list of influencers that we are working with, outlined in our guide to making $1K from your blog in 45-60 days e-Book. You don’t want to miss that. Get the list. We wanted to give you everything we know, so we listed them all out, and you need to do is sign up for them. 

Bloggers that will pay for your to blog for them

We have a full list of 15 amazing bloggers that pay other bloggers to feature their content on their site. Guess what this does for your online business? It gives you more links, which helps with your overall SEO. Want the list? We have a detailed list covered in our e-guide. You won’t be disappointed. Imagine getting paid to blog for another blogger? 

Affiliate Marketing

We talk about affiliate marketing all over our blog because this is our main focus to monetizing our business. We go into detail in our guide, showing you what posts you should create that will help you with your conversion. We also tell you who our top affiliate program that every blogger must join and the secret to promoting your affiliate link.

Creating your own product for success

Want to make even more money? How about creating your own product? Every cent you make will go to you 100%. Want to know our secret to a successful launch. The guide to making $1K from your blog in 45-60 days outlines the exact steps we take in order to get more sales for our business every single day. You shouldn’t create it and expect the buyers to come. Get the secret recipe to a successful launch all outlined in the e-book!

See how we made over 1K in our second-month Blogging!

Now that you have an idea of what our e-book – A guide to making $1K from your blog in 45-60 days is all about, why not grab it today. The book is $25 and you will get amazing tips on how you can make $1000 in the next few days! That’s an amazing profit. You will also have the option of becoming an affiliate associate and get 40% of the sales. Send an email to [email protected]

BONUS included in the e-guide:

  • How to use Pinterest for success and get more traffic
  • A list of 10 groups every blogger must just on Pinterest
  • How to use this one tool that will help you make money over and over on Pinterest

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Shareasale affiliate program– This easy and free program is great for those looking into earning morning with affiliate marketing. It’s free to join and has a lot of benefits for bloggers in any niche.

Make $1000.00 in the next 30-45 days e-Book. Our e-Book is designed to help you monetize an already existing blog by using all the tools and resources we use to help us make money from our blog each month. Don’t delay your income strategy. Start making some real money from your blog.

Make money using affiliate marketing in the next 24 hoursAn amazing e-Book that has helped me make money within the first 24 hours of purchasing. I am still getting emails every day about affiliate sales that are coming through. It specifically focuses on using Pinterest as a way to promote your affiliate link.

Use convert kit as your email platform. You won’t regret this. You are able to easily manage your email list by dividing them into different segments. I have a list with “Ready to buy clients”, “Love to read my content” and “Needs more priming for purchases”. And those that barely open my emails. Start using Convert Kit today if you really want to grow your list. They also have amazing sign-up forms that you can brand. 

Tailwind for FREE – Tailwind is one automation that has doubled my traffic in the last few weeks. If you are not ready to invest yet, try it out for free and see how beneficial it can be for your online business.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing– Want an in-depth knowledge of affiliate marketing? This course covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, including rules that will make your affiliate links legal. Learn the right way to promote your links on social media and more.

Boost your SEO and Blog Traffic with our course Traffic Building Bootcamp. Everything you need to know about getting started with growing your blog traffic. It also includes a list of over 25 Pinterest groups you must join, 15 amazing Pinterest tribes to boost your traffic and which Facebook groups will help you grow. Bonus secrets on how to easily get more blog traffic organically are included in the course.  Become an affiliate partner once you join the course.

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***We would like to note that this post and most posts on our blog may contain affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something that has an affiliate link, we will get a commission from it. Not all items recommended on our site are affiliate links. We only recommend items that we have used and tried. These items have brought us much success and we highly recommend them to you in order to be successful. Thank you for your trust!