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Every successful blogger out there will tell you that to be successful you need an email list.Our number one focus for you, is to help you start gaining loyal and engaging subscribers for your online business. Loyal and engaging subscribers are those that will read and share your blog, purchase your products and engage with you on Facebook. The question is how to effectively grow your email list fast so you can start monetizing your online business right away? 

If you are just starting out on your new blog and you have no email list, then stay tuned. We will show you the step by step strategy on how to effectively grow your email list fast. Getting 5 subscribers a day is cool, but let’s see if we can try to get you 25 subscribers a day. This will work only if you make your list building campaign your priority. Remember having a pretty website that does not convert will do nothing for you. You want a website that will male it easy to grow your email list. 

How to effectively grow your email list fast

How to effectively grow your email list fast

Opt-in forms that are above the fold will get the most attention

Opt-In page email marketing

This opt in page from Marie Forleo is totally amazing. It makes you want to sign up for her offers. It is guaranteed to almost double your conversation rate and sign-ups almost instantly. They are so many plugins like Hello Bar and SumoMe that offers this type of feature. Go ahead and create an opt in page similar to this and see your list grow almost instantly. 

Having multiple opt-in forms around your website

This is the best way to increase your sign ups and get more emails for your online business. Only have one opt in form on your side bar? Girl, it’s time to add fuel to your blog. Aim at having between 4 to 5 different opt-ins around your blog. 

Not sure where to add your opt-in forms? Not sure how to effectively grow your email list fast? See where you can add additional opt-in forms on your website to increase conversion. 

  • As we discussed above – Above the fold or header section
  • Definitely add it to your side bar  – Yes please 
  • After each blog post works well too
  • How about within your posts?
  • Do you have pop ups on your blog, well think about having one 
  • Your blog menus could also include an opt-in section (Something with all your FREEBIES)
  • Consider adding an opt-in in your footer as well 
  • Before someone logs off your site, prompt them with a sign-up form in a way of a pop up 

Not sure how to create these opt-ins? Try using Leadpages. Under leadpages there is a section for leadboxes. Some other email platforms that have amazing opt-ins are ConvertKit and OptinMonster! My go to is definitely Leadpages it has easily tripled my sign up rates on my previous blogs. I will continue to use them. See an example of a lead box option below.

leadbox opt in options

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Create an irresistible opt-in offer to help grow your email list

This has to be a no brainer option that you readers will just want. The best way to know exactly what your readers want it to ask them. Where do your readers hang out? Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Go ahead and create a poll and ask them what they need. Then create a FREEBIE with the information gathered. 

Here are a few examples of what you can offer but the possibilities are endless:

  • Free E-books 
  • Create a FREE email course teaching something important
  • Spreadsheets to help organize something 
  • Printables are great 
  • Worksheets to keep track of work getting down 

What FREEBIE will you be creating? I find that Worksheets and email courses work well. 

Use Social Media to promote your Opt-In offer 

Social media is the best way to promote your work. Use this to your advantage while you can. On Instagram, you can add an image prompting your new incentive offer. Direct your followers to your bio to hit on the link. Ensure your bio is referencing your incentive. Update your link as well in the website section. 

All your social media website section should be updated with the link to your FREEBIE. If you want to take it a step further, you can use Facebook ads to promote your FREE incentive by using targeted keywords. Farideh Ceasar has an amazing course about promoting and growing your list using Facebook! Farideh Ceasar does an amazing job explaining  how to effectively grow your email list fast using Facebook Ads. Definitely check her out! 


Facebook groups are also an amazing way to promote your FREE incentive. Groups have promo days where you can promote your incentive. If you share one of your incentive in every Facebook group for a couple of weeks, you can easily get up t0 a 100 sign ups per week. So go ahead and join a few Facebook groups that your potential clients may be hanging out in. 

Don’t forget Twitter and Pinterest! They are your best bet for increasing your sign up rates! 

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Add content upgrades to all your blog posts

The more content you create, the more traffic you get and the more email subscribers you will get. This will equal to making more money. A content upgrade is when you offer your readers added value on top of the blog you just wrote. For example, you might have blogged about the best way to budget your monthly income. Your content upgrade would be to offer a FREE budget template for download. You added value to your post and your readers will most likely download this! Easy! 

What happens after you collect all these emails 

You need to send your subscribers unique and valuable information preferably on a weekly basis. The information you send out has to be of high quality. Continue sending them awesome content including more FREEBIES, announcing your new blog posts and your products. Be consistent as these subscribers are your loyal fans and they will become future buyers. 

This is how to effectively grow your email list fast. It has helped us a lot and we are looking forward to you implementing these strategies. What strategies have you used that has helped you grow your list? Tell us in the comments below! 



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