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Making Money As A Fashion Blogger

The fashion industry is one of the most lucrative in the world and if you want to start a fashion business that is profitable, keep reading for our top tips. 

Both men and women love to enjoy different the different types of fashion the world has to offer.

If you’re a woman who has always dreamed of working within the fashion industry, it’s really freeing to know that you can carve your own path in this ever-changing industry.

As a fashion blogger, they are plenty of amazing ways to make extra money. 

You don’t have to work long hours to earn pennies.

In fact, you can run the show as your own boss.

While it’s not easy being the boss of your own fashion-based business, it can truly be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.

In addition to enjoying your love of fashion, you’ll want to make sure this is a lucrative business.

Take a look at some of the ways you can make extra money for your fashion business. 

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What Does A Fashion Blogger Do? 

Fashion bloggers blog about all things fashion, latest fashion trends, fashion tips, beauty, and everything else.

Every fashion blogger has different tastes, they work differently and offer different point of views. Other fashion influences strictly make money using social media.

They have social media jobs that allow them to monetize their brands. 

Can you Make Money with A Fashion Business?

If you are in the fashion business and you own a fashion blog, you can definitely monetize your online business. Just like lifestyle bloggers, you can make money by working with brands as a blogger.

You can also monetize your fashion blog using Affiliate Marketing, Ads and other creative outlets.

Today we wanted to share our top tips on how to make money as a fashion blog or as someone that owns a fashion business. 

Here are tips on how to make money as a fashion blogger. Learn exactly how to become a fashion blogger that makes money online #bloggingformoney #fashionblogger

1// Offer Fashion Books Along Side your Fashion Business

Consider writing an on-going series for different types of people.

First, it’s a good idea to choose your target audience for each book.

For example, for your first book, you might have a lot you’d like to say to mothers who are in the trenches with little ones.

As they’re looking for easy ways to develop their style, you can walk them through some of the most effective tips when it comes to fashion.

You can also share tips on how to save money on beauty products as this seems to be really popular. 

For your next book, you can talk about ways the everyday woman can take her basic wardrobe, build on it and create an effortlessly chic style.

Another book might talk about how to coordinate with a significant other.

The list goes on.

It’s also good to keep a pulse on what the culture is discussing. Take note of the current buzz words and hot topics.

A lot of women are elevating their positions in corporate America and the entrepreneurial world.

Dressing for success is an incredibly relatable topic for a fashion blogger to tackle. 

2// Offering Online Courses 

Take a look at the content you share within the pages of the books you write.

Make those pages come to life by producing amazing courses and video content that your customers can purchase.

It’s one thing to read the pages and imagine what you’re talking about.

It’s another thing to physically show examples. Create a course that matches the book for mothers who are looking to find a simple and chic style.

Create various modules that showcase models of different shapes and sizes.

You can give concrete examples of flattering colors for various skin tones and ways to camouflage certain areas that women feel insecure about.

As you develop your online courses and sell them on your website, you can earn consistent income for your fashion business.

The key is to create and implement a marketing strategy that will cater to a lot of people.

When you’re able to write a book and prepare a course, use the right marketing strategies to continue to earn passive income for your business with little effort. 

3// Create An Online Store

You can start an online store with Shopify!

A personalized online store for your fashion business can work when you use the dropshipping method.

Find a dropshipping company with the merchandise you really love and one that your audience will resonate with.

As you develop a knack for what you’d like to sell on your website, you can connect with the dropshipping company to get everything going effortlessly.

One of the dropshipping platforms is Oberlo, through it you can start your business easily.

As customers come to your website and make their purchases, the dropshipping company will take care of the rest of the details.

You won’t need to worry about packing and shipping as this is typically taken care of.

When you own your own online fashion store, you’ll want to make sure you implement a strong marketing component in order to get the word out.

You don’t want to rely on the idea that people will just see that you have great items and purchase all of your merchandise.

There are tons of online retailers who carry amazing items at even more amazing prices.

You’ll have to develop your own brand and reputation as well as to showcase your personality in order to sell your items to the masses. 

4// Reselling

If you’re into fashion, chances are you live for the hunt.

This is an amazing trait when you’re starting out your fashion business.

One of the most effective business models is the reselling model.

Visit local thrift stores in order to sift through the items. You can purchase quality items at extremely low prices. Then, you can easily turn them around and sell them at higher prices.

Depending on the quality and condition of the item, you can double and triple your profits.

From a financial standpoint, this is such a smart business move.

Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of a chase.

If you don’t want to sift through various items in a thrift store, there are many companies who offer merchandise by the pound. You can order various boxes, examine the merchandise and sell it on your own website.

You can also take a look at different Thrifting websites that sell designer items at a discounted rate.

If you purchase the items and resell them on your site at a higher rate, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of reselling without searching through a thrift store.

If you are in the fashion business, we would love to hear from you. Tell us how you are making money. 


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