If you are looking for ideas for high paying careers for women, we have a great list for you. If you are looking for fun careers for women and young professionals, click here #careersforwomen #careertips

11 High Paying Careers for Women You Definitely Need To Consider

High Paying Jobs For Women

Wondering what the best careers for women are? We dug around and we found some interesting careers choices for you to consider.

Believe us, you do not need to settle for any career as a woman.

A 9-5 desk job that is not satisfying your needs should not mean that you must settle for it just because it pays the bills. 

If you are wondering how to get out of a career deadlock after you pursued a job by accident, you might enjoy our list of high paying careers for women that will also help you feel satisfied.

As we know, not all jobs offer the same opportunities for women that want to work. For example, women in tech find really hard to compete with their male counterparts.

Clearly, this should not be an issue as a job is a job if you are equally qualified for it.

As a woman, you should not need to fight for a high paying job just because of your gender. 

A Few High Paying Careers for Women To Consider: 

Being a woman, you may have checked out a few different alternative career options, especially while trying to figure out exactly what you wanted to do.

If you want to have a career change, or you are looking to start a career in a field that is more rewarding don’t be afraid to look into some of these options. 

Start off by looking into the fields of engineering, technology, mathematics, and sciences while considering a career switch over.

If you take a look at the list of the top inspiring women who succeed in life, you see that engineering and technology are where a lot of them are focusing on. 

For women that are searching for the best-in-class jobs, these are a few good options worth considering.

You must have come across several job portal websites that offer opportunities depending on your chosen location, function, and industry.

Career Change for Women

Guess what? A career change can be done at any point. 

There is no need to stay in a job forever if you are fulfilled or you are getting underpaid or unappreciated. So when is a good time to consider a career change?

There is no good or bad time to consider a career change. But definitely keep in mind the job economy in your area.

If companies are cutting down on hiring people or firing people, you might want to hold off a little especially if you are looking for high paying careers to start.

Other than this, you can start your research on finding high paying jobs and look at what is needed to qualify for these jobs. 

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Here is a list of the Highest Paying Jobs for Women in 2019:

If you are ready to look into a more fulfilling and long-lasting career, enjoy this list of the best careers for women. Remember that a career change can happen at any time if the opportunity arises. 

If you are looking for ideas for high paying careers for women, we have a great list for you. If you are looking for fun careers for women and young professionals, click here #careersforwomen #careertips

1// Advertising and Promotions Manager

This role involves promoting a service or product besides overseeing the market research.

Your career may be built within some media outlet, organization, or promoting agency. Women constitute about two-thirds of this field as it projects about 12% growth outlook.

2// Actuary

An actuary is someone who can assess all uncertainties or risks related to businesses and utilize it for determining the financial consequences.

It helps them in covering business from the standpoint of insurance.

The actuarial science is all about computer science, economics, finance, and mathematical skills.

The industry projects a growth outlook worth 26 percent for the actuarial professionals.

3// Dental Hygienist

You might want to consider acquiring some training in full oral healthcare and becoming an authorized dental care professional.

You’ll get an opportunity to work on specific procedures while working hand-in-hand with some dentist.

There’s a 33% growth projection for this industry.

4// Biomedical Engineer

A BME resorts to engineering principles that are deemed necessary in medicine and biology for extending healthcare treatments like providing physiotherapy, monitoring, and diagnosis.

This sector reflects a 27% growth outlook as the industry witnesses a high influx of women of late.

5// Education Administrators

The administrator supervises and maintains how a school runs.

They are in charge of colleges and universities. This profession reflects a growth worth 15%.

6// Event Planner

An event planner is often engaged in running a wedding planning business or business conference alongside hosting other large and small events.

Their role is that of a project manager who acts as a party planner. This category projects a growth of 33% in recent times.

Event planning is considered one of the best careers for women that are into organizing. It is also not that hard to start and requires little start-up money. 

7// Human Resources Manager

Someone possessing a degree in human resource management can only do justice to this role.

It helps in fulfilling the employment responsibilities, reaping the benefits, and maintaining the true spirit and culture of the company.

The human resource manager projects the growth outlook of 12%.

8// Forex Investor

Like that of an actuary, the Forex Broker resorts to currency value and trading statistics that involve analyzing numerical data.

The Forex brokers take a lot of projections and trends into account while determining the profitability and future course of the investment.

A growth projection of 27% has been recorded for this profession.

9// Market Research Analysts

Management consultants are growth analysts.

The efficiency of an organization improves with the planning and execution of their management analysts. The prospect of selling a product is determined after evaluating the potential of competitors.

They will assume several factors like that of design, distribution, promotion, and pricing of the product.

By increasing the revenues and lowering the costs, the analysts enhance the scope of higher returns and a growth of 32%.

10// Public Relations Manager

A person holding this position needs to manage the data that’s interchanged between the state authorities, an individual or an organization. You are typically responsible for publicity programs and campaigns.

You would get hired to improve the public image of a company, high profiled person or whoever needs these services. 

The projection of growth is worth 13% for this position.

11// Occupational Therapist

Apart from terminally ill patients, the occupational therapist treats both children and the elderly.

They are known to perform a few logical activities for improving the conditions of life for their patients. Ensuring the independence of a patient is one of the goals of the therapist.

A growth outlook of 29% is projected in this profession.

You must do some upfront research before pursuing a change in your career.

Pursuing a professional career is essential as we move out of an economic downturn. All you need to do is to remain focused and follow your research to meet your career goals successfully.

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Which of these careers for women will you consider? 

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11 High Paying Careers for Women You Definitely Need To Consider

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  1. I think it would be so fun to move into a career like event planning. You would get to use your creativity and inspiration to make someone’s day great every single day in that job. Great career selections!

  2. While I didn’t make a career change, about a year ago I found a new company where I can work from home, avoiding a commute completely. This gives me the opportunity to focus on my passion and my family! However if I were to make a career change, it would definitely be full time event planning and blogging.

    1. I am a wedding planner and it is an amazing career for women that is well established. Even men are great at it!

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