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Affordable Beauty Products 

Want our tips for saving money on beauty products? If you are like so many women out there who love makeup but are on tight a budget, we are here to save you!

Being an avid fan of makeup can be hard when you’re young and trying to save, but don’t fear!

With a little help, you don’t have to give up one of this passion. Before you know it you will be saving hundreds on affordable and quality products that you can use for other expenses!

Buying cosmetic brands can become really expensive, trust me!

I have personally spent thousands of dollars each time I go out to purchase something new to try. And finding ways to saving money on beauty products is what we all need. 

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How to Save Money on Beauty Products and Cosmetics

When you take a look at your account and tally up how much you spend on beauty products, you will be really amazed.

Of course we don’t expect you to swear off make-up. I would never expect that, how ever, we hope our tips for saving money on Beauty Products will challenge you to save more money each month. 

Lazy girl tips on saving money on beauty products. Use these makeup hacks to save money on your cosmetics and beauty products #beautytips #makeuphacks

1// Make Your Own Budget

You can create an easy-to-follow a budget for your makeup expenditures that will keep you from over-spending every month.

Only allocate a certain amount of your money to skincare and makeup to ensure you are meeting monthly expenditures.

It’s okay to treat yourself but know your limits and always be mindful of how much you spend on a weekly and monthly basis. Many services online offer a free budget calculator that will help you track your purchases.

2// Try Subscription Services

Using a pre-paid weekly or monthly subscription service can save you both time and money.

Do your research online beforehand to find the best service for you and your needs. Some of these subscriptions will even give you a free trial before you pay so you can see if it’s right for you.

Some of the most popular brands that provide this service are Ipsy, Birchbox, and Sephora.

If you require prescription skincare medication, there are many services for this as well. You can also subscribe to monthly prescription products like acne treatments, anti-aging formulas, and more for a very low cost.

You can save a lot of time and hassle when your beauty care products are delivered right to your front door!

3// Use Off-Brand Substitutes

As I mentioned above, I have spent quite a lot of money on make up brands. 

While you may think that all of your high-quality cosmetic products are worth the price you pay for them, there are actually nearly identical dupes that won’t break your bank.

Many high-end makeup products can be substituted with products from your local drugstore at half the price, giving you the same effect.

Search for your favorite cosmetics online to see if they can be replaced with a cheaper substitute. Anywhere that you can save, even if it’s only on brushes and accessories, will help.

It’s important to remember, just because you pay more for a brand name doesn’t mean you are getting a superior product.

You can also DIY your own homemade face masks

Beauty products hacks for saving money on all your product. #beautyhacks

4// Compare Packaging

The packaging of beauty products should play a role in what makeup you buy. Squeezable tubes are better than jars of a product when it comes to stable packaging and ease of use.

If you can buy a bigger size, you will save money in the long run as well. Don’t waste money on small, over-priced packaging because it claims to be stronger or better.

Everyone’s skin is different so its important you find a reliable and affordable product that works best for you.

5// Buy Essentials from Discount Stores

Going to discount outlets such as TJ Maxx or even the Dollar Store for everyday essentials, like makeup remover wipes, cotton balls, and applicators will save you hundreds of dollars a year on your skincare routine.

Don’t think that you paying full price for these same items will make them any more beneficial.

Make the smart choice and only spend the bare minimum when necessary.

Lazy girl tips on saving money on beauty products. Use these makeup hacks to save money on your cosmetics and beauty products #beautytips #makeuphacks

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5 Creative Tips For Saving Money on Beauty Products