Here are over 10 frugal living blogs you must follow today in order to know more about how to save money. They are packed with frugal living ideas that you must know. Here are tips for saving money. Here are the frugal ideas that will save you lots of money each month. #frugalliving #savingmoney

The Ultimate List of Extreme Frugal Living Blogs You Must Follow

Frugal Living Blogs you will love

Our blog is full of amazing ways to make extra money from home, as well as tips on how to save money. There is no point in making all that money and carelessly spending it. We typically look to Frugal living blogs to inspire us to save more money each month. That is why we created a list of extreme Frugal Living Blogs you must follow today! 

Here are over 10 frugal living blogs you must follow today in order to know more about how to save money. They are packed with frugal living ideas that you must know. Here are tips for saving money. Here are the frugal ideas that will save you lots of money each month. #frugalliving #savingmoney

If you are itching to find the best frugal mom blogs or blogs that discuss tips on living thrifty and frugal to inspire you, then you have come to the right place. Our blog is full of amazing tips on ways to save money, launch businesses and also a few tips on creative ways to get rich quick!

We love sharing money saving tips and even did a full series of money saving blogs to follow to save money. Today we really wanted to focus on extreme frugal living blogs to inspire you in your journey to living frugally. 

I inspire to live frugally as I find ways to save more money on a daily basis. This is not always easy for some including myself. These frugal living blogs help me find creative ways to save money each month. 

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What is Extreme Frugal Living?

Pretty much, frugal living is a lifestyle most people practice when they are living on a tight budget or are looking for ways to save money in order to get by!

If they can get the most value on what they are spending their money on, then it was money will spent. However, people that take it to the extreme really find ways to cut cost no matter the situation.

Ever heard of extreme couponing, the idea is the same. 

The Best Frugal Living Blogs:

We have listed the best frugal living blogs to follow especially for those that living paycheck to paycheck in order to find inspiration.

These blogs are designed to help you get out of debt, help you become financial independent as well as to help you manage money much better. 

Here are over 10 frugal living blogs you must follow today in order to know more about how to save money. They are packed with frugal living ideas that you must know. Here are tips for saving money. Here are the frugal ideas that will save you lots of money each month. #frugalliving #savingmoney

1// The Frugal Millionaire an Amazing Frugal Mom Blog

In this series, we will be featuring frugal mom blogs as well to help inspire you to save more money each month for your family. This is where the Frugal Millionaire comes in. Can we say how awesome that blog name is? 

The frugal millionaire chronicles Sarah journey to becoming financially independent – including tips on saving money, monthly income reports and more!

If you are looking for frugal living blogs to follow, be sure to check out this Frugal blogger today. 

2// Fiesty Frugal & Fabulous

This amazing frugal blogger is actually from Canada. If you have been looking for frugal mom blogs to follow, be sure to check out this amazing blogger. 

Tenille covers product reviews, lifestyle, recipes, and travel posts all about saving money.

Be sure to add this one to your frugal living blogs list for more inspiration. 

3// All the Frugal Ladies

I am really loving all the blog names from these frugal living blogs I am coming across. Like seriously, All the Single Ladies (I mean Frugal Ladies)? Very smart! 

This amazing frugal living blog is coordinated and owned by three Frugal ladies. They are all about saving money and finding great deals.

You will find them taking on the world of travel, shopping, entertainment, weddings, and more – but all from the perspective of being female and on a budget.

Want to know more about this frugal living blog? Visit the All the Frugal Ladies today. 

4// Frugal Beautiful – Living Thrifty and Frugal Blog 

What sort of frugal blog post should you expect from Beautiful Frugal? Inspiration, tutorials, roundups & resources to help you get the most out of your budget for travel, fitness, home & life. We love saving money and feeling inspired and love helping others do the same. 

This blog is a Frugal blog for women that want to rock their budget and thus, their life. Learning to be blissful while broke is what it’s all about!

Frugality doesn’t have to be ugly! FruBeau is dedicated to women who want the best in life but don’t want to pay for it in monthly installments at a high-interest rate! Find this frugal blog here!

This is one of my favorite frugal living blogs out there. 

5// Money Saving Mom Blogger

The purpose of Money Saving Mom is to help you be a wise manager of your money. By sharing money-saving ideas and encouragement, personal stories, deals, printable coupons, recipes, and more, they hope to help inspire and equip you to be intentional with your money.

This is one Frugal blog you should add to your frugal mom blogs list! You find a lot of couponing tips, store deals and how to manage the home and family. 

6// Fabulessly Frugal – Fabulous Living on Less

Another Frugal blog name that I totally love. Fabulessly Frugal is operated by an amazing team that works hard to bring you the best, online deals, clean eating, DIY’s, freezer meal recipes, and more!

If you do not want to pay full price at grocery stores, looking for great deals, then this is one of the best extreme frugal living blogs we highly recommend. 

Fabulessly Frugal has turned into a resource for women to turn to for finding tips on how to live a healthy, wealthy, wise life full of independence and confidence.

7// Pretty Providence – A Frugal Living Lifestyle Blog

This amazing frugal lifestyle blog is the direct effort of two best friends, Sarah and Jessica. They share their best recipes, DIY projects, favorite things, and ways to have fun and celebrate the good things in life – on any budget.

This is a fun blog, and you will easily get lost on all the pretty things as well as all the frugal living tips and ideas that they have to share. 


Single Women: How to Live Frugally and plan for Retirement

Tips that the Frugal don’t share about saving money

8// Simply Frugal 

Another Canadian Frugal living blogger. I could feature them all day long. This should be added to your frugal mom blogs must read list today. It’s a blog that focuses on helping you Save Money in Canada.

You will find tips about helping you stay on a Budget, Frugal living ideas, Canadian Coupons, Canadian Freebies, Canadian Deals, and affordable DIY projects. 

Be sure to check out this and all the frugal living blogs we are featuring today. 

9// Adventures of a Frugal Mom

We just love frugal mom blogs. They are full of true inspiration from people that actually care. 

A lifestyle blog full of frugal crafts and tips with a little bit of personal mixed in. 

If you are looking for a blog that shares about family life ( the struggles of parenting a teen) as well as fun experiences, crafts, recipes, and anything dealing with home and family then you have found it.

11/ Much More with Less

One of the best frugal living blogs about moving to the country, living on less and making the most of it.

Get top tips on everything from frugal food to investing for the future. If you are looking for more frugal living blogs to follow, be sure to add Much More with Less on your list.

12// From Frugal to Free

A frugal living blog dedicated to financial literacy and all things frugal, on the road to financial freedom! Kathryn learned to maximize frugal living tips in order to thrive as a freelancer in one of the nation’s most expensive cities.

Kathryn has two frugal living blogs as she also writes about saving money with coupons over at Grocery Coupon Guide.

13// Color Me Frugal – Extreme Frugal Living Blogs

This blog was started by Dee someone who is extremely passionate about personal finance. It started as a way to inspire and help others who may also be on a journey to debt annihilation and financial freedom. 

You will also find creative ways to make money from home with savvy ways to save it on this living thrifty and frugal blog. 

Be sure to check out Colour me Frugal here. 

14// The Frugal Girl

Seriously all these frugal living blogs have me excited about testing out a more frugal living lifestyle. The Frugal Girl is all about cheerfully living on less. You will find picture-filled posts about the practical, day-to-day ins and outs of frugal living. 

You will also find money saving tips, green living and finding ways to be mindful of spending. 

15// The Frugal Lifestyle

This post is packed with amazing frugal living blogs that must be followed. We couldn’t go on without adding the Frugal Lifestyle on the list. 

What exactly can you expect from The Frugal Lifestyle?  You will learn how to be smart and savvy in your choices. Prioritize and take control of what’s important to you and you will come out ahead.

The blog offers frugal living tips and money saving ideas to help you live a richer life. Save money on everyday living. 

16// Fab Frugal Mama

We just love frugal mom blogs and this one is just it. This Canadian Mama shares parenting adventures and tips on how to be fabulous on a budget. It features product reviews, information, and giveaways.

You will find a lot of post about saving money and budgeting in Canada. It’s a lovely blog and you will love all the frugal living ideas she shares. If you are all about living thrifty and frugal, be sure to check her out. 

17// Suddenly Frugal Blog

A frugal living blog that helps you save money. The goal is to help people who find themselves suddenly having to live frugally figure out how to make that work for their themselves and their family.

If you want to add a few more frugal living blogs, Suddenly Frugal Blog run by Leah Ingram is who you want to follow. 

18// Living Well Spending Less

I love this frugal living blog. We need to end our Extreme Frugal living blogs list on a bang. The goal of Living Well spending less is to eliminate overwhelm in the lives of women everywhere by simplifying the necessary in order to make room for the essential. 

They do this by providing everyday solutions and easy-to-use tools for all aspects of your life—from cooking, budgeting, and time management to taking care of your home, clearing out clutter and making room for yourself on top of it all!

Thinking of living thrifty and frugal? Check out this blog today! This and all the frugal living blogs mentioned above will help you save money each month. 

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Do you have a few Frugal Living Blogs that you love to read? Tell us in the comments below. We would love to check them out! 

Find more frugal living blog posts here!  

Extreme Frugal Living Blogs + More

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The Ultimate List of Extreme Frugal Living Blogs You Must Follow

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