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What Makes Employees Happy at Work?

Want to learn how to be happy at work?

Work and happiness never realistically imply each other. You should be happy you have a job and always remember those who don’t.

Do these sentences sound familiar? They are some of the most common clichés which demotivate you and make you feel uncomfortable in your workplace environment.

So how exactly can you be happy at work?

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There are so many beliefs and sayings about your career that you might end up feeling sad instead of enjoying your time in the office.

Happiness doesn’t come with a schedule, so you don’t need to alter your private life by feeling unhappy at work.

However, there are 5 common beliefs that professionals should let go to be happy at work– and most of the time they don’t.

How to improve your productivity and be happy at work. Great tips on how become more productive and have a great day at work. #productivity #behappy #womenentrepreneurs

1.      My Job is in My Comfort Zone

People rely on their comfort job so much that they tend to remain stuck to a job, even if they are no longer motivated.

This aspect has consequences on two sides.

Some can have a job they hate and therefore invest more stress and less mind into it. Others stick to a job just because they know it, instead of aiming for a promotion.

Neither of these will help you be happy in your work. 

You aimed for a career when you first got a job. Somewhere along the way, you forgot this dream. You cannot have a better financial life by not considering development.

Always keep an updated resume and cover letter at hand to be prepared for opportunities especially if you want to be happy in your work.

You can find updated formats of such documents on IResumeCoverLetter. This way, you can get out of your comfort zone and provide your managers or potential future employees with a quick response, because you were prepared.

Finding a job you love will help you be happy at work. Do you know how many people are looking for ways to escape the 9-5? If you are not happy, prepare yourself. 


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2.      How Will I Know I’m Better than Others?

Fear is common among employees. However, it’s a psychological fear that stops them from being proactive, get involved in more activities and even talking when they have a point.

This way of thinking will not help you be happy at work.

Comparisons are usually behind this fear of being noticed and getting the job done. Comparisons are the thieves of joy. Your boss had your job before and probably got promoted. Therefore, he might consider your opinion – if you say it, instead of expecting it from others.

Comparisons also force you to keep an eye on others more than yourself which is not an ideal environment to be happy at work. They don’t define your personal happiness it the work environment, as you don’t define theirs. Each of us is unique. Even two persons who share jobs on the same positions will specialize in distinct aspects of their tasks.

How to improve your productivity and be happy at work. Great tips on how become more productive and have a great day at work. #productivity #behappy #womenentrepreneurs

3.      I’ll Be Happy When I See Results

According to a study, happy people are more intellectually and emotionally committed to the job and, therefore, more productive. In other words, you need to be a happy person in order to be happy at work. We all have a purpose in our professional life. However, our work environment is not a race field with a finish line.

Focusing on results only leads you to get caught in a chase, looking for a vague ending.

We don’t need anything to be happy, nor must we be happy all the time. Pay attention to yourself, whenever you feel like you need something to enjoy a day’s work. Happiness is a state of mind in the present, while purposes connect to the future.

Remember this when the need occurs and let go of anything that implies when you should be happy.

4.      My Job Doesn’t Do Much for Me

Another study says that around 33% of American employees switch jobs because they get bored and need new challenges which is why you may not be happy at work.

Now you’d probably think that you should first consider what you do for the job and then what the job does for you.

This is another cliché. However, if you’re feeling bored at work, you might be due to a cause which can be solved.

Consider searching for advancement and development opportunities, which can even be classed regarding your field of work.

Come up with ideas and projects which will enable you to be happy at work. For example, here are 7 most profitable side business ideas to start while working a full-time job! 

Sometimes, it’s the work environment which is boring instead of the job itself.

5.      I’m Not at My Best

We all have good and bad days which will play a huge factor in if you can be happy at work. Managers develop strategies to motivate employees to work harder and better.

However, many employees don’t feel like they’ve reached their development peak and don’t plan to continue improving themselves which makes it harder for anyone to be happy at work.

This is a cliché which permanentizes what should be temporary. You don’t need to chase your best version and picture it in an unreachable way.

Instead, avoid potential anxiety and work your way to a better you.

Your workplace environment is formed of people who sometimes may try to pathologically prove their worth to others.

This happens especially if they share similar work positions. However, this takes you to a race you cannot win.

Don’t attempt to win this race as you will not be happy at work.

Also, you will lose track of happiness as it will be covered in complexes and frustration.

The workplace environment consists of people which aren’t perfect nor equal. They all have personal worries, career-related questions, and insecurities.

However, happiness is a state of mind that one can explore and then notice changes.

Your happiness will make you more productive. It might even help you influence your workplace environment.

Cultivate happiness and let go clichés and beliefs that stand in your way! We hope these tips will help you be happy at work this week! 

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5 Beliefs You Need to Let Go if You Want to Be Happy at Work